10 Things you Can do to Write Better

Full title: 10 Things you can do to be more focused and efficient when writing or journalling.

  • Make sure you have good lighting. (not so bright or dark that it would make reading uncomfortable)
  • Sit up straight and make sure anything you may want to look into is in reach.
  • Write something every day and have a semi-consistent time.
  • drink enough water before sitting down you don’t want to be distracted by hunger or thirst.
  • You should occasionally get up and move a bit.
  • Don’t do anything that will stay on your mind while you wait.
  • Recognize things you write about often or mention a lot and try to go into more detail on them or change the structure with which you approach them.
  • Don’t rewrite until you are done with a certain Idea (fixing spelling mistakes is okay but only do it if you would forget later)
  • At the end of writing or before taking a break look over what you wrote to see if you are communicating what meant when you wrote it.
  • Find a pen/pencil that is comfortable to use and if you are writing on a PC make choose a word processor and don’t just use whatever is the default.

Mindfulness and Meditation My 2 Cents

Hello fine person, before I start I would like to apologize for not posting on Thursday I have no good excuse for it.

Mindfulness is, in essence, full conscious awareness. It is the act of paying conscious attention t whatever thought felling and emotions are currently flowing through your mind and body, without judging or criticizing them. Meditation is the act entering into a state of mindfulness and dwelling there for a indeterminate period of time as such so called 5 second mediation exercises are a development of meditation in that by meditating you are practicing entering into a state of mindfulness.

Meditation, and by extension mindfulness, is helpful in that it relives stress and helps to stop living in a state of constant reaction to life. As such it is a necessary tool in starting to be proactive and doing what is important and not just what is urgent.

10 meditation tips from me:

  • If you can set your environment before you meditate so no glaring lights or booming noises.
  • I would also recommend 10 minute meditation sessions (I think Headspace is a really good guided meditation app for when you start).
  • If you have a bust day or an extra 10 minutes during a lunch break it is more important to meditate when you can (at least 1 a day) than having the perfect environment.
    • This is a general rule do what you can you set up the world around you to make what you are doing most efficient but if it would take more time to set-up then to do or you are gunning low on time it is better to do an imperfect job than no job at all (just don’t half-ass permanent projects)
  • Consistency too is more important then comfort.
  • Try to enter a state of mindfulness or partial meditation whenever feeling overwhelmed or stressed so that you can look at it more objectively.
  • Don’t hesitate to try shorter or incomplete meditation sessions as long as you still do the main 10 minute one.
  • While it is good to meditate before bed I find it most helpful in the middle of the day as when I meditated I felt less of a need to unwind and I got more done.
  • Before meditating make sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom and that you aren’t especial hungry or Thirsty while this shouldn’t stop you from meditating it is much easier.
  • Also drink water if your thirsty consuming large amount of caffeine or sugar can make it harder to meditate.
  • If you are feeling to lazy to meditate for just 10 MINUTES the look up the benefits of meditating on the internet. While many benefits are just the placebo effect not knowing which are and which aren’t will both motivate you to meditate and who’s to say that we can’t use the placebo effect to our own benefit.

10 Ways to Reuse Plastic

  • Plastic drink bottles can be used as water bottles or icy water bottles
  • Plastic wrapping and bubble-wrap can be used for wrapping trading cards in order to protect the edges.
  • Plastic wrapping and bubble-wrap can also be used as stuffing for transporting fragile objects.
    • plastic wrapping is usually number 2 or for 4 plastic which is recyclable.
  • You can cut open plastic bottles and use them as planters.
  • Plastic bags can be used for small garbage cans in the bathrooms.
  • I’m not blowing anyone’s mind with uses for plastic bags but if you still have an overabundance of them you can weave them into a jumping rope or a basket.
    • A good thing to do with plastic wrapping is too not tare it apart when removing it.
  • If you have a big strip of plastic wrapping you can wrap things in it to keep them dry. (when doing this make sure it is complete and closed)
  • The bags that pat food comes in also double as heavy-duty garbage bags.
  • Spray bottles, such as those used for window-cleaner, can be washed out and used as water spray bottles to clean with. (or in my case to spray at the cat when he climbs onto the table)
  • clean out ketchup bottles, any condiment works to use for salad dresing.

Tricks to Help Stay on Subject

Happy self-awareness day, let self awareness day be your every day.
I’m making today’s list today because I need it and I wonder, is the exercise to come up with 10 ideas a day or simply to dwell on 10 new learning do I have to come up with 10 things or do I simply need to discover 10 solutions is this an exercise to increase openness to new Ideas or is creativity an entirely separate measure.

10 Tricks to help stay on subject:

  • Create a context for your subject, move things around (simply pointing pencils towards a picture on the wall can help) to direct your attention to a point in the room that will remind you what your doing or have a song (or type of music) which relates to the subject playing.
    Having dedicated studying music falls into this category.
  • Re-watch or review related to said subject that gets stuck in your head.
  • Review related mnemonics, any memorization tool helps when you find yourself getting distracted.
  • When taking breaks don’t do anything that causes you to think about it instead look out the window, go for a walk or do wholly mechanical/route chores so that you don’t get too involved in something else.
  • If your working on a multi day project do it first thing after your morning routine so that your focused on it and come back to it at least 2 more during the day.
  • Work with someone else or communicate with the people around you so that you won’t get distracted.
  • For multi-day projects share what your working on with people in your life and have someone who you can ask to review it.
  • Check how much time it takes you to lose focus, it will change over time, by seeing how long you can study something new and set up sessions of that length with breaks of 15 to 45 minutes.
  • Keep a organized working study environment.
  • Make a list of 10 relating to said subject.
    • While meta commentary, why am I doing this, what am I actually doing and what is this actually, is good to remind keep yourself motivated don’t get too caught up in it as it can also have the opposite effect.

Day 25

Hello universe, S. died and it saddens me. that’s all I’m saying so here is a list of the 10 topics I may post about.

  • Various Anthropomorphic Personifications of Death and Something We Can Learn About Certain Cultures From Each.
  • Arguments for and against death.
  • 10* places when acting tactfully causes more harm than good.
  • 10* places where acting tactfully is necessary.
  • 10* explanations for my sudden shifts in tone.
  • 10* examples of self-reference in humor.
  • 10* pagan histories of Christian holidays and the theories on why said holidays were celebrated.
  • 10* forgotten wonders of the world.
  • 10* methods to remember the (physical) path your on.
  • 10* tricks to help stay on subject.

*or more

12 ways to avoid sunburn

Salutation to all persons, Today I went into Tiberius for a piano lesson after which I visited M. I didn’t learn much from my conversation with M. but for most of my piano lesson I worked on my composition and I realized how much I try to be unique in what I do and what I make. (oh and I have a cold that or a throat infection)

12 ways to avoid sunburn

  • A wide-brimmed hat
  • An umbrella/parasol
  • long sleeves
  • High collared shirts
  • Sweating
  • Headwraps/Headscarves
  • Silly costumes that cover a lot of skin
  • Eat Saturated Fats
  • White clothing
  • Keep yourself well hydrated
  • Stay inside
  • Sunscreen

12 Ways to Leave Notes (mostly for yourself)

Good day Fellows, it has been recently pointed out to me that many of my daily posts are simple placeholders. Since I promised daily posts yet do not have much to update upon I am changing the format slightly. From now on my daily posts will consist mostly of a list and occasionally of an update or a post about a project I’m working on, for example my composition (still coming soon).

12 Ways to Leave Notes:

  • Leave note using Banana-gram or Scrabble pieces.
  • Use a small whiteboard.
  • Coathanger over the windowsill, to attach it to the coat hanger paper clips or clothing pins
  • While I’m at coat hangers you can also attach string between 2 windowsills and hang the note from the string.
  • Since I’m ignoring practicality you can use socks to make letters.
  • Or write stuff in your food (using other food of course).
  • Sticky notes on clothing boxes.
  • A simple magnet sticking a piece of paper to a refrigerator
  • Never forget the etch and sketch
  • Set your phone’s screensaver on your phone differently every time you want to leave yourself a note.
  • WhatsApp group with only you in it.
  • If you use your phone as an alarm you can record yourself screaming your plans for that morning and set it as your alarm (Wake up future {insert your own name here} this is past {} you need to…) this one is good for trolling.


Greetings distant readers, today happened and I don’t remember much, I woke up late had a lot of toast practised piano a bit and did a few of my exercises and don’t know where the rest of my day went so I’ll think through what happened and do better in the future (or at least be more present to what’s happening).

10 Things I can do in order to be more Present:

  • Make a list at the end of the day of what I did and what I can do to build on it. put said list by my bed where I’ll see it the next day.
  • When consuming information review, optimally in writing, what I did learn and what I can learn regarding said information.
  • Do something active every 2 hours or so, it helps me pay attention to my environment.
  • Look to see what I can do in order to make my life more comfortable/efficient, cleaning, organizing my stuff.
  • Every morning organize my priorities (it makes me pay attention to what I’ve been doing in file)
  • Stop every so often to observe my enviorment, start in the morning and before bed until eventually, you start doing it automatically.
  • Set alarms on your phone to do one of the above, or below, or something else, the very alarm makes me pay more attention to my environment.
  • Thankfulness exercises always help.
  • Turn off whatever podcast/video I’m listing to every hour or so for 10-15min and just listen to the world around you, go outside if you don’t hear anything from where you are, but listening to the sound of your own body also works.
  • Reorganize the stuff in the room you currently are in to make it nicer
  • Meditation (I’m putting this in place 11 because some of the previous ones can be interpreted as meditation)

Day 9

Hi there, I went into Tiberius this morning in order to meet M. I got there early so I waited till they were done with there morning activity before going in, there is a park right next door, and when I went in to visit M. he said he wasn’t interested in talking so I caught the next bus home. when I got home the air conditioner people arrived so I was spent some time helping them and moving stuff out of the way. By the time we were done, it was 3:30. Then I played with Manu a bit and I didn’t get much else done after that.

Ten Uses of a Paperclips:

  • Lockpick
  • Making figurines
  • Holding together creative origami (use it to poke a hole through the problem areas and bending it to hold them together)
  • New age earings
  • Hair clips
  • removing certain screws
  • Marble maze
  • Making weighing scales for light objects
  • Spray bottle unclogger
  • Fingernail cleaner
  • Book mark
  • Small chain

Day 8

Howdy there, recently I’ve realized that I haven’t been thinking about my future in a productive manner, heck I’ve barely been thinking of the future at all. And still, when I try to plan something out I don’t know where to start. I’ve made list after list after list but as the entries hold no priority over each other I still get stuck in the choosing. Now to get away from my excuses. The main benefits I get from being lost are not having to interact with strangers too much, a certain freedom from being held accountable, and a fear of changing (this fear of changing is at constant odds with my desire to become More). I’m working on putting these aside but having an obvious path may help with some temporary goals and should be a high priority. A big step in the right direction would be getting back to my Simplology and making sure to do a full consecutive 30 days of the white belt training before moving forward to actually build the habit and not just claim to have tried it.

Today’s list of ten I made this list because I realized that despite not wanting many things for there own sake I still really like things.

Ten things I Would like to Experiment with (this gives me a reason for wanting money which further encourages me to get things done {my belief is that I know enough about money and monetization that if I’m productive enough I will be able to transform that into money [not necessarily a lot of money but enough] using the Internet}):

  • Various sets of flat polarized lenses that filter different amounts and wavelengths of light (a pair of each)
  • Springs a whole lot of them and things I can connect them with (possibly lego if they ever did something of the sort)
  • A whole lot of pistons
  • A high-quality electronic piano
  • An Arduino set (works best with the pistons)
  • Clasps and clamps and other ways of holding things together (I almost forgot but these are important)
  • A 3d printer
  • A high-quality printer that prints on cardstock
  • Filters, pipes, pumps, and other tools I can use and understand the flow of liquids
  • An indoor Hydroponics system (for science and strawberries)