10 Sources Of Tension Durning Sea Battles

Or more often war at sea… I’m being somewhat historically here I just didn’t know what to write about today, I’ve been learning about world war 2 but more specifically the conflicts between the Americans and the Japanese so here goes.

  1. Fire – You don’t want your boat on fire but often you want the opponents’ ship on fire.
  2. Mystery – You don’t know where the opponent is until he is on you.
  3. Supplies – you don’t want to run out and you don’t want to take damage or waste limited supplies on non-essential repairs
  4. The Quiet – Hour on end, nothing happens you work you play cards you drink, but not too much you have to be ready at a moments notice every sound of the sea is potentially the enemy so don’t relax your guard
  5. You Don’t Want To Be There – if you live in the British empire, a whole lot of sailors were conscripted and didn’t get paid much
  6. You Miss Your Family – You’ve been at sea for weeks on end not knowing when something will happen or if, you don’t get to talk to any family at home and the Capitan is probably very strict
  7. Pirates – Your countries at war and your opponent will provide a safe harbor for pirates as long as they target you
  8. Your Crew Mates Are Thinking Of Joining The Pirates – The Capitan is too strict you’re tired of their jobs all you need is the chance
  9. The Food Is The Same Every Day – everything is the same you work hard and try and spot your enemies. Constant pressure incredibly risky battle and all that
  10. Your Only A Small Part Of The Ship – There is only so much you can do, so much you have an effect on and there are so many of them

10 Consequences Of Better Sound Insulation

I tend to overestimate these before I write them out. For this one let’s say the sound insulation is cheap included by default in most construction, and I’ll add some sci-fi in a Vibration-Absorbers in the window frames which obstruct sound from passing through when the windows are closed. The extra sound insulation in windows isn’t necessary but its an example of a potentially cheaper method of soundproofing windows.
Most of this takes time because anything to do with construction will take time to have any visual effect.

  1. Sound Will Echo More Indoors – at least till you put in the furniture. Many sound-isolating materials do so by not absorbing the sound as the sound will bounce a lot. Furniture typically absorbs a lot of the sound (ever stand in an empty house?), but there may still be some echos maybe. I don’t know that much about how sound works, so I’m not sure about how much of a problem this will be, but I’ll continue on this line anyways. (correct me if I’m wrong)
  2. Increased Sales Of Sound Absorbing Panels – Well, more echos, even if they’re subtle would cause this. People who record themselves and don’t hear problems now would hear them later. But, if even 1% of new homeowners bought sound-absorbing panels, then the sales would more than double; there would also be many more aesthetically pleasing ones, and sound-absorbing paint would also see an uptick in sales. (Maybe enough to make up for the fall in sales for other reasons.)
  3. Loud Towns – In newer towns, settlements, and cities, there will be a serious debate on whether sound complaints are valid when you can simply close your windows and not have it be an issue. I see the places that decide that the complaints aren’t valid will probably be called something like Loud Towns and in Loud Towns will be places people go to party or for outdoor music concerts. Places that are less open about the parties won’t be considered Loud Towns, but still, there will be enough places that fall under the category.
  4. Higher Class Neighborhoods Moving – Big cites are noisy; at this point in history, small cities are noisy; heck, through all history, cities were loud but today more so than ever. The places in cities considered high class are considered as such because they are the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of wealth. (Not exactly true, but I currently lack a deeper understanding of why people live where they do; so this is my rule of thumb.) Is it a stretch to assume the rich will buy houses or build houses where sound isn’t an issue? Maybe some of the early neighborhoods will be bought out, or maybe those becoming wealthy off of new business will remain in that area, and a cultural or wealth group will grow around them. Wealth attracts wealth and all that. (get into high-class circles, invite some friends over for a party have them amazed at the lack of sound, buy out new neighborhoods and sell them classy houses.)
  5. New Money VS Old Money – History repeats, what else? Neighborhoods built up around individual businesses can be one thing, but that’s assuming my previous entry comes to fruition as I described it. Another manner can simply be a difference in taste; people born in old money will better appreciate the style of their old homes. In contrast, new money will better understand the more modern styles and but especially the quiet that goes along with them. This could be more of a neighborhood thing with it being more of an old city people vs. new city people, but I do expect a particular split. Of course, that won’t just apply to the rich…
  6. Fewer People Will Develop Sound Tolerance – They won’t have too. I also expect a cultural split (well not exactly maybe a type of snobbishness) between true city folk who live in the center of the city with the older building and those who would rather sleep in quiet. Eventually, in like a hundred years or so, all but the fanciest houses will be torn down and rebuilt, but that would probably happen anyway.
  7. More Air Conditioning – Fewer open windows in the summer. This will be significant, but I’m not sure who cares. Unless we find a way to filter out sound when windows are open.
  8. More Privately Owned Helicopters – rich people live everywhere in if they live in a Loud Town or a new city they’ll be fewer complaints. Increased demand and interest in the technology may decrease costs significantly, but that depends on how much power and fuel we produce fifty years from now.
  9. Many “Cities Of The Future” Will Pop Up – What if the subways didn’t produce any sounds, what if we could have silent travel pipes. Let’s build a city around this, said many visionaries through history yet artificial cities or green zones or anything rarely amounts to anything and not once through history has one full succeeded as it was intended. (I’m too tired to finish this, well I’ll at least complete the post.)
  10. Silent Railways – Or pipe railways, this can be great for animal farming because the sound can have very detrimental effects on animals such as chickens. This will be huge in third world countries, where they can build long-distance land transportation such as railroads without affecting the farmers, and may also apply to travel pipes if we ever get there. But again, this is dependent on how fuel and power are produced and priced.

10 Consequences Of Commercial Flying Machines

Cheep helicopters, flying cars, something else, imagine if the upper middle class could get these, eventually becoming the price of cars but something of the sort. It probably won’t happen we don’t have the infrastructure for it, legal and otherwise, and there are a myriad of other issues but that could be said about most of these so let’s get into it.

  1. Landing pads on the roof – some exist already, but many malls and even higher-end commercial buildings will have landing pads on the top or middle floors.
  2. Flight only towns – some out of the way retreats an increased amount of cheep out of the way nature retreats that are accessible only through flight. Unless there is a tragic accident that gets into the news of someone being lost and unable to reach shelter because of it, then it might become over-regulated and limited to higher wealth groups (it will cost more to run, and so the prices will rise.)
  3. More skydiving – well, it will become easier but only in traffic-free zones.
  4. Skydiving areas – select areas people will go skydiving in order not to be hit by vehicles; skydiving will definitely become more regulated, but for something as appealing (to some people) as skydiving, there will be many places where it is done illegally. Similar in some ways to underage drinking, in my opinion.
  5. Sound pollution problems – well duh, even if the flying machines themselves are quiet people drive with music and sometimes it is loud music.
  6. Air pollution above houses – if you can see it or it immediately blocks your view of the sky with lines of smoke well, you’ll be more aware of the cause and effect.
  7. Land ownership may be rethought – Well let’s first look at sound pollution and air pollution there will be obvious effects of people flying overhead, and it will be nearly everywhere, people will complain. In addition to that, animal behavior will be affected by the sound, at least in the short term, and the environmentalists will be up in arms. So there are two ways this could go, either people will own a certain amount of property up to a certain height, or there will be predetermined routes that will probably be ignored then people will sue. Then if the suits succeed, there will be a precedent for complaining about sound pollution from things flying overhead, and planes will probably have to be above a height limit so practically the same result.
  8. Airports will buy up more land around themselves, except in cities because commercial flights will have a special status when talking about sound pollution. Still, they will probably not want to fly over owned property or bother in fear of being sued. Even if the suits don’t succeed, it would probably be cheaper in the long run to buy more land than to pat the lawyers.
  9. An apparent wealth gap will form – It will be somewhat expensive to get the training for a license, and it will probably take at least a decade until they become anywhere near something a poorer family can justify buying. Therefore people who can own flying machines will be seen as the upper class or the elites, and a cultural wealth gap that wasn’t there before will form.

    All the consequences of that – and there are many, but I don’t have the time to go into that, and I don’t yet have the understanding to try. I may do an eventually future post on the subject but not before a few days of research.
  10. Cleansky towns – places that are out of the way from population or travel centers and pride themselves on their peace quite and clean sky. I’m not saying there aren’t places like this already, but they will become more popular and more will pop up that aren’t up to today’s standards but fulfill a need nonetheless.

9 Things That Make A Difference

I’m pushing off my Permanent Skin Dye indefinitely because I couldn’t make any sense of it on my own so I’ll see If I can work on it with someone else and post it then. So here is a thought for today.

There isn’t a real theme to today’s post so I’ll do one of those vague here are 9 vauge pieces of advice here and try to make it worth it. I do do lists anyway so not doing this would be a waste.

  1. Researching Charities – So many charities are poorly run or are outright scams, many charities fail in their end goals because they lack funding and don’t get enough attention. Research charities before giving them your money, if you want to invest in a specific good than make sure your money is going to the charity that is most involved and helpful for that good. If you put in the time, you can also figure out what charities are most effective and which ones are run by well-intentioned idiots.
  2. Idiots Aren’t At Fault – People can be blamed for not thinking enough and can learn to be better if taught. But some people are unfortunate enough to be born stupid, and they can’t help it. Your anger doesn’t help anyone.
  3. An Untrained Conscience Makes Mistakes – We are prone to many biases such as recency bias and a sometimes subtle in-group preference. We aren’t born with perfect morals, and what we see as good is often picked up at a young age by imitating adults. So, unless we train ourselves to make difficult moral decisions or to have opinions on weighty subjects when faced with difficult decisions, we may make the wrong choice, or even worse, not see the choice at all.
  4. Life Is Hard – it is, even for people for whom life is easy, it would feel like it’s worth more if it is hard. It’s somewhat ironic many seek a better life where their lower needs are fulfilled, and they don’t have to suffer to meet them. (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and all that.) But those of us living in the first world kill ourselves more. Why? Because we give up on self-actualization as something both too difficult (it’s impossible we say) and because we seek contentment over completion.
  5. We Like Overcoming Challenges – well duh, but we don’t like taking them on. Sometimes doing something difficult just because it’s the right thing to do is for our own benefit. It’s a challenge for us to overcome, and it’s a positive influence we can have on the world.
  6. Way Up Consistently – I’m a bit of a hypocrite on this account, and you’ve probably heard it before, but getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I don’t even have to tell you why but for the how? Here are a few ideas. Alarms to wake up consistently, open curtains to line up sleep hours with the sun, you’re probably in self-isolation, so you don’t have an excuse not to, and I should get on with this list so I’ll live it up to you.
  7. You Don’t Have To Do It – You say that because you chose or made a decision to go through with this course of action. Need is often tyrannical and so we will try and do as little as necessary. Want, desire, and willingness are all better than Have, or Need, if you want to get something complete.
  8. Be Precise In Your Speech – Lies can be both harmful and unsustainable in long term relationships, and misunderstandings can be just as bad. So be precise in your speech, communicate clear and complete statements or let it be known that you are communicating an incomplete idea, misunderstandings, and upset expectations are often causes of upset, and you probably want healthy relationships.
    (I fail at this, but I’m better at communication than I was a few years ago, and I’m officially autistic, so I still have some more work before I get there.)
  9. Break Expectations With Purpose – if you are communicating something important or something of value to yourself, don’t cheapen it by changing it to fit expectations of form or format. Breaking expectations often have a serious impact, and to do that, you usually have to set expectations first, but when doing so, let there be a reason and use the offputting nature to get your ideas to stick. Also, don’t let expectations cheapen what you are producing by adding token or lesser communications in order to make something that complies.

10 Possible Problems With Garbage-Eating Moss

The idea is to genetically engineer or to discover some plant matter than we can use to recycle landfills into biological materials or to reduce the effect on the environment. Honestly a fungus might work better.

  1. It’ll take too long – If we produce more waste than it can process this is something obvious we’ll need to work with.
  2. It will get buried under garbage – If the plant can’t breathe well than it won’t work effectively.
  3. It will only half work – Consume more organic material, and it may also become toxic or produce more waste in some ways (I know it is definitely possible but I am not sure of the specifics).
  4. It grows too well – invasive species that can live on almost anything, the answer to this is to produce different strains for all the types of waste but every strain is at risk of becoming an invasive species of plant in nearby environments.
  5. It doesn’t reproduce – only a problem if it’s expensive to provide more seeds or it has a short lifespan.
  6. It over reproduces – well it can become an invasive species even it fails in its main goal if its seeds reach far enough.
  7. Its seeds have a long gestation period – it takes time to work and can get out and survive in the wild. (The only way I can see for it not to become an invasive species is to have it over-consume resources so it can’t sustain itself outside of garbage heaps)
  8. It dies quickly – Short lifespan and all that.
  9. It’s toxic to humans – yeah this. Especially if it produces dangerous pollen.
  10. It decays into stuff which is even worse for the environment – IF you don’t plan for it, it will happen.

10 Practical Uses For a 3d Printer

Because yesterday’s list should have had 24 entries.

  1. Replacement Parts For Household Implements – For example, a few plastic pieces holding some of the shelves in our fridge broke, and we are currently using little pieces of wood, but it could fit better.
  2. Replacement Book Covers – Old books fall apart, and we are somewhat attached.
  3. Chair Leg Extenders – Little plastic feet that latch on when the chair is uneven.
  4. Plastic Bottle Recycling – For the chair leg extenders and stuff.
  5. Reusable Plastic Bottles – If you don’t reuse the ones you have. What’s better than recycling? Not creating the waste in the first place.
  6. Laptop Stands – If your device overheats, make a net-like thing to try and help.
  7. Fans – I know you probably need a motor, but you could rig up a sort of bicycle-pedal powered fan, and that’s just funny. (practical, probably not, it’s only practical if you have very little time and want to be exercising while on a device; but if that’s the case, why would you be reading this blog?)
  8. Replacement Pieces for that chess or backgammon set – Don’t get a new one that would be wasteful. (unless you’re giving it to a friend, that’s generous.)
  9. Towel Holders – I’m out of ideas again. stick them to the wall or something. (But in all honesty that’s the point of these I don’t have half these ideas when I start to write this and as I make sense of things I try to create something new. Less so in this case, but hey I do this every day it can’t all fit.)
  10. Replacement Cabinet Handles – Entropy exists, but you could probably make these out of anything, that is true for most things on this list. A 3d printer just makes things easier.

20 Things I Would Make If I Had an Industrial Grade 3d Printer

I have an excuse, I’ll make a more practical list tomorrow:

  1. Springs – I would make a whole lot of springs, I would make springs until I find the opportunity to print a better material for springs
  2. Lego Compatible Springs – Lego springs, suitable for build-testing. Do I really need an excuse?
  3. Pistons – Another thing I want to figure out. Also, I would make Lego compatible pistons, and with my springs, I could easily make and remake various Lego launchers for the next bit.
  4. Lego, or Fake Lego – Lego catapults vs. Lego towers, maybe piston-powered siege weaponry. On another note, I could make or test make things out of Lego instead first, especially if I lend out or monetize my 3d printer.
  5. Proper Masks – Start by giving out a single mask to a whole community along with guides on how to tell if a mask is good or not and proper usage (no more than 3 days and all that). Then either sell for a token price or give them out to people who are at risk.
  6. Plastic Trading Cards – Why not I have a few ideas just for myself and my friends but it allows for a whole lot of fun for people who are into it. (If I had a printer instead I might go further, but I’ll try and follow my assumptions)
  7. Custom Dice – Because I can.
  8. Really Small Specific Screwdrivers – For the electronics that all need different types.
  9. Better Water Bottles – If it’s healthy to drink from, It’ll be nice to have something and we can use the plastic store-bought as material for different things. (saw a video of people doing this online, even if it’s of low quality I could figure out something)
  10. A Custom Phone Cover – I don’t have one at the moment and don’t really care either way, but I like the idea of having something I designed myself. I could also sell these for a bit people can order the designs they want. (I’m having trouble coming up with things because I have minimalistic tendencies, I thought the premise would still work because I like being different and this gives me a whole lot of chances to have my own unique things.)
  11. Art Like Things – I would make statutes, figurines, and all that jazz.
  12. Flower Pots That Look Like Flowers – Because I can.
  13. Bookshelves (In Parts) – With books painted on their sides. Because I can.
  14. Locks And Keys – To practice lock-picking and… Because I can.
  15. Glasses Frames – For the same reason as probably everything in this list. Because I can.
  16. Small Model Temple – I don’t know, I can but now that I think of it.
  17. Model Historical Battles – Then I can organize the soldiers and all that. I would probably stop halfway through.
  18. Another 3d Printer – I will become the singularity. I really won’t know what else to make and will but the parts I can’t print with the money I made from selling things I printed. I will become a singularity. I will also want to eventually buy a metal 3d printer so…
  19. A Potato Gun – because I’m out of ideas and it would be a good way to learn how to work the machine properly. Probably within the first 20 things I will print. (not counting the parts as separate things)
  20. A Mechanical Calculator – I have no idea why this interests me, but it does.

I posted this list late because I forgot to hit the publish button.

10 Possible Consequences of Cell Sharing

So I simply don’t feel equipped to make another post about Permanent Skin Dye; but I feel like I owe it to you with all my promises and all: I’ll make a longer form list that will be out next Sunday. For now I’ll post as if I already finished the PSD posts so here is this.

By cell sharing, I’m referring to a mechanism by which we can prevent a living body from rejecting foreign cells. (the term possible consequences may not be the most appropriate may be possible uses would be better…)

  1. Organ Implants – well the main use of cell sharing or probably the first one
  2. Animal Organ Implants – not the most compatible but it’s better than dying. Even if the body can’t sustain itself it might prolong survival until a proper donor is found.
  3. Lab Grown Organs – Something already being worked on and far more probable than the previous entry we already are growing organs in labs but this gives us far more freedom in what organs can be implanted.
  4. Organic Brain Implants – Brain implants but using artificial or repurposed neurons to make it work. (I know it isn’t viable but with time maybe)
  5. Brains In Jars – Mainly derived from early failed brain implants where the body sustains the brain but is unable to fully… integrate? I don’t know really I kinda abandoned realism for this post. (Because I don’t know what I’m talking about this post, I did once have a better direction to go which would have fed on my strengths but I know what would happen if I tried to push this off.)
  6. A Vegetarian Digestive System – Later some people may actually implant intestine or digestive systems from vegetarian or fruitarian animals because they are eccentric or something. I don’t really see the need but I do see a movement preaching the health benefits.
  7. Organ Donation Animals – Mainly Chimps and only if growing organs is too hard.
  8. Organ Donations Would Seem More Noble – Every organ donated is a life saved, everything. The donor’s family would probably get letters of thanks for saving and condolences for saving someone’s life.
  9. Increase Organ Theft – Well it happens a bit but it would be made far more lucrative. Still, even if it happened three times more often and for more types of organs, the number of lives saved would far outnumber the lives lost.
  10. Increased Frequency Of Underground Organ Transplants – Well how else could you use stolen organs. Also, this would be made far safer as you wouldn’t need to find a perfect match.

10 Possible Consequences of The-Summery-Machine

The-Summery-Machinetm is a NYET (a Not Yet Existent Technology) that creates summaries for various forms of media (videos, articles, podcasts, etc.). The-Summery-Machinetm creates can also create a summary of whatever information is presented on an open webpage and has multiple settings, settings such as, ignore punctuation (in case there are errors), information regarding {insert topic or keyword}, and many more. The-Summery-Machinetm is more than just an improved version of Summery Generator and OTS, as it can be kept on in the background and has a whole host of features and optimizations to make sure you can collect the information you need. (It also probably collects personal data, but that’s most software nowadays, maybe if it were appropriately priced as there would be a few servers required to keep the learning program on and there are constant fixes and updates would probably be needed for words and phrases which aren’t read properly, but that’s how things are.)

Possible consequences of the The-Summery-Machinetm becoming commonly used.

  1. Less Condensed Communication – As the summery machine will quickly filter out unimportant information people who feel the need to communicate their information concisely will feel less so and allow themselves to become more creative in their writing as the information can always be summarized using The-Summery-Machinetm.
  2. More Condensed Drier Communication – The-Summery-Machinetm becoming popular will show some content creators now interested people are in getting the information and so the will write more precisely with less fluff.
  3. Less Developed Writing Skills In Essays – people won’t have to write that interestingly or clearly if their ideas can be condensed into a shorter form, or people just pick out certain parts.
  4. Confirmation Bias Acting Up – People will search only for the information they want and may the program will filter out unrelated information.
  5. A More Opinionated Public – I mean this in a good way people may develop more detailed opinions or have political opinions regarding some matters and not others because when looking at an article on a certain subject the author’s opinions on subjects they are less versed in, but that are popular in the same political circles, will be filtered out.
  6. Politica Propaganda Will Be Less Effective (in countries where this is allowed) – Because shoehorned political opinions will be filtered out.
  7. More Lies Consiparcy And Propaganda – People will be accustomed to looking at summaries with possibly simplified information and believe it is backed by the source material. But in all honesty, do people really read the sources today.
  8. People Will Look At Sources – If it looks interesting they may even read the full article. And they may see more nuance if the program is working correctly, as it will present a lot of information not shown in the thing that led them to said source. (most things can go both ways)
  9. Some People Will Simply Post Walls Of Text – Literal walls of text, like a super-wiki where you get the information related to your search filters.
  10. Even Shorter Attention Spans – Altho the opposite may also happen because people with short attention spans may be more inclined to read so another entry.
  11. Curious People Will Know More – Because they will be able to consume more information in less time. (a cop-out on my part but I was done at 9)

10 Quick Song Ideas

I have to get to bed soon and realized my Something About Autocorrect is taking me far longer than anticipated, I’m doing in a format I haven’t used much before and need a few days to get it looking proper. On the upside it will probably be a few thousand words long. It is mainly my fault for starting working on it so late but I did work on other things today so I have an excuse (a bad one, I’ll work on it. [Look, my new catchphrase]). For now a quicky.

  1. Flaming Spears From Hell – A song about getting used to the supposedly torturous daily tasks
  2. Drinking From The Same Cup – A young person with a healthy immune system brags in the form of song
  3. The Time Before Clocks – A song reminiscing about the time before clocks where exactness didn’t matter and the moon put us to sleep
  4. Upside Daisy – A song revealing a crime so dire so hidden, because the victim was considered so annoying, until years later, when she was too good for this filthy earth.
  5. Rolling Sevens – A song teaching statistics to kids, In a style which is at least somewhat entertaining for adults
  6. Rain In The Summer – Lighthearted song about traveling to strange places
  7. Nobody Gets Me – A lament because no one understands my {insert expletive here} sarcasm
  8. Ink Where It Hurts The Most – making bad decisions to force your future self to party
  9. Eating In A Bar – A song about not dating, I’m not, I really am satisfied. And stuff like that
  10. Accordion Is The Best Instrument Ever – I’m serious, fight me. I’ll even compose this once I learn how to play accordion well, but that level of mastery will probably take a few years if I don’t make it my main thing.