12 Things That Can Also Be Guns

Because I didn’t know what to write today and my brother gave me the topic of guns.

And no, I do not know who would be this paranoid, but hey, preparation is everything. (Note, the information presented in this post is in no way reflective of my attitude towards firearms.)

  1. Pipes – Ever heard of a pipe gun, all you need to make this are some bullets, some power tools, and to know what you’re doing, but you can still keep the final product subtle; people may not notice it’s a gun until you pick it up, and by then it will be too late.
  2. Parts of your bed-frame – But keep a fire extinguisher by your bed if it’s made of wood
  3. Couches – but you really have to stick things in there it’s much easier with.
  4. Recliners – just don’t pull the lever to lift the legs too quickly.
    – (I’d say tables but that would be getting a little risky with furniture.)
  5. Handbags – You’d probably need a special permit but just look up the legal definition of a gun and design your bullet launchers in a way where it isn’t legally a gun and your okay. Well, then it’s about the legality of owning bullets, or gunpowder and how much would be considered an explosive but that’s not what we’re about at the moment so I’ll move on.
  6. Door handles, (well, doorknobs too but that takes some work) – step one: remove doorknob, step two: shoot James Bond. No need for an elaborate deathtrap, when an elaborately hidden gun will do.
  7. Fences – gun fences some militaries use them but not that much.
  8. Gates and walls – well you can have guns on gates and walls, but having the guns BE the gates and the walls is kinda cartoonish.
  9. Tophat gun – why is this not in more movies. Do we not want to give people ideas? Well, I’m giving them ideas, it’s not like I’m posting my list on 10 ways to do terrorism better, or the most common ways people get away with murder.
  10. A Clock – The clock is ticking mister bond. Or you can have a clock built into your gun if you’re doing a time-dependent robbery and don’t want to bring anything identifiable. Well, other than the gun.

    A Cheap American Football – now I’m just getting back into smuggling guns because if it’s a gun it’s unlikely to be cheap. And I’ve had enough of these ideas I won’t count it as an entry.
  11. A Soap Gun, A gun that launches pellets filled with liquid soap – disinfectant also works, doesn’t need to shoot bullets but if that’s your definition you have the previous entry. Yeah, I think that one is more appropriate to the list. I just wanted to try something different ya know?

    A Pomel – How else can one end their opponents rightly?
  12. A Chair leg – For the paranoid, but if it’s removable I would recogmend somethign closer to a knife.

12 How To Book Ideas

Well, I can summarize my previous attempt at a post today. Germs Are Everywhere.
So I still have time left for a silly list, but instead of wasting it, I’ll do more book ideas.

The idea of these is that someone did the action in order to prove that it is possible

  1. How To Build A Car With No Money – A autobiography and a guide.
  2. How To Create A Water Purifier Anywhere – And I mean anywhere
  3. Bare Bone Phones – how to create communication devices out of litiral trash.
  4. Your Second Face – how to keep calm and collected enough not to die. I’ll admit we won’t put ourselves in too many life thretening places for this one.
  5. How To Actually Predict Human Behaviors – You need a lot of information and not all people are predictable, but the things that you can predict will be explained in this 4 volume series.
  6. How To Count Cards And Get Away With It – it’s not illegal.
  7. How To Memorise E3rv998Grhj2f33S – Never need another password, and sound really impressive when recogmending the book.
  8. Sleepwalking Training – People would buy it.
  9. How To Count Base 21 – Seeing colors you’ve never seen before.
  10. How To Change The Publics Mind – My four year project.
  11. How To Make A Nearly Unbrakable Code – Counting to base 24
  12. How To Build A Habit – Real me is should be working on this more.

12 Potential Premises

Comedic Character Characterization? Really past me? REALLY? The title is bad but the post had potential, I just haven’t been able to make anything out of it tonight. Regardless I’ll try that again tomorrow.

Well, I’m back or I should be, and my one idea for a topic failed me. And so, I still want to write something, I just need to find out what. I want to do more than just regurgitating information I’ve heard before I want to be at the very least creative. So here I can’t come up with a premise for a post, so I’ll try and create 12 of them.

  1. Things that shouldn’t work but do.
  2. Evolved For One Purpose – put a man on an island with but his goal is only to create a house with doors.
  3. 10 Character Concepts
  4. 10 Political Story Concepts – I have opinions
  5. Non-political opinions everyone should hold – I really have opinions
  6. A Demon Tries To Complement
  7. A Demon’s Complements – one’s that hurt more than help
  8. In Search Of True Evil – I’ve been reading some philosophers recently and I want to know if we can define vice without defining virtue. And without trying to connect them.
  9. In Need Of More Science – The things you come across will make more sense.
  10. 12 Wise Sounding Quotes – But without using the words or words derived from, foolish, wisdom, good, evil, morality, or duck.
  11. Sequiturs – The benefits of keeping with a theme, and a collection instances comedy gone wrong. (I probably can’t write this, or if I can it’ll take a few days to put together and that’s a problem with many of these.)
  12. Fully Formed Bursting Out Of The Either – a Problem with some sci-fi, a thought experiment or two, and side effects of unexpected newness.

12 Non-Curse Curses

I tried another post today, but it was about people and I haven’t interacted enough with people to create a post of that type. At least if I don’t want it to be misleading. So instead I’ll make it silly.

  1. Frickity frock that’s a load of crock
  2. Frickity frack, are you on crack?
  3. Eat some fruit ya pirate
  4. Pickidy poo, what’s wrong with you?
  5. Lickidy knee, what’s wrong with me?
    (it should probably go Lickady, but I’m spelling it as it sounds. At least to me.)
  6. Pretzel Twister – also an insult, I need more exclamations, well I have more exclamations but I need ones that are I can spell in English. I can’t just have P’cnlhc, it doesn’t communicate clearly the impact.
  7. Snake eggs – an exclamation
  8. Tick Eater – back to personal insults I guess
  9. Nostalgia Bait – wow know I’m just getting hurtful, but I try to be too clever at times so let me go for something smaller.
  10. Maximum Overhole
  11. Minimus thinkus
  12. Pen Tumbler

10 Ways To Expand My Horizons

Well, I can’t know if these will actually expand my horizons or how because I can’t see beyond my horizons otherwise they wouldn’t be horizons. I can guess though so I’ll try that.

  1. Learn mechanics then work in a garage – it’s distant from my lifestyle. But just the working on cars would give me a better perspective on how the world works and probably more apretiation for the systems we already have in place.
  2. Learing more about statistics and discision making – I’ll get how the big guys do it, and a better sense of why things go wrong.
  3. Learing more about advanced but apilicible math – and physics to go along with it, sense of how the world works, and more tool to apretiate it.
  4. Try to use scientific method to gather information, research than write about a subject – this seems like it will, because the subject I first chose was forgivness and my current understanding of the subject is “It’s complicated.”
  5. Actually get out of my house more – the current enviorns get in the way, but not that much.
  6. FInaly learn to drive – I am seriously afraid of cars, and rightfully so, and I don’t trust myself enough to drive one.
  7. Get around regardless
  8. Three month hike – well a few weeks would also have some effect but I haven’t done this and believe this will give me better apretiation and perspective. (I know I noticed I interpert the frace expand your horizons in a matter different form the norm.)
  9. Try to get a job I con’t feel qualfied for – slowly reduce my standeards untill I find where I’m actually valued at and what I need to get where I want to. (or I’ll relize I need to quit said job because I don’t know what I’m doing, but does this job actually need to be done? Is me being there simply getting who would normally be there out of the way? But then it would be wrong to collect money doing nothing so, questions for later. But not much later.)
  10. Actually try to sell a product – I know it’s hard, but I don’t actually know whats hard about it and what would be doing something wrong.
    – + 2
  11. Start a weekly video or podcast channel – better sense of what I can do, and more.
  12. Actually post my more ambitious writtings, put effort into getting it read – than I could know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

12 Things Humans Can Do

I’m not in the best state of mind for a post today and my brain hurts. So this time I’ll try to be more entertaining.

  1. Open Doors – make doors, define things as doors. Doors are more than just entrances, they are human in a way.
  2. Make Roads -what’s the difference between a road and a path? A road was made intentionally by a creature that could do things intentionally.
  3. Talk – a form of communication unique to us. (unless sentient aliens exist, but )
  4. Declare something as useless
  5. Chose what to consider as important – but it’s hard to stop considering things as important and some things feel important with no consideration. But some things don’t at first but we can create that as well.
  6. Lie – but animals can be equally deceptive. With intent, well, what constitutes intent for animals. What constitutes intent for animals though? It’s a contentious topic I do not sufficiently understand it, both sides make good points and, while I probably act in one way or the other, mentally I’m undetermined.
  7. Play Music – With instruments, some whales also produce something surprisingly similar to human music, with melodies and end phrases and all that. But instruments for sure.
  8. Make Instruments – well some monkies peel the bark off of sticks to get at ants better. But this is about bringing attention to what we are capable of, not dissing other species goddamit. and our instruments are more complex, we use them for more stuff. Also musical instruments, those are uniquely human.
  9. Write Blog Posts – I had to
  10. Interface with human technology – we’ve made it that way. And we are capable of learning to use almost everything we make, well as a species.
  11. Create our own games – form pen and paper and cardboards, and simply form words. We can always create a game to play, our tools are innumurable, and the rules can entertain or assist in tasks we are undertaking.
  12. Compound on existing information – (Is compound a stupid word to use here? it’s a quicky I don’t have the time for this.) Grow, learn form others, make up ideas. We create transferable information, and if you are reading this there is so much information for you to use, just a little work away.

12 Ideas Band Names

I’m not feeling very creative today and my thoughts are preoccupied, so I’ll try something that demands creativity.

  1. Yesterdays Bloom
  2. Morrow
  3. Prince’s Stolen Jewels
  4. Silent Simon
  5. The Nice Ones
  6. Move Forwards Backwards
  7. Hurt your X’s
  8. But I’M Different
  9. Don’t Hate Me But
  10. Greatest Enemies
  11. Tools
  12. Infinitely inbred

An Obligatory Quicky

Things are way too complicated, I can make useful distinctions but they far to general all and apparently subjective. So the “in order to” “or else” distinction will need to be generalized and reworked. And even I’m not sure if I’ll have something useful or if I’ll discover a new way to communicate nothing. I probably don’t even have the prerequisite knowledge required to reach a meaningful conclusion. Either way, I’ll try but if I ever make something postible? That’s anyone’s guess.

Apparently not sleeping enough does impact my blog writing abilities, but I’ll try to make something anyways… You know what it’s been more than a week, I’ll just go for some more book titles, specifically:
12 book titles based on the word obligation.

  1. 5 Minute Obligations in The Modern World
  2. Obligated To Succeed – Overbearing, parents, siblings, coworkers, and more.
  3. Failed Obligations – and how they affect us
  4. Defining Everything in Terms of Obligation – Where it sticks and where it fails
  5. Living Obligations – and why we don’t take care of ourselves
  6. Musical Obligations – how the popular music of a society forces itself onto the members of said society
  7. Creative Obligations – and how to avoid pandering
  8. Unfulfilled Obligations Throughout History – and how they shape our modern problems
  9. Obligated to Play – Something something skinner boxes something something Dopamine addiction
  10. Obligated To Pay – How criminals treat currency
  11. Criminal Obligations – how the worst in society avoid the tragedy of the commons (aka snitched get stitches)
  12. Life Without Obligations – and how to keep a life rolling

12 Password Ideas

Well my idea was incomplete and not I had not a complete idea. So the hell post is not getting posted. I hope to turn the idea into something more in the future, but for now there isn’t something coherent and complete enough for me to post. It would probably be better than some of my other posts but if I put it out in its incomplete form it disappoints my expectations for it way too much. And I would rather just post something bad.

On the other hand, today’s post will not be bad, I started early and I still have time to make something.

It’s hot and after an hour of not making anything I’ve realized, I’m not thinking clearly so let me at least come up with a few password ideas. To help me develop my theory potentially, as one of the few people reading this you are free to sue a few.

  1. MegaUltraChickenFrog
  2. PaleOldShellfish
  3. CallingOutTheDogs
  4. AlienApplePie
  5. LibertyLosingLamassu 
  6. NightStarts@6&A%
  7. Type*2!Aqua
  8. LetterLearningLizardman
  9. CaptitalCCongress
  10. CreatingCreativeCountersigns – Not the best password but a lot of fun
  11. ZoologicallyZoomingZord
  12. PreachingPatterenedParlance – Most of these passwords will be further complicated or maybe reordered, but unless this is picked up upon they’re pretty darn secure.

I further apologize for getting your hopes up for the hell post (if I did indeed get your hopes up), I intend to improve my post quality next week but the one thing I can promise is that it will be better than this week.

12 Good Ideas For Posts

Well, I can’t seem to get inspired to write a good post, it’s been a bit of a slog over the last few days. So I’ll try to reinspire myself, get the posts written early, and get the hell post out of the way. I must give up on it being perfect and just get it done. And I must get it done tomorrow because I must.

I shall assume these ideas are good, for if I don’t know enough to write them I will be inspired to learn, at least for some. Well, something I hope I will be more coherent tomorrow so that my Hell post turns out well. Most

  1. Historical figures as father figures – in their lifetime and how they are seen today.
  2. 12 Actions everyone can take to help the environment – not just turning off the lights, watching your buying habits, and all that. There is only so much stuff in the world, and we should not waste things we have in limited supply.
  3. Limited Supply – When things seem as if there is an infinite amount of them and how quickly they can run out. Denial and how the existence of stuff affects how we see the world.
  4. Moving Borders – a few non-violent conquests throughout history and what we do today.
  5. 10 reasons we should learn history –
  6. 10 historical events that shouldn’t be taught in school
  7. No Lines Of Control – What borders and territory actually mean, and what they’ve been throughout history. (I like history it makes everything I make an actual story. Well if I am properly historical.)
  8. 10 Ways to define the word robot – trust me it can be good
  9. Capitalization Communication – Practise makes perfect, finding what’s acceptable and what you can do that most people reading it will understand. Also, remember that 50 years ago capitalization meant something else in some older books, so be aware of that.
  10. Idea Machine – What I can do to create more better ideas and what I do already.
  11. More Better – positive words that have to do with improvement and their different connotations. If they all have the same connotation ideas for how to use them differently to enrich one’s communication.
  12. When silly is funny – and when it is not, I need to do some research.

I’ve realized I’ve been treating some of these ideas like book ideas.