River And Flame

For today’s post something culty.

Would you rather be forever at peace or never at rest? Alive or dead?
We are a river, a flame, a process by which the world is changed. Like a river, we create the world of our future, the bed in which we will rest, and our future will flow, and like a flame, we consume to survive and leave traces in ash and smoke. But like both, we can be forgotten. We die when the systems inside us stop working stop moving, and that is why we cannot help but change. For no true perpetual motion, machine exists.

Yet we can exist for while we produce our own energy, we consume more than we produce, at least from an individual perspective. That is why we are repeatedly told to make fewer children, for while we transform the land to support more of us, there is only so much land we can reach.

And our works can only be preserved by others of our kind, and by our creations, but in the future, it too shall change, for all our information must be interpreted to be understood. And our mind that interprets is changed by the minds around it and the river bed in which it flows. If we transported all our information a thousand years back, we still might not have reached this culture, and they could not do with all we have what we did with part of it. For their culture did not allow it, did not fit it. And what is true is not all that is believed.

Words are like smoke, and unless we write them in ash they may change how we burn but the words themselves will be forgotten. But writing does not guarantee that the words will be like the flow of a river and not the passage and burning of a flame.

But sometimes, we want our words to be a flame to consume and destroy so that some things shall not come again. Yet the forests shall grow again, and the ideas shall nourish us as the roots change the paths in which we flow.
And sometimes the forest is better gone, some ideas are dangerous, and some may bring us to ruin. But we need to keep them forever aflame, so we can see or extinguish when they grow again.

Yet ideas are not just forests they are something else, something we cannot bind down and cut out. For the structures of evil are brought in by us for our own goals. And are used by many to achieve their own goals.

For a forest is something that can forever change the flow of a river, but we cannot know what will evolve within.

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  1. It’s really beautiful. You just put it together so beautifully. I don’t know what other word to use. See that’s the thing. Sometimes it takes a post or two before you come up with a complete thought like this.

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