Pre-Post 59 (regarding journalism)

For real this time.

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Three Questions:

What are the rules of proper journalistic reporting? How do they differ from the laws of scientific research? In both science and journalism it is important to highlight doubt. And in both, the goal is to enrich the human understanding of truth and the world. So why don’t we have a journalistic method to parallel the scientific method? Is there a hypothesis we are trying to prove? Or is journalism too subjective and having a hypothesis will cause us too much confirmation bias?

Doesn’t stating the hypothesis lead us to put our biases in front and understand them? Or does it simply guide us in which actions we need to take and information we have to discover in order to either prove or disprove our hypothesis?

Is it moral and right to publish articles that we know to be false? What if there is a 2& chance of it being true is it okay then? What about 10% or 20% does it need to be more than 50%? Now for a lot of things we cannot know. But where do we draw the line on accurate journalism and how can we communicate doubt?

Four Creative* Lines:

What if we had five measures of surety? So there could be a little box of potential truthfulness in the top corner. What would probably happen here is that in many cases, editors will abuse it to show how much it aligns with their understanding of the world, and people would either be propagandized lose trust in the little box. Still, I think with that being the case, we, the little box, can be the focus of propagandists and have the article’s content remain pure. (Or closer to pure, for lack of a better word.)

Flowers are just the plants’ reproductive organs, for many plants most all insemination is artificial because they use insects and other species.
(I could have communicated it more clearly but I’m kinda losing focus if you could not tell.)

Wise men often say yes, so do wise women. Wise women often say no, so do wise men. Common words are used by everybody.

And one day all shall sleep but this isn’t that day, though sometimes it feels like I wish all would wake. For that day never seems to come.


Well I tried to do something about memory and not leaving holes to fill, but I don’t want to and it didn’t work out.

So mummification the preservation of dead things, or the outsides of dead things. Mummies are ugly, slightly creepy, yet vaguely reminiscent of the original entity that was mummified. We have bodies from thousands of years past, and we know their names and their status but little else. We can tell their wealth and vanity, and sometimes we need additional sources to preserve their memories, but I believe in the days and weeks after their deaths, they were remembered for who they were, for they were preserved as was their memory. So to be known in death as they were known in life.

Memory is a fickle thing and it needs all the help it can get. At least if we desire an accurate interpretation of the past.

For some reason, I can’t find a conclusion to this post right now so I hope my first post today was satisfactory.

Amature Philosophising On Vice And Sin (Originally intended to be Pre-Post 59)

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Many ask, what is sin? When they should be asking, why is sin? But if they think about it for a bit, then they are asking why is this a sin, or why isn’t that a sin? But what defines sin. Religion? And if religion defines sin, is a vice a sin from a non-religious perspective? For in religion, vice draws people into sin and holds them there. But being held in place is disliked by humans, so vice remains even when sin is gone.

And in minutes, I have created a theory of vice and sin. But nothing comes to me in minutes that I have not thought of before for hours. Actually, that is not true, but the logic and the connections were already there.
Asking questions is freeing; it allows me to speak my mind even when I cannot guarantee my accuracy. And it allows me to change my mind before deciding on a truth. Or to decide on a different truth, for when I ask a question, I am initiating the change, and it is not being done upon me.

Why so do I wish to be free? Or do I? I find it we wish to be in control of ourselves, and for that, we need to be free. We want to make our own decisions to choose who to be and have power over the world. And so sometimes we are willing to give up on freedom in order to gain freedom. For it is not freedom we want but control, and sometimes we want hep controlling ourselves.

Maybe people just don’t care? Maybe many are stupid? But I still believe that our behaviors are somewhat logical; it is simply our prepositions that are flawed.

10 Quotes For My Maybe Book Ideas

  1. Maybe She Loves You – a relationship guide.
    • “Maybe she does love you. But love has to come from somewhere, so ask her what she likes best about you; if you can’t ask that, you are pining after something that isn’t real. Then you should be worried.”
  2. Maybe A Crime (book 1)
    • “We all know what was paid and who it was paid to. But we don’t know what was bought. And with who it was paid to, there may or not be a crime.”
  3. The Great May Be Murders (book 3)
    • “Who’s done it? That’s not what you should be asking. Who done what?is the question.”
  4. There May Be A Second Book – answers to everything
    • “The easiest question to answer is that will you get offended reading this book. No matter who you are, if you are human, this will offend you. And if you identify as otherwise or see yourself as separate from humanity, you’ll be even more offended.”
  5. Maybe Dragons Exist – A storyteller tells stories in a fantasy world. The stories are not true, but they feel true to the listeners.
    • “Have you ever heard the story of the great marble worlds? And what of the planet circling the moon? Have you ever seen an ugly fey? Well, you can be sure they exist, but some things are slightly more complicated than that.” (I cannot create the full idea without immersing myself in the context for a while, so this is all I have for now.)
  6. Maybe Superheroes Exist – From the perspective of a journalist.
    • “People say they saw someone flying out of a building, but if this was truly the Grey Mark, then there would be reports of people saved by him. I am more likely to believe that people jumped to avoid the fire it happened before.
  7. The Great Maybe – How the universe will end if it ends.
    • (I know not the science needed to explain this, and it is meant to be a scientific book. So a quote from the introduction.)
      “Now we all know that the sun will eventually blow up, but we expect to have figured out space travel by then; we have a few billion years. If we worried about that, then we’d have to worry about a whole bunch of other things. Regardless, we want to know how it will all end when it all ends if it all ends, and here are I will present the information we have on the subject as comprehensible and entertainingly as I can.
  8. Maybe It All Began That Way – Early scientific theories of how the universe came to be.
    • “Science is a recent concept, only existing for a few hundred years. But science is a realm of theories, and we have had many Many theories.”

      “Many modern scientists will think themselves different than the people who I am talking about, but they were trying the best they could knowing what they did, with all they had at their disposal. If you cannot say the same about yourself, you do not have a right to judge them unworthy of the name scientist.” (People have opinions.)
  9. Maybe Originals – Cases of parallel innovations throughout history. And what we can learn from them.
    • ” A fine example of parallel innovation as I describe the term is the discovery and invention of agriculture. Many isolated and separated tribes and nations discovered agriculture on their own. But probably less than you’d expect, there is a lot that needs to happen for agriculture to be discovered, although once it was discovered, many followed similar paths.”
  10. When Maybe isn’t enough – a case for speaking your mind and for saying no.
    • “We don’t like letting people down or saying no. the first human the other a habit. But when we push these things off, all we’re doing is making it harder for our future selves, and you do not want to let an open maybe fester.” (I wanted to do so much more with this one, but I did not yet put my case together in a logical fashion, so this is all I have.)

Pre-Post 58

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Three Questions That Include Potentially Blasphemous Creative* Lines:

What was the most sought after drink ever? Was it something mythical like water from the fountain of youth? Can you say something about sacramental wine? The figurative blood of Christ? Ancient Egypt existed for a pretty long time, but I don’t know what they wanted to drink. And I think overall there have been more devout Christians than Egyptians. But was this figurative blood of christ actually taught after, or was it just drunk as part of a weekly ritual?

What is the symbolism of drinking blood? Not just in Christianity. A number of cultures had religious values in drinking blood. Judaism forbids the consumption of the blood of any animal and the life of the animal was said to dwell in its blood. And a lot of the early laws in Judaism existed to differentiate us from the cultures surrounding us. If nobody drank blood it probably wouldn’t have needed to be forbidden, so there was probably something about absorbing the animal’s life force or soul by drinking or eating its blood. But why blood?

What is a vice? From what I understand a vice is something partaken in for pleasure that provides little to no benefit to the one partaking in it and is somewhat addictive. Well, not addictive, more like an attraction or a pull that get’s harder to resist after having experienced it. So yeah addictive. But when did {insert none family-friendly reproductive process} become a vice? When it was separated in purpose from the act of reproduction. Or was it? But then, is social media a vice? Well for some people. But the thing about vies, is that they are addictive only because of how we enjoy them, well, sometimes for other reasons, but it’s most often the dopamine. (Is it? I’m making a lot of assumptions here.) So a vice keeps drawing you in long after the pleasure has passed. So Does that apply to {I’m still trying to be family-friendly for some reason}? I wouldn’t know.

Repeated Attempts At A Poetry

When I try to sound deep, I feel cheap.
When I try to sound cheap, I sound deep.
But it’s rather absurd for I feel like a bird cheep cheep cheep.

Wait, that doesn’t establish enough of a pattern. I must add more cheaps…
It also is too similar to itself. Maybe I can make it like a song.

When I try to sound deep, I sound cheap. Cheap cheap.
When I try to sound cheap, I sound Deep. Cheap cheap.
But it’s rather absurd now I sound like a bird…

This is a little silly, and It is also unfinished, but if needs be, I can make a silly little song thing and not have to add too many lines. Well, it isn’t necessarily silly, but it resembles things that we find to be silly.
Next tr…

While this process may be helpful to many I have not the will or the heart to continue this right now. I just don’t want to, and I just took a break to bury our dog. He died in his sleep but I am offput by his death, for I do not know how to feel. So a quick attempt at poetry regarding a dead dog, but that’s all for today.

A walk, every day. A walk passing by stopping at random spots for him, and myself getting to apretiate the world.

No I can’t finish this right now, I don’t know how to feel, and I cannot find words for what I am feeling so I hope you have a better day than I did, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Pre-Post 57

Today’s color is #5f7234

Three Questions:

How does music become generic, does it embody a genre? Or does it create a feeling in the listeners that a whole genre wishes to inspire? Is it the imitation or the original? Is it the music that is most representative of the tools and styles inherent to a genre, or is it the most accessible music that is still of that genre?
(For example I was listening to Funiculi Funicula and there was comment about it coming up when searching for generic Italian music. Wait that is culture not genre.)
Is the music associated with a culture a type of genre? A collection of styles? The most recognizable style, of that culture?

At what point is a home to big for a single individual? Is there such a thing as too much space? Or only too much unused space?

Four Creative* Lines:

Sometimes I wish I didn’t need the tools I use and instead could do it all with my hands, and with my mind.
Sometimes I wish that what makes us special was free.
Than I realize, and I wish that the languages we made to change reality could be used to command our tools, but they can be. So I wished that I could use one for all my needs and not have so much trouble putting things together. And that is a far more reasonable wish.

And yet I do not yet act to make my reasonable wish a reality, because I have many and do not want to put my life into a passing fancy. But maybe I should, the questions is which passing fancy?

Only a creature with six legs can understand how it feels to lose a third of it’s movement capablity.

River And Flame

For today’s post something culty.

Would you rather be forever at peace or never at rest? Alive or dead?
We are a river, a flame, a process by which the world is changed. Like a river, we create the world of our future, the bed in which we will rest, and our future will flow, and like a flame, we consume to survive and leave traces in ash and smoke. But like both, we can be forgotten. We die when the systems inside us stop working stop moving, and that is why we cannot help but change. For no true perpetual motion, machine exists.

Yet we can exist for while we produce our own energy, we consume more than we produce, at least from an individual perspective. That is why we are repeatedly told to make fewer children, for while we transform the land to support more of us, there is only so much land we can reach.

And our works can only be preserved by others of our kind, and by our creations, but in the future, it too shall change, for all our information must be interpreted to be understood. And our mind that interprets is changed by the minds around it and the river bed in which it flows. If we transported all our information a thousand years back, we still might not have reached this culture, and they could not do with all we have what we did with part of it. For their culture did not allow it, did not fit it. And what is true is not all that is believed.

Words are like smoke, and unless we write them in ash they may change how we burn but the words themselves will be forgotten. But writing does not guarantee that the words will be like the flow of a river and not the passage and burning of a flame.

But sometimes, we want our words to be a flame to consume and destroy so that some things shall not come again. Yet the forests shall grow again, and the ideas shall nourish us as the roots change the paths in which we flow.
And sometimes the forest is better gone, some ideas are dangerous, and some may bring us to ruin. But we need to keep them forever aflame, so we can see or extinguish when they grow again.

Yet ideas are not just forests they are something else, something we cannot bind down and cut out. For the structures of evil are brought in by us for our own goals. And are used by many to achieve their own goals.

For a forest is something that can forever change the flow of a river, but we cannot know what will evolve within.

Pre-Post 56

Today’s color is #c31e4c

Three Questions Interspersed With Creative Lines:

When and why was the fastest ground vehicle invented? For what purpose? How long has it been, and who will break that record?

Would you rather be forever at peace or never at rest? While we tend to lean towards one or the other, we would rather be alive than dead.
(I shall resume this idea for the post today. Unless I find something else to write about.)

We are afraid of snakes for biological reasons? Snakes are scary. But many of us hold no fear for such things. How do culture and habit affect fear? What does fear become if we subvert it? What other things scare us on a biological level that we have transformed into a more complex reaction?
Or is it just that familiarity kills fear? (Does familiarity kill fear? I cannot take my understanding as truth. Well, I do. I can’t STATE my understanding as truth, at least without doubt.)

I am trying to look good while writing these of that there is little doubt. (But still, there is some doubt just not that much of it.) How important is looking good to the average individual? I should probably do it by culture. How important is looking good to the average individual living in your country of residence?
Am I closer to the culture of my parents? Or to the culture of the nation, I grew up in?

We are not things we are processes. Humans are more like rivers than rocks, more like fire than smoke or ash, for we are either in motion or dead.

Weekend Quicky

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So it’s the weekend my brothers room flooded and water got in through the floor somehow and flooded our living room and kitchen as well. But the sabbath was out by 5:30 so the only reasons I have for not making a longer or more effortful post, is that I don’t feel like it. And I still haven a clue what to write. I’ve been grasping at straws here and would take another week off if I thought it would help. But it seems that it probably won’t help so I’ll try for at least half an hour everyday and if I don’t have the beginning of anything after that I’ll just throw something together.
I should find some inspiration by the end of the week, but I can make no promises.

So I’ve been complaining a lot, at least here. And making excuses, or repeating my excuses. And in this case as in many others they are true facts in addition to being excuses but they are excuses nonetheless and I am not excusing myself enough instead making myself feel bad about needing excuses.

Really I’m not managing my expectations well, and I’ll look into that.
Still I can promise to make my posts better, at least by the end of the year. It is important to me. And a part of that is to still try and write every day so I am doing so. Well, I am repeating this way to much, so I shall have nothing but the posts themselves for the rest of next week.

So another half an hour later I am again back to this

10 A Day In The Life Of Something

  1. A Day In The Life Of A Self Aware Character – a perspective that must be explored.
  2. A Day In The Life Of Someone Else
  3. A Day In Your Own Life
  4. A Day In The Life Of Another You
  5. A Day In The Life Of A Self Help Scammer
  6. A Day In The Life Of An Inmate
  7. A Day In The Life Of Stalin
  8. A Day In The Life Of An Average German During WW2
  9. A Day In A Happy Life
  10. The Day In A Life When Satisfied

Not what I intended to go for with this but my brain isn’t right now so I’ll

Have a nice week.