What If Aliens…

It seems three posts in a day was too much for me. Not that any of the posts were up to the expected length. Still I said I would write three posts so let me at least be honest about that. Here are the questions I can’t come up with the answers today.

  1. …were here all along?
  2. …were actors in human politics?
  3. …planted humanity on earth?
  4. …used us for social experimentation?
  5. …were here throughout history but forgot about us?
  6. …stoped visiting us because we didn’t live up to their standards?
  7. …didn’t exist at all in all the universe?
  8. …are sending us messages every day but we don’t have the sensory organs to interpret them?
  9. …know about us and sometimes space tourists visit us but the large majority of space-faring people don’t care?
  10. …are like us?
  11. …send ambassadors to earth with different alien countries allying with earth countries?
  12. …use earth to fight proxy wars?

12 Curses Backfire

I’m liking the closer together the text for my shorter posts so I’ll leave them as they are. I feel weird changing past posts anyway. (I may also try that formatting in the future. But no changing the past. Except for spelling errors.)

Tomorrow I’ll write a post about the scientific method, or at least relating to it in some ways. I’m incredibly inconsistent and untrustworthy about my future promises, at least regarding this blog. So in order to regain some form of integrity, and to break the curse I’ll get the scientific method post, done and Complete.

Remember most of these are potential backfirings none of them are guaranteed. (well as much as I can guarantee a hypothetical.) I did come up with some curses that had no downside, but those were either silly or fatal.

  1. You will never finish a project – you may become incredibly prolific having assistants, employees, and co-workers that do the finishing touches providing you with the time and space to start more things.
  2. Your first guess will always be wrong – you know it and you learn to trust the opposite of your instincts.
  3. You will die young – and knowing that you’ll live your life to the fullest accomplishing and experiencing far more than you would otherwise.
  4. All food will taste like dust – Nice figure and less time will be spent eating.
  5. Your children will disappoint you – It depends on your standards, and if you can convince yourself that success is disappointing…
  6. You will never have love – love is a lie, attraction + friendship + responsibility will have to do. This can also make you use your time more efficiently.
  7. Extreme Ugliness – Role as a monster in movies or plays.
  8. You’ll never learn to read – disability pay or you may even get a condition named after you.
  9. Instantly fall asleep when the sun is down – At least you get a full night of sleep. And maybe a condition named after you… (That can probably be applied to most of these.)
  10. No one will see past your appearance – This could actually be quite brutal for some people, me included. BUt it an help people learn about how to express themselves through their appearance and with repeat trial and error.
  11. You stink unbearably it hits some primal brain circuitry so people can’t help but be revulsed – you can’t smell it of course and you may be able to get jobs working with things that stink. Of you still have a sensitive stomach regarding other things, it provides you with some social distance when required and you know who your true friends are. Also, you may get a condition named after you.
  12. you’ll be generally unpleasant to be around no matter what you try – animals will hate you as well. This can help with negotiations because people will want to be done as soon as possible. But the downsides are still too great.

12 Synonyms For Water

  1. Knowledge
  2. Growth
  3. Life
  4. Refreshment
  5. Nature
  6. Time
  7. Thought
  8. Energy
  9. Soul
  10. Emotions
  11. Lake
  12. Silk

I tried a different post tonight but I sounded far too condescending so I couldn’t trust myself on the content of that post. So here’s some satire, I hope you enjoy it. And that I wasn’t being too silly.

I wrote this on my phone as well, I’ll reformat these posts tomorrow.

12 More Randomly Generated Words

Yesterday’s post never got uploaded. Apparently my internet connection died and my computer crashed before I saved it. And I lost the post from the day before. I still don’t know why that didn’t show up. So here’s today’s test post, I hope it shows up, and I’ll try and make up for the missing posts with a long post tomorrow. Today though a random word generator post to help me come up with ideas (I did not give myself enough time for this).

  1. Pat

    An affectionate strike often targeted at the head.
  2. Knit

    Needle and thread, sitting in bed.
    Knitting is neat, but I still avoid sleep,
  3. Young

    We have a lot of association with the word young and we use it in myriad ways. It all makes sense until you think about it.
  4. Fever

    It’s how your body fights against sickness. You don’t want to treat a fever you want to treat its cause.
  5. justice

    Sought by many achieved by few.
    Never enjoyed it by all.
    Its a compromise between our animal selves and our ideals.
  6. Dimension

    Size, space, and time.
    Sometimes I fail to rhyme.
    Love, fear, and hate.
    It’s not one dimensional I can relate.
  7. Expression

    What else could this be? But an expression of the self.
    An expression of emotion, but possibly expressing lies.
  8. Aviation

    Named after birds occupied by planes.
    As flat as possible really.
    (I’ll try to communicate more clearly tomorrow, I don’t have a rhyme for this.)
  9. Thirsty

    Not enough water or not enough soul.
    We miss the fact that our deity was worshiped ass a desert god.
  10. Anxiety

    Is to fear as an itch is to pain.
    But probably more harmful.
    (It just won’t go away)
  11. Quiet

    Peace sometimes.
    But sound can scratch the itch.
  12. Chain

    If I chain this to the previous entries you may think this was planned.
    Do it yourself.

It seems losing 2 posts caused me to not care anymore. I will still post every day, but I just feel like my image (the little I had regarding the blog,) has been ruined, and I need to do something to repair my integrity. This blog will be daily until I find a project a real one, or begin to post a different type of content that will be enjoyed by a larger audience. (The more popular or successful I am in this blog the more it will take for me to stop it. I hope to make something better is all I still want to be good to my current audience, whoever you be.) That is my promise.

An Additional 24 Song Names

I can’t even get a random word post written today. I don’t know why something’s getting in my way. I don’t know when my mind will relax, I’ll write something here before more time passes. Quality varies and so does my writing, and I have no clue.

  1. Today is a Day
  2. Reckoning Some More
  3. Time’s Awaiting
  4. Tomorrow Waits for No Man
  5. The Moment Will Come
  6. He Waits For Me
  7. She’ll love me someday
  8. I Am The Future
  9. She Is The Past
  10. Unwilling To Remember
  11. The Other Days Passed
  12. I Will Make It Happen
  13. The Future Is Near
  14. Erasing The Past
  15. So I stop To Feel
  16. Erasing The Present
  17. I’ll Have No More Pain
  18. For When I Remember
  19. I Was Once Insane
  20. I’ll Be Sane Tomorrow
  21. I Would Promise You That
  22. One Day I Lost It
  23. But Then It Was Found
  24. Someday I Will pick Myself Off The Ground

12 Habits For Characters

I’m getting more into writing recently so I may as well use my blog to generate stuff I can use. Hopefully, they’re also habits that help characterization but I can’t be sure in advance.

  1. Makes their own clothing – and uses something made by others if she has her own.
  2. Walks quietly in crowded places – and only in crowded places, doesn’t want to draw attention but isn’t very good at sneaking.
  3. Always forgets to bring water – typically means that they grew up in a water-rich environment, but can also represent naivete, innocence, or blind trust in others.
  4. Never Packs Enough Food – the same, but it can also represent gluttony. The character can know how much is packed but always eats more than personalty expects.
  5. Is afraid of books – the written word, witchcraft, the taxman.
  6. Is an expert woodcarver – often denotes patience, but can be a coping mechanism or a way to relax. (him being an expert means that he needs to relax quite often.)
  7. Prefers to sleep on the floor – lived a hard life, or at least lived most of it outside.
  8. Collector and polisher of pebbles – Not all pebbles, of course. It may be a token of a quite upbringing, a fascination with beauty, or an appreciation for nature. It can also be a sort of tunnel vision or a cultural thing. Those who grew up in sand deserts don’t often see river rocks.
  9. Always goes to the bars with the loudest music – likes loud music, and likes the atmosphere enough to seak it out.
  10. Writes about their adventures – self-involved, or I will be important someday. Maybe delusional but maybe is actually seeking grandeur, don’t just dismiss these people because if they are genuinely seeking fame, they’ll be working towards it every step of the way.
  11. Grows attached to motels, inns, and other temporary residences – Likes people, the hosts. Or maybe has a weird sense of debt, definitely values shelter and comfortable sleep more than others.
  12. Doesn’t value keepsake – trusts their memory, doesn’t feel attached, or is a smart shopper. I’m not sure this one is complicated in its causes.

12 Wise Sounding Lies

Okay, I think I got back into the good content zone with the other post I started today but I’m not going to finish it on time. So I’ll see If it’s actually good when I post it tomorrow. (well I’ll see when I reread it the day after everything I make looks good to me the day I make it… well mostly.)

Most of these contain truth but they do not become it. If I see this as not making sense tomorrow I may explain it. But if this makes no sense please comment on this post, I can’t tell if what I’m making is good or not so I would like someway to compare. But honestly, this post is probably crap anyway I should have come up with a better topic. I’m working on it.

  1. The weak are of no concern to the Strong, The week are intimidated by us and are always lead by someone strong.
  2. Those who failed once shall fail again never trust someone who betrayed your confidence for their failure reflects on you.
  3. If your enemy is an expert wait for his failure capitalize on it and use it to take him down he shall never be trusted again.
  4. It is a rule among all cultures that children shall be protected and lead over all else.
  5. There is no such thing as color as it is only our perception of different wavelengths of light.
  6. Dying is what makes life valuable for if there wasn’t death what would we be working for?
  7. It is the greatest thing to die for a cause for you shall never see what that cause becomes.
  8. Never tell the truth or you may yet reveal your hand to your enemies.
  9. Coming up with ideas is a difficult endeavor but if you hesitate to share your ideas nothing shall come of them.
  10. Those who speak much often have little to say.
  11. Know yourself and life shall forever be the master of your life.
  12. The answer is within you.

this was meant to be 24 entries long but I ran out of time.

12 Self-Centered Reasons To Tell The Truth

I have an interesting idea for tomorrow’s post so that should be fun. For today I only have this; with tomorrow’s post having nothing to do with things being true.

  1. Lies take effort to sustain, especially over long periods
  2. Lying easily becomes habit
  3. Lying helps hide problems, but when unaddressed or addressed alone, the problems will become worse
  4. Being known as an honest truthtelling individual is difficult without telling the truth
  5. Communication becomes faster and more efficient when people believe what you’re saying
  6. If you are known as honest and trustworthy, it will be easier to convince people of your ideas
  7. And you won’t be questioned as much
  8. You can better see who your friends are and who shares your interest
  9. Your friendships will become more stable because people will know where they stand with you
  10. You can expect a certain degree of reciprocation
  11. You’ll win more arguments – Well, according to the people who observe them
  12. You only have to tell the truth once – unless you’re talking to the police, in which case lying is pretty dangerous

24 Ideas For Book Titles

Okay, so today I was lazy, played a bit with my brother, and forgot to write a blog post till it was very late. And so, I’m doing this topic again. Probably slightly tired at this point but it’s what I can do quickly and easily.

  1. Lemonade Stands Through History
  2. Before You Try These Things Didn’t Work
  3. Good Ideas That Were Left To Rot
  4. Only I Remain
  5. Litany Of The Masses
  6. Picturesque Shorthand
  7. Pills Come In Bottles
  8. Plastic Wrapped Everything
  9. Ignored Without Purpose
  10. Candles In The Moonlight
  11. Two Bottles Of Wine
  12. Agresive Accomplishment
  13. Confidence Is Its Own Reward
  14. A Wise Man Once Said
  15. An Idiot Asked
  16. The Search For Unobtanium
  17. Today We Shall Feast
  18. The Miracle Of Common Decency
  19. How Would Sntiant Spiders Look
  20. Political Leaning
  21. Becoming A Movement
  22. But Tomorrow We Shall Remain
  23. Giant Fans
  24. Experts Can Never Define Beauty

12 Potential Reasons I Didn’t List My Mistakes

I guess that will be my 300th post but I still have 35 days till then so for now why I don’t want to do so. I don’t have ten reasons for this, well I don’t know that but I’ll assume and theorize to fill in twelve entries.

  1. Embarrassment – Obvious but true. I don’t like pointing out how I was wrong, but at the moment it’s probably the best thing for me to do.
  2. I would rather hide my mistakes- when I realize that I made a mistake I either point it out or edit the post to correct my mistake but with the format of my blog I have trouble believing that many people go back to read my old posts so I should be more clear with them.
  3. I’m too lazy to reread and re-examine my old posts – I write this for a non-existent audience, but also for myself. I don’t like rereading my old posts when I feel I haven’t been taking my own advice; I don’t like rereading my old posts since I feel I was lazy or that they were poorly written, and I don’t like revisiting my old posts because some of them seem to be better than what I write today. It makes me feel like I’m not improving. (which very well may be the case. Maybe if I went over them a bit more…)
  4. I have incredibly high standards that I don’t live up to. So I don’t like revisiting my old posts or listing my mistakes because I am somewhat disappointed in the way I represented my ideas and would rather forget they existed.
  5. I tend to compromise on my posts – I have incredibly high standards. When I can’t live up to them I give up on standards entirely. This is okay when I didn’t notice my mistakes or imperfections but I know I have a more advanced view of what perfect is and I push things off until I can get there, then don’t have the time to create something whole.
  6. I don’t like to think of myself as lazy – And often laziness is the source of my mistakes. I don’t want to put in the effort to improve, but if I don’t improve, there is no point to this.
  7. I don’t like confronting my mistakes – It’s all well and good when I’m vague and indistinct but Pointing Them Out?
  8. I focus on humor – And I use the focus on humor or communication as a distraction instead of as something that enriches my communications. (I’m good at humor as something derived from context or parody but often fail when humor is its own purpose)
  9. Woe is me, is this what my efforts amount to? – And now I’m just waxing poetic.
  10. I like to think of myself as perfect – Don’t we all? know I know I’m not perfect, but I don’t need to go into detail, do I? (Yes I do but as always, not now.)
  11. Because I’m an expert at pushing things off – If you couldn’t tell, that’s why I gave myself a deadline, and If I don’t stick to it, I don’t deserve your attention.
  12. I don’t like to commit – And if I express my mistakes, I’m still committing to ideas. I’m actually so afraid of being wrong that I’m not being specific here. (humor, even failed humor, is often an avoidance mechanism, but since it is just often an avoidance mechanism, it may not be. See, I wasn’t wrong {or right in this case,} because I didn’t commit to the idea as being true.)

I didn’t post this yesterday because I didn’t have an internet connection when I finished writing this, and I didn’t notice that the website didn’t update.