12 More May be Book Ideas

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I only have time for one post this Friday so no pre-post and I have to write the first post that comes to mind.

  1. The Day That Might Have Been – A series of groundhog day style short stories.
  2. When He May Be The One – A book on relationships, I can’t write this, but someone can.
  3. What Might Have Been Great Powers – And why you’ve never heard of them
  4. I May Be A Creator But… – A group of humans are recruited to create a world for an alien species.
  5. When It May Be The Time – a guide for would-be revolutionaries.
  6. He May Be Evil – The story of the hero who saved the world.
    – (this may be stupid, I don’t know what to write here.)
  7. You May Be The Chosen One – a self-help book about how you should approach the world
  8. I May Be The Chosen One- A work of fiction, demonstrating the benefit of self-help techniques from the previous book by example. The main character will be the type of person the techniques are meant to help you become. It needs to be good as a stand-alone book.
  9. A Day That Might Have Been The Last -The times the world was closest to end. And places where empires could have fallen but didn’t
    – (Could could probably work better than might in some of these.)
  10. I Might Be Mighty – A coming of age story. As one realizes the impact, they can have on the world around them.
  11. Tales That Might Have Been – Stories that could be the truth but we just don’t know.
  12. You May Be Strong As Well – But you won’t know until you try. Still-self help in a way but more by giving you tasks and things you might be able to do so that you can know your strengths. Or feel better about getting things done.
    You know actual things to do instead of an approach to doing something you haven’t chosen yet.

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