Pre-Post 52 (I’d either be great a teaching or an absolute failure)

Today’s color is somewhere between these #dfab7d#ed3e95 I couldn’t find the exact shade I wanted.

More Than Three Questions + Around Four Creative* Lines:

Why should music or drawing be taught in schools? Why isn’t it? What do we want children to learn in school? Are we trying to provide tools for life or preparation for future years of education?

Is school for education, socialization, or entertainment? What’s the split? (I think the school system intends it as 8/2/0, or maybe 7/2/1, but I think it would be better as a 4/4/2, what do you think? Did I miss a measure?)

What is the most popular non-gambling card game in the world? (Why don’t I want to keep all three questions based on the same subject? Let’s fix that?) What card game is best encourages social behavior among small children? What game is both fun and good for social behavior? Can we use resource management games to help children get a better sense of math?

Is SimCity good for mental development in younglings? Competitiveness can help; can a sense of competition encourage young children to learn mathematical techniques just to get an edge over the competition? The amount of math that goes into competitive pokemon is sometimes insane. Can I use Pokemon Showdown to teach middle school math, or will most students just skip over the math and go with their gut. Like many players do. (Mid class video game contests, with rewards, can I actually make that helpful. And you can even do it over a conference call app. {I hate zoom there are so many better alternatives.})

But how would one such as I get into a position of teaching students? It isn’t where I see myself going in my life, but if I want to affect how children are raised in this world, it is one of the few places I can do so. Are these just theoretical ideas, or would I actually try them out? I would try them out if I were in position, well, if I could. Depends on requirements are put onto teachers, I can very much see time limitations, or a strict curriculum getting in the way of this. But I wish to try; still, I didn’t have these ideas until around an hour ago, so I’ll think them over a bit more before making a decision.

Well, I spent more than an hour making this pre-post so I shall finish now, I hope you have many days.

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