Improbable Connections

Improbable Connections is a new style of posts I may begin to make. In Improbable Connections I look, the at 2 unrelated events, oft inspired by something I’ve seen or read, and explain, in 10 steps, how 1 can lead to the other.
If Improbable Connections is an interesting experiment and you would like me to post more, comment below, otherwise I will move on too something else.

How Eating More Omega-3 Can Lead To World Peace. In 10 steps.

  1. People Start Eating More Omega-3 rich foods
  2. People in the first world get really excited about the benefits (real and imagined).
  3. It becomes a movement as the benefits become greatly exaggerated and it bleeds into the culture, and possibly regulation.
  4. Government-sponsored ads start popping up to consume more of this super necessary nutritional miracle and this happening over much of the world. (ignore lobbying from companies which have recently blown up selling Omega-3 rich foods and supplements)
  5. Time passes and the trend melts into manny parts of local cultures, jokes such as “Why should we believe what these old farts believed they didn’t even know about Omega-3” The joke is obviously exaggerated. But people attribute leaps in health brought about by better lifestyles and medicine at least in part by advancements in diet.
  6. The process is helped by a huge surge in production in China as it’s production of questionable omega-3 supplements and export of such leads to eclipse the rest of the world’s production this in addition to China’s failing economy in other matters along with its many financial bubbles popping leads to a reliance on omega-3 exports and a constant effort keeping friendly relation with the biggest importers of omega-3 supplements, India, America, and the member states of the now-defunct EU.
  7. Multinational charity drives occurring in third-world countries (mostly in Africa) to increase the amount of omega-3 in their diets. These gain a lot of traction.
  8. An international tragedy occurs. As one of these omega-3 charity groups gets caught and killed in the crossfire of a local war.
  9. China applies immense pressure in countries it has close relations to (and who owe china immense debt) in order to keep the peace. While the USA march in armies while threatening to remove aid if another such instance occurs.
  10. Tenous world peace is acquired as none of the big countries can afford to break the balance, and smaller countries are too weak to threaten war with the consequences being as they are. A great achievement of mankind. War breaks out 2 years later.