Pre-Post 55

Today’s color is #b764c5

Three Questions + Four Creative* Lines:

What historical cultures had the most focus on cooking? What city had the best food, or when in history were their cities known for their cuisine, and which cities were they?

Have shields saved more lives or caused the ends of more lives? How would you run a siege if you couldn’t block arrows with shields?
Let’s pretend that flat or even slightly curved objects healed at a single point break if a hole is punched through them or something hits them too hard. So to make a useful shield that isn’t a buckler, you’d need to use both hands. But then you can simply use multiple plates or a system with multiple handles all connecting to one… If there’s a will, there’s a way.
Maybe if weapons were harder to block for some reason, points were stabier so that arrows would go all the way through, and blades were cutier. Then construction would be much easier, and gem cutting would require more finesse…
(Not the time to be doing this hypothetical. Moving on.)

Why is swearing funny? Well, the internet says it’s the shock value, but what exactly about being surprised or shocked makes us laugh? And what types of funny are there. What’s different about humor when you expect to be entertained?

I shall breathe in and out, and wish ill upon my enemy’s. But I have no true enemy, only rivals, so good wishes upon them so I can surpass something even stronger. And while I cannot wish ill upon my enemy, for I have little practice. My good wishes are powerful.
Yet some say without ill there can be no good, but I am a creator a pursuer of growth. And to create, one must sometimes destroy, but if one’s goal is but to destroy, they create naught but tools of destruction.
Yet even those can are useful.

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