10 Devilish Book Ideas

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  1. Soulless monster – Werewolves and vampires and other monsters that retain hints of their human selves but lack the soul. The original people are dead, but these monsters wear their face and their memories.
  2. Make Monsters Monsterous Again – Being in the outer realms protest so that they can act in the world as they want and not limited by the beliefs of the time.
  3. The Outer Courts (Book 2) – Trying to get around the bans on a common belief for monsters because of what those beliefs were in the past. What was the most common belief 100 years ago, and when do we draw the line?
  4. Devilishly Handsome – How to attract people when you yourself are ugly
  5. Purple Bulbus And Loved By All – What we appreciate and like, that should be objectively ugly.
  6. Camera’s Inside Our Brain – But nobody knows who put them there.
  7. The Satanists Attached Psychiatrist – A fun romp into crazies, not crazies, and misunderstood ideas.
  8. Kill Your Darlings – A comedy, unless you’re a writer. (or other creative)
  9. Power Of The End – A collection of short stories from people convinced that learn that they will die within a day, month, or year, and that they are going to go to hell, when they die.
  10. Manual Of The Eternal Line – A self-help book

10 Uses For Math

Tomorrow may end up being a quicky as well, I’m going to the dentist tomorrow to get my teeth x-rayed. And I have a small project that I’m taking too seriously, It may even take me an extra day to get it done because I’ll be doing a lot of math and 3d geometry involving Fibonacci spirals. (or I may give up on the math halfway through and just wing it. )

Most of these a computer can do for you. But if you do it yourself you can selectively choose inaccuracies or apply more flexibly.

  1. Recreating the patterns of plant growth
  2. Making a 2d image look like a real 3d object
  3. Saving money – Statistics and calculus. Of course, statistics will serve you best if they are applied to hundreds and thousands of choices, but it can help if you are in a position of power.
  4. Creating water clocks and timers – of course, this isn’t applicable in your life unless whatever is leaking leaks at a consistent pace.
  5. Rube Golberg Machines – And this can be an extension of the previous one.
  6. Produce your own firearms – if you want them to be accurate you need the bullets to fit pretty snugly into the pipe. (The information presented in this post is Still in no way reflective of my attitude towards firearms. I am simply making this into a running gag)
  7. Managing sewage systems – Because you need to know how many pounds of sewage would cause it all to collapse and how many sewage jams the system can handle. Also so that you can clear the jams.
  8. Coutning to ten can help you titile lists correctly – Of course, I’m not chainging it if I was writting it past midnight I simply posted it as a work in progress. And I have no good reasosn for why it took me so late to write this, I simply knew not about what.
  9. Save money while shopping – by calculating how much you’ll actually need and use, and how much it will cost you to store the extra your getting because it’s cheap. Also if it’s acutally on sale or if they’re actually just scamming you, but with the interent you don’t need that much math.
  10. Win At Gambling – Count Cards.

Pre-Post 33 (10 Questions)

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10 Questions (I’m trying something slightly different today. Slightly.)

  1. Why and when does frustration make us feel tired?
  2. How often do we quit out of frustration, and how often does it make us try harder?
  3. In what scenarios do we do better work while frustrated?
  4. How much time are you willing to spend trying to change some else’s opinion? Are we all fighting over the people we can convince?
  5. What does it take to identify someone who is willing to change their opinion, or who doesn’t have much of an opinion and is easy to convince?
  6. Is there a moment when you can see someone change? Is there a tipping point? And how much of what comes before is necessary?
  7. What is the animal with the fastest swimming speed? Is it likely that it dwells in the deepest of seas we know not much about?
  8. What dwells in the deep dark that we can learn from? What can we discover in the few places on this planet we are still not welcome?
  9. Why the fascination? If I simply said under the sea INstead of the deep dark I don’t think I would be as interested, but why? The connotation what other thoughts are related to the deep dark and the phrase under the sea is corrupted by a song.
  10. What else can we not think of because of such corruption? Where do we need new terms to overcome our associations? Where do YOU need a new context? That is a question worth dwelling upon. (at least in my opinion.)

Here I see how my pre-posts often are better than what I consider to be my main posts. I’ll look into why that is.
Have a wonderful timeskip.

Sweet Nothings

Because the story is incoherent. And I can’t share it without feeling embarrassed. If it was coherent I would share it with feeling embarrassed. But it isn’t so I’m not.

Here it is late and a few sweet nothings.

  1. Flowers are pretty and so are you.
  2. Some would say you are pretty from the inside but that’s just creepy
  3. We are pretty, but sometimes we have to lose some fat to show it.
  4. Too much fat is as unattractive as too much of anything, hair, makeup, etc.
  5. It’s already past my posting time. It is already tomorrow.
  6. One bit of research wouldn’t be amiss. But when I look at you I see the abyss.
  7. Always believing the worst thing about others and the best about yourself is one of the most harmful things people do. OR maybe it’s a harmful thing people do most often. Or maybe it’s somewhere in between I should make a graph sometimes but it will probably be inaccurate.
  8. I’m often inaccurate though I try not to be, in you at least someone can see beauty. But do you want them to?
  9. And nine ten eleven, what do you see when you look in the mirror, a three? What can you do as your potential is far more than that, the only missing thing is I don’t know that’s up to you.
  10. And leave nothing to chance, for all success needs a bit of luck but all if you don’t work to use your luck you shall fail regardless.

10 Book Ideas For The New Year

There won’t be any posts tomorrow, and the day after they’ll be no pre-post and my post will be focused on myself so come back in three days. Now I have a perfectly valid reason for this that being that the Jewish New Year is a two day holiday and we don’t do electronics on holidays (so 48 hours starting at around 6:20 today).

On the other hand, my only excuse for not pre-writing a post, was I forgot until yesterday, and yesterday I didn’t want to. So since I have barely an hour until the holiday starts let’s get to it. Well, let’s get to something my head hurts and so I’ll go for a book idea post. Those have become easy to make.

  1. 12 Things To Forgive This Year – Growing and how to let things go
  2. All Your Stuff – How to put things aside so that you’ll only remember them if you need to
  3. Cleaning Your Home – a guide to a clean home in 30 days
  4. Resetting your body – posture, muscle, diet, and more.
  5. Setting Achievable Goals – Need I say more?
  6. Better To Say – The unhealthy common secrets and the best way to let them go.
  7. Favorite Numbers – Developing a strong memory
  8. Colors By Sight – UPgrading your other sense so that you don’t need to know the words to remember
  9. Counting Your Blessings – Things you can be potentially thankful for, some you aren’t but these aren’t the most common, and at least 20 of them apply to you. This would also be quite the funny read.
  10. Making Sense – How to actually make good arguments this year. And which arguments are so irrational you should just ignore them. Also how to recognize irrationality.

10 Ways to Inspire Oneself

Or 10 ways we may be able to inspire ourselves but for this I shall speak with certainty.

  1. Boredom – when you wake up, don’t entertain yourself, don’t do something fun, and you’ll find which “needs” are most appealing; why do you want to do that? Are you defaulting? To it or is there something enjoyable there? Is there something to look forward to? If the answer to any of these is yes. Then you have something to look forward too, and you’ll find your goals more inspiring.
  2. Goal Fantisation – If you have a goal, think of life, then life would be better, right? You have a dream, and you want to achieve it. Speak with certainty and claim your goals.
  3. Dream – I want, I need, but most importantly, I can be better. For what makes a human special is that once one does something, they can teach and pass it on to others. Art is appreciated partially because it cannot be recreated.
  4. Make Changes – We, well, I am at the very least, are afraid of change, and afraid to become something else by doing something new. So by changing something in your life, by becoming something different, you allow yourself to embrace other change and become inspired to do something you’ve been pushing off.
  5. Take a Break From Your 3 Biggest Time Wasters – or five, cut down on half you wasted free time and you’ll find new things to do. Inspiration will come from that
  6. Meditate – Back to this, meditation is always the answer at least during my posts. But how would ten minutes a day of sitting and not thinking help? Would it be like a nap? Time to refocus afterward? disconnection, seeing ones own thoughts, honestly the reasons meditation helps are not known to me and I’m not sure if their known at all, but there is some scientific proof that it works in some scenarios, and I believe that the things meditation helps with would help make someone more inspired. But since I haven’t decided on a concrete definition of inspired at the start of this post I may be wrong. But for the most common uses of the word, I’m right.
  7. Journal – What’s better to inspire yourself than to write it down. Write down what is interesting, write down why your day was boring if you want, but put your thoughts onto paper, some of them are bound to be interesting.
    (well, I’ve been somewhat basic, I’ve listed things that are easy and that I sometimes do, but this is a place for ideas, and those don’t have to be bound by the constraints of what I’m willing to do, or even by reality so let’s get to it.)
  8. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide – LSD is a drug, and it can have adverse side effects, really bad adverse side effects even permanent ones so you’ve got to know what you’re doing (I am in no way condoning the taking of LSD, this is but a thought experiment with a narrow focus.). Unlike many other drugs though LSD is not addictive, and it even taking it once has permanent effects on an individual’s psyche so be warned, and it has been observed (but not confirmed), that taking LSD but once increases trait openness so know you know.
  9. No Food, or liquid calories water is fine, For an extended period (more than three days) – Do not do this if you are skinny or anorexic, but if you have calories to burn, this shall inspire you, and after a day or two when you stop feeling hungry, and if you have calories to burn you will stop feeling hungry, you’ll be less focused on food and have more time to do what inspires you.
  10. DO IT – Quit your life, you have a new life now. You had a job? Nah. You were living with your parents? it’ll be good for you to be alone. Do you have assets saved up? It’s either fuel for your goal or going to your family your whims shall have none of it, and your wants are irrelevant. Your inspiration is your dream it’s your highest value and spending on anything that doesn’t help you get there is a waste. You have a new life now, one of inspiration and of success, and of not giving up after a bad day or when the success isn’t apparent. You know you’re succeeding and you know you can do it. Even if it isn’t apparent to anybody else.

10 Quick (incomplete) Ideas

I got my new computer this evening and I decided not to set it up until tomorrow. Then I forgot to write a blog post, but now I remember so a quick phone post it is. I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense

  1. What you don’t yet know you can do.
  2. Harvesting humidity for cooling
  3. Perin and More – Specific pills (mostly placebo) for stress, inflammation, pain, and more.
  4. Leisure Watch – a watch, (be it physical or digital) that tells you when you wanted to be getting stuff done and when you’ve earned your leisure.
  5. Productive Time Optimizer – a measure for how long you can focus and what it takes to recover.
  6. Conversation Ender – generates polite, (or not depends on the settings) ways to get out of a conversation while preserving face. (Why you feel as if you’d lose face I’m not to judge.)
  7. Inevitable Clockwork – countdown to all things we believe to be inevitable, with accolades for those who made it otherwise.
  8. The Bed For You – a place you go to get good healthy bed measurements and recommendations.
  9. Keep it in Your Mind – Choose a topic of interest and information pertinent to it shall be presented on the front page of your phone. (I forget my words, so I make sure to know alternative words so that I can still try to communicate my ideas.)
  10. one angle mirror – well a few angles but you get the idea

10 Additional Ideas For Novels

Second post today, I started my first post went for a walk with my brother came back ate dinner, then realized it was 11:40 and I only had half a blog post. So another one of these it is.

  1. Am I But A Dog? – A dog gradually gains the sapience of a human.
  2. If Animals Had Wheels – An A.I is developed to build a virtual world and simulate evolution. But if you miss a detail when allowing for random small changes over time…
  3. How the world now works – A machine is created that can reprogram reality to a limited degree, the first thing done is to prevent the construction of a similar machine, changing a whole lot of other facets of reality in the process. The man who has access to the machine is king, but when the machine changes something, it changes everything.
  4. Scented Candles – a romantic crime novel
  5. Another Mans Kidney – A heartbreaking sequel (I was told this is to close to reality or too twisted as I intended it. I shouldn’t have asked I haven’t the time.)
  6. We Will Be As One – a dramatic conclusion
  7. Forgotten Brothers – The curse for immortality is that memories and records of your existence slowly fade away. And only the siblings of great historical figures had access to such things.
  8. A Newer Better Magic – when the old relics are actually useless, and every year the old masters become obsolete. But it still takes time to grow, and the old masters hold power and will not go out quietly.
  9. Toy Guns On A Battlefield – the children of soldiers are not soldiers themselves, and war only needs to look real from afar.
  10. 1 Minute Left – a time loop minimalized.

Weekend Post

I do big learns tomorrow so that post may be great or may be iffy.

10 Ideas For Posts (hoping for more hits than misses)

  1. Big Learns – all about how we treat the information we acquire.
  2. 12 Ideas For Ways to Inspire Oneself
  3. Art Not Science – things that can benefit from a more scientific approach.
  4. Science Not Art – places where a scientific approach fails and where it is bound to fail.
  5. 10 Ideas For Better Septic Tank Design – not that I think I can do it better than the experts but imagine we have an unlimited budget or more space than there is currently available.
  6. When Is Humor Too Subtle – well Where and How would be an equally valid question and as well, but we are very flexible in our use of question words so I’m implying all three.
  7. 12 Things All Humans Can Do – I shall try to avoid being generic here, but I am leaving myself a margin for error.
  8. Don’t Laugh It’s Funny – but why though?
  9. 12 Things You Now Know About Computers – But based on research and only made useful in the TLDR, so you can choose to learn something or not. The title still feels condescending so at least half the entries will be things I don’t know now.
  10. Advancing Backwards – adopted technologies that are less effective then than their more primitive counterparts.

10 Ways To Say Something Was Highly-Anticipated (even if it wasn’t)

I used to be so concise in my lists, and a lot of them were pretty good. I don’t know why or when it changed, but I’ll see if I can recreate such feelings or if it is just nostalgia. Yeah, it was just nostalgia, they were full of spelling and grammatical errors (even more so than today,) and some of them were just plain stupid and incoherent. But still, there was something a bit more genuine about the good ones, and they were plain fun to make. Still I the last two post attempts today didn’t work, so I’ll try to imitate past me.

  1. Twenty years ago, experts said this would change the world.
  2. The future is now, presenting…
  3. According to our nationwide polls – worldwide also works.
  4. The newest, most advanced version
  5. Every complaint, everything you wanted is all fixed and available with our new…
  6. One day long ago, a wise man said, “if x excited y would be good easy or healthy.”
  7. All that you could ever want is here
  8. Everyone is here now – Every x is y but only with this new thing
  9. Everyone was jealous of the rich, the great, the wealthy who could afford this, now we are bringing it to you
  10. Have you ever dreamed of doing x, join hundreds of others as their dream comes true.