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Three Questions + Four Creative Lines:

Practice makes perfect, or it can internalize your mistakes. So why are we so encouraged to do things on our own without much guidance? There is a reason why, in schools, there is often a right way to do things. But at the same time learn by doing is also a big thing, and I get it we need to put in the work. But often, we mess up and injure ourselves in the drive towards self-improvement.
This is especially sad with all the access to the internet and online sources that we aren’t even taught to use. Luckily we are good at picking things up for ourselves, and some things don’t need to be done perfectly.

Do people in the orchestras develop relationships more easily? What is the right at which people in orchestras get into relationships?

Is questioning everything good for my mental health? Well, not if I put it that way, but I’ve been told that curiosity is good. But is it? Is it healthy to be looking for more information? We encourage children to be curious, and I believe a lot of innovation and invention comes from curious people, but on the individual level, is ignorance bliss? Is not wanting to ask better individually? I don’t want this to be the case, but if it is, I want to see how we can make it better, but that might just be me not wanting to change.
I would argue in favor of curiosity, but I am biased towards curiosity. To study the potential negative effects of curiosity, one must be curious in the first place. And to want to read about it. And…
Well, a different motivator can be a desire to feel superior or better off than others. (I don’t know enough to be able to continue this train of thought without looping back on myself, so I’ll be moving on now.)

We sit in front of the greatest simulators in history. And in our minds, we create more complete simulations.
We sit with one of the greatest communication tools in history, but we use it to avoid communicating.
It is all about us, isn’t it?

Where did fidget toys disappear too? People don’t use fidget spinners quite as much anymore; it’s no longer a fad, so did it help? Did people just go back to sketching in their notebook? How doe s one go to it helps me focus one year, to not using it the next?

Four questions and three lines I wrote today, but the title of this project is not always the most accurate descriptor.

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  1. Sometimes it’s right to be curious. Sometimes we don’t bother. I’m sure there are plenty of things you just let be without knowing more. Everything in its place and time.

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