10 Potential Benefits Of Sleeping In

I like making these short posts, restful. But tomorrow I’ll do something longer, I can’t improve if I don’t really practice. Besides, I should do something about a behavior that isn’t seen as positive. This is, of course, assuming you get up once you get up, not really getting up is a separate issue that often shares the same causes as this.

  1. Motivation – Instead of I’m already behind, so why bother, you can also see it as It’s time to get things done before it’s too late.
  2. Things are happening – you’re not the first one up; people already started their day; if you can start your day quickly, you can get in while things are happening.
  3. Lunch is closer – because unless you’re me, your breakfast is probably a joke.
  4. The sun is out – and the birds are singing. It’s bright out, so it’s much easier to start your day.
  5. Time is limited – and sometimes you want to do what is important right after you wake up. Nobody likes waiting for others to get ready, you’re up and ready to go.
  6. You can stay up late – the cause and often not a good idea, still, if you can manage I’m not one to stop you, If you get your best work done when everyone else is asleep than just make sure you get up right.
  7. You can rest your body – even if you go to sleep early, sometimes your body is fatigued so this helps.
  8. You’re less stressed when asleep – but of course, waking up too late would not be a good idea you don’t want more stress.
  9. You can rest a tired mind – some day’s a lot happens and a lot of detail is irrelevant and gets in the way, so if you want to forget hours of walking or hours of debating unnecessary detail sleep some extra, we sleep to forget.
  10. It’s a sign of control – Well it can be, it’s either petty or useful because getting up when you want to can be a symbol of how you are the most important thing in your own life. You choose when to get up, and the working hours of others don’t matter to you. Unfortunately, we often frame getting up late wrong, because we do it to compensate for previous errors, so as long as your life is in order, go for it.

10 Less Conventional Reasons To Be Social

Had an idea for a post and it went nowhere. So I’ll go for something simpler in the twenty minutes I have left.

  1. An excuse – I have friends I talked to them yesterday.
  2. Exposure – Not the ordinary type, for people who are uncomfortable around others’ lack of exposure to others, makes it worse.
  3. Practise – Practise makes perfect.
  4. Otherwise, you don’t realize how stupid you were being – share your ideas or they won’t be worthy {}.
  5. Charisma – Is relative, realize this, and train. If you find a group in which you can be social just because everybody else is less charismatic than you than become more charismatic. (methinks it’s a social dominance thing, at least sometimes .)
  6. You will speak less weirdly – I do, I am aware that I do, sometimes it makes people understand me less, but I am learning to be both understood and recognizable. (Ignore the title of this entry that doesn’t count.)
  7. Habit – good habit, make habit, keep habit, safeguard habit, habit is important, without habit there is nothing.
  8. Humor Practise – Exposure and when your jokes suck there won’t be much of a response.
  9. It’s something to do – It’s not like you aren’t already doing something but it can be new and different. And if it is new and different to you than you definitely need to be social more.
  10. It gets you off your ass – I said I would be there I will. Let’s meet up tomorrow. You don’t want to disappoint a friend, do you?

Cheap Nuclear Power

Alt title, 10 reasons reducing the cost of constructing nuclear power plants would significantly increase their usage. (Well duh, make anything cheaper and it will become more prominent, but nuclear power is a heavily debated topic, so I thought I could use it as a demonstration. Also I did imply I would write something about it in an earlier post so here goes.)

Someone told me a few days back that they liked my shorter posts better, I tend to ramble on my longer posts, and its easier to read shorter stuff. So I’m taking this topic, one that seems more fit for a longer post, and limiting myself to 2 sentences per entry. Let’s see how it turns out. (well more if I include parentheses, but that’s me compromising with myself If you prefer the shorter posts ignore it.)

  1. Nuclear power plants don’t cost much to run – The cost is incredibly front-heavy, and in places where nuclear power is seen as a good or necessary thing, the cost of creating a plant is the biggest thing standing in the way.
  2. More companies see potential benefits in the use of the plants – Factories use enormous amounts of electricity, and if we could significantly reduce the price of that electricity they’d want in. And if the big boys want in they’ll make it happen. (Some people still believe Biofuel Power Plants are a good thing, and Biofuel Power Plants resort to burning trees most of the time. {It’s a corporate scam. And if an article is supporting the plants know it’s probably been bought and paid for. Biofuels are good but if anyone tells you we can produce enough of them they’re lying, besides how much power goes into processing and creating biofuels? Nothing is free.})
  3. The public image of nuclear power changes – It’s not nuclear power it’s fission power. Money controls media, not all of it but enough to make a difference.
  4. “What? We aren’t buying uranium for nuclear weapons it’s just for a nuclear power plant – Hah. an excuse that will fail every time, you don’t need the same type of uranium that is made into bombs. Of course, if you’re trying to convince the public that nothing needs to be done, you may accept the lie at face value. (Wow, I’m full of opinions today. Well it’s one of the topics I have strong opinions on but still.)
  5. More experimentation with nuclear power – We already have nuclear test sites why not nuclear power test site? Economic warfare is important too.
  6. China and Russia would get an economic boost – Two countries that are undemocratic and willing to use a technology that many citizens in democratic countries feel is dangerous.
  7. Other energy markets will shrink – Everything from diesel to renewables.
  8. Another wave of backlash against nuclear power – I have no doubt that despite the increasingly positive image something will shoot it down. I wouldn’t be surprised if companies that make solar panels will feel attacked and so groups that are trusted for supporting green energy will attack as well.
  9. One event will lead to a political split – any government with a two-party system will have the parties picking a side. Like all issues, this one is bound to be polarized and we just need more public attention to do so.
  10. Fewer nuclear weapons – If we run out of fuel we can just take apart some old nukes and use them as fuel. Of course, you’re gonna need an international treaty saying if we deconstruct X missiles you deconstruct Z missiles but every little bit helps.

10 Forgotten Futures

I’ll post what I implied I will tomorrow, for today I have a headache and less interest in that side of things. I said I would do it so I will, tomorrow. If I start my day correctly I should be interested enough by the time I get into writing it, and if not, I’ll write it anyways.
so for today, things that would be of the future that have fallen to the wayside.

  1. Air Cruises With Blimps – Or blimps in general, a flawed technology that hardly got off the ground, but was seen to have great promise until a certain event.
  2. Flying Cars – One thing that could exist in 20 years if we had infinite energy, by the time someone actually figures it out will have more efficient methods of transportation.
  3. Wrist Computers – All your information on your wrist, everything you need, now a fad. We find smartphones more comfortable.
  4. Holograms – I’m sure some people are working on it, but do you care? would you find it more comfortable than a screen? What’s the use? (Well I can think of ten but I’m not sure if they matter enough)
  5. Digital Currency – Well it kinda came true, we use credit like money, and in sci-fi, money is measured in credits. But cryptocurrencies are of the future for some of the population but it’s not something truly appreciated by most… And it’s not what was envisioned.
  6. Future Cities – These never worked out, and each is its own beautiful wilted flower.
  7. The United Nations – Somehow less relevant and good for the world with every passing year. We missed one fact, fewer nations are democratic than aren’t. And so any even unity of nations will have to put some countries first or to exclude others.
  8. Faster Than Light Travel – It seems we are unambitious. We hope for a great scientific discovery that will somehow make the impossible possible. But don’t expect it.
  9. A Moon Colony – Who here would actually want to live on the moon, life is just too comfortable here on earth.
  10. Robot butlers – A.I is complex, I don’t have much more to say, it’s requires far more work than self driving cars, and unless we can make hundreds of sensors for a thousandth of the current price I don’t see it as ever becoming viable.

10 Advantages Of Overconfidence

Well I just spent most of an hour reading and writing about super-materials, and I can tell you one thing, don’t invest your money based on a super-material unless you’ve done a lot of research (and I mean a lot), these things take time to turn out and implementation is as big an issue as production, so it can take multiple decades until these have any effect. For example, Extreme Graphene and the Coming Super Materials Gold Rush was written in 2014. (Never include graphene in a post unless you want to make a post about graphene.) So for today, I still need to create something and with my tired brain, I’ll try and justify my past decisions.

  1. Straighter Backs – I stand straight when confidant I speak louder and I’m slightly more charismatic.
  2. Force Of Will – Confidence drives me, it pushes me past failure and it allows me to make promises.
  3. Accountability – I will do this, I can and it will be done by, hey look at what I’m going to do, even when the confidence fades the promises don’t.
  4. Success – Fake it until you make it, take the responsibility and you’ll be forced to make it work.
  5. Dramatic Failures – I’ll try something ridiculous and if it’s over the top enough, it will be talked about for years even if I fail.
  6. I Get To Try – This is important present me would rather past me had tried and failed than not tried at all, and future me will feel the same about present me.
  7. I Get To Fail – I get used to it it becomes less of an issue, and I start pushing through more.
  8. Charisma – I am the expert, I know what I’m doing trust me, and you can tell I believe it.
  9. Illusion Of Competence – I will not hesitate, and if I’m doing something wrong I’ll be doing it so confidently it will look competent.
  10. Power – I will lead the social situations, I will lead the work situation, people will ask me for advice and I will always have answers until I am shown to be untrustworthy my words will have weight because I believe that they do.

10 Things That Would Change The World If They Were Made Cheaper

I was going to write a post about separating gasses today, or maybe it would be about harvesting carbon dioxide. What I do know is that it is a complicated subject and I couldn’t collect enough information to write something truly worth reading, So instead, I decided to make something like this again because last time despite it’s many flaws did provide me with more than a week’s worth of posts afterward so I’ll try and do something similar with this.
I’m basing many of these off of things I heard once or twice, but I’d rather prove wrong later than not have what to post now.

  1. Graphene – I think I’ll pass on writing a post on this one as we always overestimate the uses of “super-materials,” and I probably won’t research deeply enough to get past the hype. For that reason, this will be the only “super-material” on this list, but I may make a post about why they often have less impact than expected.
  2. Nuclear Power Generators – Even if people in certain large countries are too biased against it. (maybe for a good reason but it isn’t like any of our current methods of producing energy aren’t without their downsides, heck the movement to solar power in some parts of Australia caused some coal power plants to reopen.) so if they were cheap enough to make some companies would move forward despite the pushback, and some countries may be more open to it. But maybe I’m wrong, and it’s wholly a political issue.
  3. Wood – For this one, I’d assume we find faster-growing lumber trees or find a way to accelerate their growth. But it would more likely have come from an increased amount of deforestation, a way to produce usable lumber more cheaply or effectively, the ability to process more trees into wood, or maybe just decreased demand. The reduction in price would have to be pretty substantial, and it would increase the amount of wood used in construction and accelerate the development of wood construction techniques.
  4. Computer Chips – We produce an alternative to silicon, which can be used in the same ways and is cheaper, not likely, but these are what-ifs. But would this really change anything? Computers are pretty common at the moment. Well, we’ll see…
  5. Any type of food that at the moment is considered high class – the food of the rich becomes the food of the poor and visa-versa. Happens through history and isn’t that big of a change, but it is a change.
  6. Beer – Or other alcoholic beverages, some countries’ histories were defined by the cheapness of their alcohol, the primary example being Russia, but in Germany beer is cheaper than water and they had a different reaction so I’ll have to see.
  7. Water Desalination – Where it is rare, it shall become plentiful, and our accomplishments shall increase tenfold. Well, not really, but this would be huge everywhere, even if a country is landlocked, or doesn’t have issues with getting enough water. (I’ll explain later)
  8. Solar Panels – well duh, there expensive and inefficient to make. Just find a way to put them on more houses, maybe a bit of infrastructure so we could have something that takes the load off sometimes.
  9. Batteries – Not the small ones, huge pieces of infrastructure. A more efficient or cheaper way to store large amounts of electricity. This is one of the things that would make solar power and wind power actually viable.
  10. Tutoring – If it was less effort or more people were willing or… Small effects which butterfly outwards, or not, so mall effects as an entirely new class of people get the best in education for their children, or maybe the second best.

10 Attempts At Communicating Accents In Writing

Sometimes I seem to lack the ability to put together any from of coherent communication, and have a great unwillingness to put stuff down. I fear being wrong so much. So let me wonder why? how does this fear serve me?

I fear being wrong my animal side does not want me to make waves or take risks so if I’m afraid of being wrong I’m afraid of acting.

I fear being wrong because I learned to be.

Now, let me not focus entirely on self-reflection (and possibly self-pity) that what my personal journal is for. So today’s post will be something that is hard to be wrong with because I’m just trying, see?
My personal challenge is no purposefully misspelling of words and trying to be grammatically correct, it’s an experiment I want to know if it is possible

  1. You weren’t born afraid, you were taught it, by the schools and your parent and even your friends. You learned from each other, understand?
  2. We were all taught fear at a young age, and like an infection, we spread it to the next generation.
  3. I’m not afraid, I was taught to act as if I was, the way I feel is irrelevant, I’m only afraid If I say I am.
  4. You were taught to be afraid by the systems surrounding you, you were born a fearless being.
  5. We weren’t born unafraid, we all know that fear is a natural part of human experience. No, we weren’t born fearless, but we were still taught what to fear.
  6. Don’t fear what you can’t catch. Life is elusive and slippery so don’t let those folks at the academy teach you to fear distant dangers. Life is hard enough as it is.
  7. A wise man told me not to fear myself, for we were taught that fear stops us from erring, but erring is how we grow.
  8. Nonsense, don’t be afraid because others told you to be, think for yourself. Hell, fail for yourself their mistakes won’t mean anything until you experience them for yourself.
  9. Systems are afraid of people growing beyond them and as members of systems, we are afraid of growth.
  10. Don’t lose yourself in the crowds’ fears, the devil has the face of a friend and the voice of a teacher. You can tell the devil talking when he preaches fear and failure, for that’s why he fell. He rebelled against the Lord for he feared our failure, to overcome his fear he decided to cause it. for what he caused he gained power over so. He desires that we cause nothing, for then all the power in the earth will be his.

I shall give my blog more time and attention, or maybe I’ll take a break… let’s see how this weeks posts will turn out I’m not stopping until post 300.

10 Ideas For Content I Can Produce (or move towards producing)

Frick, I pushed this off for some reason no idea what topic no idea how; and these are just excuses I watched comedy videos for 2 hours when I should (at least according to my personal schedule) have been writing this, now I have little time and no idea for topic worthy of discussion. Darn that though, all topics are worthy of discussion I’ll use a random word generator and make a topic from that.

Content my random word is content.
I’ve made this post before and I probably had better ideas then for ti a need to wind down somehow, but I’ll try.

  1. In-Depth Ideas – A series of video content where I take one of my ideas, and go into depth, I’ll consider consequence, research practicality, and elaborate on additional detail. I need to practice developing ideas into things, and this is a good way to start.
  2. A Web Series – Probably one about world travel, so I can use all my ideas to have a new world every two months or so and force myself to work on introducing cultures efficiently and character development. A personal challenge would be to have at least three characters per world that are unique that you can’t tell which one will be a recurring character and which ones’s not.
  3. Podcast Interviews – Not an original idea, but I can interview the top world expert on sewage, and I’ll probably be able to make it interesting. (what’s the worst case it takes me many posts until I’m any good?)
  4. A Super Post Every Week – Every week, I take my favorite topic from the previous week, research, and go into further detail. Another case of developing my ideas, but instead of just having one idea, I’ll give a whole topic the attention it deserves.
  5. Book Reviews – Three books a week one post explaining if they are worthwhile. I have the time, and I read quickly. (I can make anything interesting, or will be able to by my 365th post.)
    – (Okay Ilan be more original)
  6. Design A Trading Card Every Day – For a TCG, I’ll have a set of rules for it what goes in and what goes out, and by the time I have 50 cards I’ll know If I’m making a game I want to play, and If it’s fun with two mirror decks I’ll be able to make it fun from there.
  7. Comparative List Program – Something form one of my earlier posts, the post itself was an absolute mess, I introduced something in the beginning, and than I changed the structure in the middle without saying anything. All in all, the post was pretty bad. But I can make something of the topic, I take something a debated topic and list out the yays and nays, make up more possible consequences than I compare the two.
  8. Improbable Connections – But better, not just me relating two things, instead I’ll do something I have a hunch about affecting another thing than try to think out why, why would the movement of lakes over time affect air travel and all that jazz.
  9. National Novel Writing Month – I can write a novel yay. Really it’s a challenge I should take on. It doesn’t have to be any good, but I have to do this. I have to do something; I have to do this something.
  10. Mini Real-Life Games – Constant constructions board games, card games, an alternative to ghost that we can play while driving, These things all came from somewhere and If I can make one which is more enjoyable or at least more intellectually stimulating I will.

Wow this is similar to the last one, but It seems more safe, in a way I’m trying to impress. Well {I’m still not up to cursing that much so insert expletive here}, here’s the next thing to get over, I have to give up on trying to impress and instead be willing to make imperfect content. And possibly make less through-away content too this is an example of how I can. Well time to write the last entry.

10 Unreasonable Requests

Today felt like a bust, and it seems I constantly worry about whether my questions make sense and my requests are reasonable, but enough with that. A request is unreasonable by default. The motivations are entirely social and on a personal level, it makes no sense that we make requests expecting positive answers. (It’s something else entirely on a societal level.) So for today 10 unreasonable requests, be they common, or be they something we should ask more.

  1. Please may I borrow a pen – Why do we give people pens, why give people anything? Because they asked because it would be rude not to, a betrayal of everyone else’s social expectation, how can I ask for anything If I can’t even help with such a simple request?
  2. Please watch my things while I’m away – It always pays to be polite.
  3. Please come to the meeting on Sunday. I have something planned – We will answer, and we then will make sure to get there on time because we said we would do so. We will do more than we would do otherwise, and we were asked personally it would be rude not to show up.
  4. May I use your lawnmower – There is no reason not to isn’t precisely true the reasons are simply to minor to stand in the way. But of course, there is no reason to, we most often answer in the positive anyways. Although the more cynical side of me thinks we just want to look nice, that’s a reason to answer not to ask.
  5. May I marry your daughter – Ok we live in the twenty-first century people don’t need their parents’ permission to marry, we sometimes ask regardless just to see where they stand. The parent has no reason to allow for this, but they love their child and should respect their decisions. At least sometimes…
  6. May I use your bathroom – Ahem, no? And yet we don’t say no, we know how it feels and we would like other people to act in the same way. Allowing for this is entirely to the detriment of the asked, but yet the tragedy of the commons isn’t all-encompassing. It is the miracle of the many that we are so used to that we think of its absence as a tragedy.
  7. Please hold me accountable for this and make sure I get it done every day – This is a lot to expect from someone. A great multitude, but this is something many people desire. If we had someone to work out with every day, would we work out more? We’re already used to saying yes; sometimes we bend over backward to fulfill a request just because we gave our world, is it not the place to perform another social miracle?
  8. Please help me with this personal project – People often like to help, your friend should be people who are willing to help, and depending on the answer it can help tell whether the project is worthy of your time by asking if it is worthy of theirs. I just listed reasons to make the request, but as I think about it, I’m getting more and more confused about what unreasonable means, so let me finish this post before I lose it entirely.
  9. May I have some of your time – Our most valuable resource (well not really), if it is a few hours maybe, but an hour a month? A week? A day? not reasonable no, but it’s worth asking on the off chance of a positive answer.
  10. May I join you in this task, or mission, or life goal, or startup – you want to make an imposition to take a place in someone’s personal project, and yet asking this question makes them feel Better. You are giving their actions value, and if they say yes if they make room in their lives for you? As long as you want a positive answer this is a good request to ask.

10 Preachings Of A Fire Worshiping Cult

  1. All of us are like fire, to be fire, is to truly be ourselves. – We are the process by which change is enacted upon the world, we consume resources and produce others. Smoke, light, and heat are our produce, but to burn cleanly, we must only consume the proper matter. We must produce the right light, we must use our heat to nurture, and of the waste that enters us, our enemies and our rivals, they shall be made into smoke and ashes, suffocated by their own actions. We must save others from this fate, to kill can be a mercy, as to spare one dirty fire is to fill the world with smoke, to suffocate tens or hundreds of others.
  2. All of us are like fire, what we touch we must consume. – we must rid ourselves of unnecessary consumptions and not join ourselves with ill fires.
  3. All of us are like fire, what we touch ignites. – Be careful what you interact with, every fire left unwatched can become a fearsome blaze. Every fire can start another, and to let others burn is to let destruction consume all.
  4. In fire, we can see the messages of God. – God provided us with a soul. God is the fire that lit us matches, and God gave us the freedom to burn as we will. We must follow the teaching of the fiery God, we must let the divine light we produce not blind us, and burn sacrifices to the great one. All fire is a mirror of God, and those most bright can read his messages within.
  5. In fire, we become one. – A might blaze all burning together, each of us to fill our earthly vessels and in our joining with others to spread our fires outside of ourselves. One great blaze forms from many smaller fires, and when our souls burn as one, we shall never be extinguished.
  6. In fire, our souls shall remain – When our body is wholly burnt up when our presence as physical beings is fully extinguished. We shall burn on in the souls of the fires we lit, the fires we shared, and the great blaze of the holy burning as one.
  7. In divine fire exists our purpose, and by spreading the sacred fire, we complete it. – We enlighten others by showing them their own divinity, by showing them what fuels godliness, by burning with them but above them. We must not dirty the divine fire with mortal sin, but greater blazes can purify even the dirtiest of bodies. By sharing our flames, we can make weak fires strong, and then divine. Yet, beware those fires burning dirtiest for if united with fires divine all matter shall be consumed in their wake becoming a suffocating smoke that extinguishes its source.
  8. In divine fire exists our purpose, to burn brighter and brighter until we become as one. – The fires divine, yet sweeter than wine, yet trapped in bodies of earth. To serve the high flame while a great earthly pain is also a promised rebirth. All fires burn out, but the one source of all and we spread it and keep it alive. All music is but the crackling of the divine fire, and those truly at one with it produce similar sound and lights.
  9. In divine fire exists our purpose, to burn all that stands in its way. – The divine fire produces but light, heat, and sound, it’s light is our energy, and its coals are our world. We as fires derived of it must create music and stories, worlds ablaze that will bring us ever closer. But some matter comes from fires extinguished the waste, the ashes, the smoke of fires died out, many embers burn in their wake desiring nothing more but to make the world like them. And so we must purge them, redeem the fires that retain some of the divine and light the rest ablaze.
  10. Worldly fires are but a poor reflection. – To be used as tools, and to be elevated in our rituals, smaller lights eventually lost in time. The divine fire still burns within us and within all of its lights. Those who burn brightest can create purer reflections spread their own flames onto their creations and create within the worldly fires the divine.

I had intended to make ten ideas for fire worshiping cults but after the first entry, I realized that I was in a slightly different state of mind. I apologize if it is somewhat repetitive I wasn’t very much prepared for something of this sort.