Day six list one

Salutations relatives of varying degrees, I’ve been planing on putting my composition together, but I have more variations on the base theme then I know what to do with. the plan is to have someone (probably Manu) sit down as I play variants of the composition and let me know how they come across. I’ve already vacuumed today and I’ve been alternating Hannon piano exercises with pushups, for each set of three Hannons I’ve been doing five pushups.

I’m taking my father’s suggestion of making a 10 ideas list to fill up space in my blog.

10 tasks/exercises that will be more fun, or more effective, if I mix them with something else (I know the list is vague but it wasn’t easy to come up with enough entries {as you can tell by the pointless meta-comment used to waste time as I tried to think of more entries}):

  • My sight-reading exercises with jumping jacks, 1 to 15.
  • Psoas with running, 20min to 15min.
  • Math but every 10 minutes I do one of the following exercises in any order, 10 pushups, 2 sets of running up and down the stairs, 15 jumping jacks, 4 pullups, etc(this list is currently incomplete and probably will remain so forever).
  • Blogging with learning a piano piece, for each paragraph 15min piano.
  • listening to music before writing out pieces of my composition, specifically music which does what I’m trying to accomplish.
  • listening to music after writing out pieces of my composition, specifically music I want to be distinct from, can be the music I listened to before but can also be something with a different feel that I’m getting to close to.
    • the previous 2 entries are translatable to non-music-related subjects, but that’s where I am right now.
  • watching educational videos in various subjects before making my list of ten, so that my list can be about ideas and questions regarding said subjects and not be as vague and difficult to make as this one.
    • and here is the meta-comment (which is a meta-(meta)-comment {which is a meta-(meta-{meta})-comment [which… *closes an infinite number of parentheses* and as such is an infinitely regressive loop. Anyway’s back to the list.
  • get deeper into subjects while studying for the פסיכומטרי. I have more than enough time before the test that I can really develop an understanding of the subjects I’m supposed to know.
  • walk the dog after going to pray in the morning.
  • set up my Simplology to include both tasks/exercises that I do together for both a greater sense of accomplishment and to remind myself to get these done

I realized today how the quote: “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in a year” is relevant to the important vs urgent distinction. I’m not sure how to explain said connection so I will it to you to think about.

Love (in a totally cool familial way) Ilan Meir Herz.

Day five

Hello to all you good people, I said daily so here it is. I’ve been a little lonely recently so I’m thinking about what social contexts I can involve myself in. I went into Tiberius today and met with M. but didn’t draw much from the conversation.

Sorry for the compressed post today but I’ve been having a lot of trouble filling this in. Honestly, I expect to get better with practice but that is the only reason I’ve posted today.


Greetings fellow humans, today I too vegged having gone to sleep far too late last night. My religious studies kinda got distracted with the Rabbi’s discussions of if Balaam slept with his donkey, seeing as unlike others who rode horses he seemed to take a donkey everywhere despite being rich and famous among other details, and my fingers were too sore to do my Piano exercises. I did finally get to 10 pushups in a sitting though.

On the other hand last night I think I figured out the complete structure of my first composition so all I have left to do is compare it to my previous versions, compile and print it. I’ve been having trouble finding what to write here recently but so since I am new to this I will try at least one Big post every week. Greeting father and goodbye (in a literal sense and not a dramatic one. I would have left it as planned but I thought that it might seem a little suicidal and that’s not what I was trying to communicate, and yes I think about things like this far too often. But otherwise, I would not be able to act in a social context at all [and there I go rewriting and correcting sentences again{there I go adding parentheses to correct my self again <I’d wonder how far I can take this meta-(meta-{meta})-commentary (because a blog itself is a commentary on one’s own life and I use parentheses in order to comment on this blog so each comment, and meta-comment, is going deeper into and yet farther form the base communication) > } ] ).

Day three

Greetings Whereveryoube, I’ve met with M. again today and he talked about the antisemitism he experienced in his youth and how Jewdism, specifically what he learned in the psalms, got him through his thought of suicide in his childhood. I tried to start a conversation with another Old person there (in Hebrew of course) but I didn’t get a response to my conversation starter so I left it at that. other than that I tried finding as many shortcuts into downtown Tiberius as I could. Anyways I’m still mulling over everything I discussed with M. and by the time I will write down what I learned it will already be integrated into my existing models of the world.

I haven’t much else to write out today so I will cut this short here with love to my Loving Father and all my family who out there.

Biblical ramblings

Hello, interwebs, While I’ve promised myself I would blog every day but I’ve been having trouble organizing my thoughts in any communicable fashion. As such I decided that the best thing to do would be to ignore grammar stop trying to correct myself by rewriting every sentence and just write as if I’m rambling to myself, let’s see how that turns out (and I seem to not be doing that well since I just stopped to download a grammar app). But anyway I was thinking about the role of man in my biblical model of the world, I may explain my many models of the world in a future post.

In the (Jewish) Bible (as that is what I will be referring to when I say Bible) there are many cases when holy people are challenged to obey God’s commands, Abraham in the Binding of Isaac, and Moses when he is punished for hitting the rock instead of speaking for it. And yet we are named Am-Israel, the nation of the one who wrestled with God, and both Abraham and Moses are shown as moral paragons in cases in which they disagreed with god’s plan. for Abraham when he tried to convince God not to destroy Tsdom and for Moses when after the sin of the Golden calf, he refused God’s offer to destroy Israel and make a nation out of him. for me to make sense of this I tried to think how the Biblical God as an omnipotent and omniscient moral absolute could in any way be less capable than his human followers. and then it hit me God has given us free will and as such forgone any power in changing our decisions, a theme raised in this weeks Parsha in the existence of Balaam a Wicked prophet, one chosen by God to lead his people that instead of leading them to good led them to wickedness. And how only we have the ability to alter each other’s decisions giving us a chance to choose again and change our ways. Abraham and Moses in the above-mentioned cases were arguing for humans who in Abraham’s case if there were even 10 holy people in Tsdom they would have been given a chance to choose again, and in Mose’s place, he was the one with the power and influence over the people of Israel.

Day one

Hello world (hi Aba), today after my piano lesson in Tveria I walked over to a old people home and the experience was a little depressing. Most of the people I saw there reminded me of Saba near the end as, while they smiled when I greeted them in passing, so happy to be noticed, they were seated there in what I could only describe as a sate of melancholy it felt like they were waiting to die. After wandering around for a few minutes the staff directed me to M., in there words he would be happy to have someone he could speak English with. M. talked to me about his life but I don’t yet have a complete picture.