Pre-Post 56

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Three Questions Interspersed With Creative Lines:

When and why was the fastest ground vehicle invented? For what purpose? How long has it been, and who will break that record?

Would you rather be forever at peace or never at rest? While we tend to lean towards one or the other, we would rather be alive than dead.
(I shall resume this idea for the post today. Unless I find something else to write about.)

We are afraid of snakes for biological reasons? Snakes are scary. But many of us hold no fear for such things. How do culture and habit affect fear? What does fear become if we subvert it? What other things scare us on a biological level that we have transformed into a more complex reaction?
Or is it just that familiarity kills fear? (Does familiarity kill fear? I cannot take my understanding as truth. Well, I do. I can’t STATE my understanding as truth, at least without doubt.)

I am trying to look good while writing these of that there is little doubt. (But still, there is some doubt just not that much of it.) How important is looking good to the average individual? I should probably do it by culture. How important is looking good to the average individual living in your country of residence?
Am I closer to the culture of my parents? Or to the culture of the nation, I grew up in?

We are not things we are processes. Humans are more like rivers than rocks, more like fire than smoke or ash, for we are either in motion or dead.

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  1. This is pretty amazing too. What’s wrong with having your own truth, given by your understanding? There’s nothing to say the truth can’t change. That’s just part of our process.

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