Pre-Post 54

Today’s color is #a3525d Feel free to steal the idea presented in my pre-posts. If I ever have a good idea in my pre-posts.

Three Slightly Morbid Questions In One Line:

What countries have the strictest gun laws1? What country bans the most potential weapons2? And what is the most banned non-gun weapon3? What is the most banned non-weapon?
Why don’t we appreciate the danger of cars? And why aren’t they used in more terror attacks? They can be more effective than current methods, at least from a lethality standpoint. Is it fear? I think being afraid of crossing the street can be pretty impactful. Are terrorists that disorganized? Are they stupid? Or is the fanaticism bad for creativity and free thought?
How would the world look if we had none fanatical well-educated terrorists? Can you have an organization that is willing to take such actions on such a scale without a certain degree of fanaticism? What would I have to do to cause the collapse of a country or a way of life4?
(1according to a random list on the internet, Singapore, China, Japan, The UK, and Germany.2I think the UK.3 Knives probably, well no, maybe explosives. Are Knives banned more than some potential explosives? What about barbed wire?
I have a few ideas. Luckily I’m smart enough not to act on them. Well, maybe I’m moral enough not to act on them, and not brave enough. But while destruction is so much easier than creation, I’m am seeking to be a creator and not a destroyer.)

Four Creative* Lines:

I’m not a big fan of vague generalizations unless I make them.
And even then, I am probably wrong.

Both musicians and professional video game players have shown the ability to perform actions that humans can only perform with repeated training to acquire muscle memory. So we can make a digital locking mechanism that requires that you don’t just know the password but have practiced the timing on a specific key. Now digital locks aren’t very fun, so what about mechanical locks? There are several ways to perform such a task with mechanical systems, but they all have their flaws and weaknesses.

One example is using a liquid that flows at a certain rate. So you must apply pressure on a certain board or interface for the right period of time to have the liquid flow in, but not enough to trigger the flushing mechanism. The problem with this is the effect of temperature on liquid flow and the risk of a leak.

With the digital method, you can have a special keyboard that, if the keys are pressed with a certain pressure, you can open a secret door or container. Have the keyboard attached to a computer to not be suspicious, but then it becomes hackable if people even suspect it’s there. I would recommend having a separate computerized lock opening system in the keyboard, which is independent from the interface with the computer, and I can see this being used to have a secret room in a library or a special terminal.

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