The Word Maybe

Because it’s an excuse not to put in the work necessary to finish the hypothetical about stuff being sharp. Because that has FAR reaching consequences and I’m not ready for all that right now.

12 8 6 Definitions Of Maybe

  1. A polite refusal
  2. I do not want to, but you may still be able to convince me.
  3. I do not want to, but I do not want to preclude myself the opportunity.
  4. There is a chance that.
  5. I shouldn’t tell you, but by saying this, I am implying something about your inquiry
    – (or depends on the delivery)
  6. I am unwilling to provide you with any information you can possibly find useful
  7. maybe may be may be, maybe?
  8. Maybe maybe may be may be.

Well, what else?
I need a complete list, it doesn’t have to be good or decent or I can do it

10 Book Ideas Using The Words Maybe and May Be

  1. Maybe She Loves You – a relationship guide
  2. Maybe A Crime (book 1)
  3. The Great May Be Murders (book 3)
  4. There May Be A Second Book – answers to everything
  5. Maybe Dragons Exist – A storyteller tells stories in a fantasy world. The stories are not true, but they feel true to the listeners.
  6. Maybe Superheroes Exist – From the perspective of a journalist.
  7. The Great Maybe – How the universe will end if it ends.
  8. Maybe It All Began That Way – Early scientific theories of how the universe came to be.
  9. Maybe Originals – Cases of parallel innovations throughout history. And what we can learn from them.
  10. When Maybe isn’t enough – a case for speaking your mind, and for saying no.

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