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So it’s the weekend my brothers room flooded and water got in through the floor somehow and flooded our living room and kitchen as well. But the sabbath was out by 5:30 so the only reasons I have for not making a longer or more effortful post, is that I don’t feel like it. And I still haven a clue what to write. I’ve been grasping at straws here and would take another week off if I thought it would help. But it seems that it probably won’t help so I’ll try for at least half an hour everyday and if I don’t have the beginning of anything after that I’ll just throw something together.
I should find some inspiration by the end of the week, but I can make no promises.

So I’ve been complaining a lot, at least here. And making excuses, or repeating my excuses. And in this case as in many others they are true facts in addition to being excuses but they are excuses nonetheless and I am not excusing myself enough instead making myself feel bad about needing excuses.

Really I’m not managing my expectations well, and I’ll look into that.
Still I can promise to make my posts better, at least by the end of the year. It is important to me. And a part of that is to still try and write every day so I am doing so. Well, I am repeating this way to much, so I shall have nothing but the posts themselves for the rest of next week.

So another half an hour later I am again back to this

10 A Day In The Life Of Something

  1. A Day In The Life Of A Self Aware Character – a perspective that must be explored.
  2. A Day In The Life Of Someone Else
  3. A Day In Your Own Life
  4. A Day In The Life Of Another You
  5. A Day In The Life Of A Self Help Scammer
  6. A Day In The Life Of An Inmate
  7. A Day In The Life Of Stalin
  8. A Day In The Life Of An Average German During WW2
  9. A Day In A Happy Life
  10. The Day In A Life When Satisfied

Not what I intended to go for with this but my brain isn’t right now so I’ll

Have a nice week.

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