12 Birthday Wishes

It’s my aunt’s birthday today, and so I’m writing this for her, but all my other readers feel free to take what you want. But the focus on this isn’t originality but what I think is best

  1. I wish you get a sufficient amount of complete REM cycles and that even when you don’t, your sleep satisfies you and gets you energized for the next day.
  2. I wish you don’t get too bad a hangover
  3. I wish you find freedom and time to explore and create more for yourself
  4. I wish I get to talk to you more often (and to do so, I’ll call more.)
  5. I wish your siblings don’t drive you bonkers (I cannot say more, they too might read this.)
  6. I wish you find peace to go along with your patience – I know how much idiocy is in the world.
  7. I wish you find even more things to laugh at
    – (I wish I don’t sound too cheesy here, but that’s a me thing.)
  8. I wish you success in all you endeavor – and that you find someone to share your inventiveness with who won’t try to rip you off.
  9. I wish you are able to lessen the idiocy around you through the sheer power of your presence
  10. I wish your friendships multiply despite the lack of allowed social contact these days
  11. I wish you the best of physical health and tha some unforseen enviormental factors help you develop further. I wish old injuries lessen and not increase.
  12. I wish you find something you can enjoy fighting against, and don’t feel guilty doing so.

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