12 Non-Violent Uses For Barbed Wire

No clue what to write so this is what it is.
Not that there aren’t more effective tools but that isn’t the point.

  1. Fruit Juicer (well shake maker) – well you also need bowl or a cup, simply shred the fruit on the wire.
  2. Loosen dirt for crops or gardening – attach it to a pair of sticks and drag it across
  3. Tie Things Together (as with non-barbed wire) – Listen you’re on an abandoned military base, or something. Maybe you’re stuck surrounded by mine fields and you have to use all you can get.
  4. Get fruit off of trees – likely to hurt yourself but throw it over a branch and try to pull fruit off.
  5. Fence in animals – well duh.
  6. Make a fork out of it – Use a little section as a poking utensil to eat with, I don’t see why not to use your hands in this scenario, or a stick but you can try. Wrap some around the end of a stick. That’s better.
  7. Cook food over fire – small sections of food on the barbs and rotate a section of wire over a fire.

    (Trap rabbits or other small game – this is technically violent so it doesn’t count)
  8. If you find sturdy enough board, or crappy enough barbed wire you can make yourself a chair with a little bit of give. Now you can also make a bed but I’m not that crazy.
  9. Make a pseudo net for washing your dishes equivalent, or for hanging them out in the rain. – Clothing not so much. We need to find a way to blunt these barbs. Well, you can bang them with rocks, so you can also use it to make a drying rack for your clothing, it will still get ripped though, just not as much.
  10. Make a drying rack for meats, or skins – Hunting is a form of violence but this is just the aftermath. (And I’m not completely against violence it’s just not the focus of this post.) You also need a pair of sticks or elevated ground but you can
  11. Have a tides rising warning mechanism – Put pieces of wood or ion the wire, or even two lengths of wire, and when the water rises they’ll rub against each other making a bit of noise. Now it’s probably not enough noise for your purpose but your creative you’ll figure out how to make some sort of bells.
  12. Make wooden bells – you still need carving tools but the wire can take the place of string if used properly.

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