6 Reasons Supposed Improvements Can Backfire

I’ll write something about autocorrect tomorrow this has been on my mind recently. So here I’ll try to make sense of it.

  1. Miss-use – Improvement, and changes are often made with the intent to change behavior things are changed or improved in hopes that less will be used, the processes would be done less often, etc. For example, high fructose corn syrup was considered a good substitute for cane sugar (or beet sugar) because it was sweeter so you could use less to get the same effect; what actually happened was that the same amount was used as cane sugar or it was used in addition to cane sugar which made food less healthy overall. (Contrary to popular belief fructose is not healthier than sucrose when consumed in the same amount, it merely raises blood sugar levels more gradually, but it has it’s own negative side effect. Fruit is considered healthy despite the natural sugars, and because the fibers in the fruit slow down the digestion and absorption of sugars, so fruit juice is just sugar water.) In addition, plastic is a prime example of things being misused as it is a very durable material. Yet, because of its low cost and versatility, it is often used in disposable products.
  2. Lack Of Implementation – When a new or improved version of a product or system is produced, some people don’t have a reason to get the newer version, and some people are simply accustomed to using the old version and don’t want to change. This will make it more difficult for people using the newer version to learn as they won’t have someone to help teach the, and it will make it harder and groups using varied versions may have trouble working on a shared project. Often it ends up where there exists less content, tools, and devices compatible with the newer versions and makes working on anything more complicated.
  3. Failure In Implementation – Sometimes, new things are just put into place incorrectly; it’s all nice and good if you make better screws, but if the don’t fit into the old holes than there’s not much use. The same can be said if you change to a more intuitive set of measurements, people know what they know, and it being easier to learn won’t make people suddenly forget the old way they’ve been doing things.
    – (I find myself failing to make the proper differentiations)
  4. Failure To Differentiate – Including new tools or features, or adding another tool often leads to sloppy work with people using one tool over other more specialized tools. Adding a new shape of wrench which is easier to rotate can help, but if the old wrench can fit even uncomfortably, many users will see it as a downgrade.
  5. Overbearing Zeal – “You want to make things better? You want everything to be perfect? Push your plans forward to improve every feature, the product, the history, all that is but examples for you to look at.” Often improvement is pushed forward with far too much zeal finding the perfect way is easy getting rid of the dead weight is useful, but sometimes that dead way is actually something useful five failsafe may be too much, but so are any more than one. Often when trying to make an improvement, we get rid of things that don’t seem necessary until all of them are gone, and the thing doesn’t work anymore.
  6. Taking Things For Granted – The world changes, features that are obsolete one day are needed the next.
    But the thing I need most now is a good example for this. I’m losing focus so good night and see you tomorrow.

It seems I use the word often far too often. Something for me to work on.

Power and Responsibility

Change my mind, explore new ideas. In this case, I’m correcting myself on an old one.
In one of my earliest posts, power and responsibility, and the subsequent post, I tried to present and form a theory that authority and responsibility were the same thing. The post wasn’t written very well, and I fell prey to the No True Scotsman fallacy, I defined power and responsibility as the same thing ignoring the places where they weren’t.
Since then, I’ve put quite a lot of thought into the subject and when wanting to write a new post on the subject today I came across a big flaw in my theory, money. Money is power and while I could fit it into my theory in some ways it just didn’t fit and after finding such a glaring hole in my definitions and not being able to patch it up I decided I had to reconsider my belief in the theory. It was not easy for me to throw it away and here I am trying to salvage some of the conclusions I had that were reliant on the theory. This is by no way all-inclusive but I’ll do what I can so…

A few thing I learned (or understood I knew most of these in theory but…) from being wrong:

  • I am far to attached to my theories and ideas – when there is something that doesn’t fit I move the goalposts change some definitions but I often lose the changes and while I can justify every exception the justifications do contradict at times.
  • Sometimes in order to realize I’m wrong, I need super conflicting information, and even then, I only really change my opinions after sleeping on it. (I thought of my theory and how money fits in last night)
  • I don’t actually learn quite as much from all my mistakes as I assume, but I can learn from my mistakes if I work on them and write things out.

Things I Can Learn From My Power Is Responsibility Theory
(I no longer accept them as the same thing and the truth and value of these will help me define where and when the theory is usable. I probably won’t be able to tell what of this is true until tomorrow morning as I am somewhat inhibited so this are the things that feel most true to me.)

  1. Power, in a social or political sense, is granted or assumed with responsibility. For example, government officials are granted power when they get elected to office in order to do their job and a smaller example will be the person in charge of cleaning gets the keys to the broom cabinet.
  2. We see seeking power as evil because most often people who do so claim positions of responsibility for the power but neglect the responsibility.

    The idea that power corrupts manifests in a few ways in relation to this theory.
  3. When someone in a position of responsibility starts defining themselves by their position and take the powers they have as both granted and the actions they take as just.
  4. People have too much power for their responsibility, or in this case position, but still use it and overuse it to achieve their goals, this explains some government overreach. People also become narrow-minded and apply their power in order to achieve their goals or the goals of their position not being aware of other results of their actions
    – (I wasn’t clear in my thought for half of this so I’ll be better)
  5. People become too far removed from the results of their actions as they reach a high point of a hierarchy of power and the power they have becomes undermined by all the people who get to get it done. In better words, people in high positions believe their power is absolute but their commands and requests go through may have different ideas. f your too high up it becomes a game of broken telephone.

    I wanted to make ten but I’m already losing coherency so I’ll see If I can explain conclusions in other fields
  6. Being thought that power is evil or leads to that, especially when it isn’t explained how, leads to the people who are most likely to take the advice, to some of the best people to avoid positions of responsibility for fear of doing bad things.

Now I can do a whole thing about how power and responsibility lead to evil. And also the good that can come from ambition and seeking power with the right goals in mind, but it’s late and I’m losing coherence. So I’m stoping here.

Something About Disinhibiting Myself

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking through what to write on this post, shooting down my own ideas and all that, but that is the reason I’ve been trying to become less inhibited (at least while writing these posts) as I’ve spent a lot of time thinking things over but having given myself the time to explore interesting ideas. And in my determination, I’ve decided that that’s what this blog is about; exploring ideas and the idea making process. I want to be original; I believe that to be original, I have to have bad ideas than put in than try to make them work. People, if given the time, will come up with a solution, if given enough time, will come up with similar solutions, but to come up with an original solution, I have to make a bad solution, a mistake even, into something that works. Not come up with the best way but something that works. And who knows, we may even acquire the tools that make it worthwhile or, more importantly, find a problem we can apply it too.

So this blog is an exploration of ideas or the process of creating them, the theme is changing my mind a somewhat destructive process. I have to present my ideas, my understandings, and most importantly, the thoughts(ideas, beliefs) I’m embarrassed of; to see the mistakes, the errors, the misconceptions, and the place where external circumstances caused me to be embarrassed to share an idea. To do that, I need to disinhibit myself of the fear, the self-doubt, and the social considerations; I shall first present my ideas and only then judge them. I shall make them real by writing them out and then interact with them and tweak them. This is not an easy process, well without drugs, but I want access to my creative self without needing external stimulus.

The most important point to remind myself here is that this is an exploration of my knowledge and of myself; I need to be willing to face what I find. But until I reach that point, what you see is what you get.

If tomorrow morning this still looks brilliant to me I shall begin to make it into a course on awakening your creative self. or maybe just exploring your own ideas, an extension of brainstorming the next step maybe. The people who will seek it out probably won’t be the people who need it most but they at least will make use of it.

I just thought of writing a list here because I am producing content for an audience; however, small, said audience might be. But I realized it wouldn’t line up directly with the topic of exploration; more importantly, it would be dishonest as I did it because I felt embarrassed by the above post despite how important it seems to me it seemed like less than would be expected from me. So instead, I will be willing or at least begin a habit of behavior to value my own exploration and not to stick some incomplete idea to the end.

By the way, I realized that you couldn’t comment on my posts from the main page. If you want to do so, you have to click on the title of the post to comment on the post itself. I will implement a general comments section or a discussion board eventually, but I don’t see the point at the moment because the last time I got any feedback was more than a month ago so that it wouldn’t be worth the space. (of course, I probably will get an audience faster if the structures are already in place, but I’m somewhat lazy, and I have other priorities in my life. Really I should get past the excuses so if it isn’t too complicated for me to understand I’ll get it by the end of the week)

An Oft Interrupted Stream Of Consciousness

With Additional Capitalization.

I’ve recently realized that my Blog is having a bit of an identity crisis. Has been having Identity Crises from the moment I began to write it. This began as a way to keep my father updated about my life when he was in the states but that barely lasted a week1. After wanting this to be read more I promised to post every day but that was more to keep me honest as I didn’t Trust myself to stay in action if there wasn’t a constant urgency to keep producing content.

Regardless some of what I have been producing would probably work much better as video or audio content as I sometimes write musically2 but I remain with this format because it is comfortable and easy. Still, I want to improve at least the content delivery system so here… (this is partially inspired by a meetup3 I attended called Your Brand Is Not Your Logo by Matt Davies. It was a great meetup and despite the fact that I attend meetups just to meet people4, I truly learned from and enjoyed5 the content of the meetup/presentation and had quite a few takeaways. Much of what I learned there shall definitely assist in my future endeavors as well as this one.)

10 Things I Can Change/improve in the presentation of my blog (quicky, I will make a better one of these later)

  1. Frontpage redesign, have the posts in blocks that present more text when clicked on.
  2. Frontpage redesign, just colors, and style retaining current text format.
  3. Have a link to best posts and better search features
  4. Have a random list/post button as I sometimes feel my posts would do well to imitate xkcd in presentation.
  5. Have more subpages to push people to (and to remake Not Being A Hypocrite as more than a dump site and to have actually formatting for it)
  6. Pick a site identity I can feel complete and to stop messing around with it after then
  7. Play games with my site identity in attempts to build interest
  8. Create a future post’s voting page.
  9. Time my uploads to the same time every day
  10. Create a central message or greeting to begin my posts with to create a better sense of continuity.
  11. Occasionally point people to the posts which happened to come the best and to continue some of my old series/projects here

1heck the domain was meant for something else entirely at this point I just try to live into the framing.
2I have a speech cadence and tune in my head that affects the humor.
3wish I had a more appropriate word for here.
4With little regard for the content presented
5part of my blog’s problem is that I have trouble balancing these.

I had moved most of what I had originally put in parenthesis into footnotes still experimenting with this.

It’s Raining Here

Hello, to all three of you. Today, I will be taking advantage of the technicality where I said I would post every day. I promise a decently effortful list, on my part (you may not notice the difference), tomorrow.
Here is a quick attempt at poetry.

It’s raining now, it rained today, not all day mind you, a British-gray.
Here we greatly welcome rain as water is a might gain.
Yesterday night no rain was seen, then sudden hail fell in our dreams.
But I was out in gently fog before the ice did seem to fall.
No matter that, within my sleep questions rose and eyes did weep.
Always rising often answered, constant change keeps life unmastered.
Wanting in a life of comfort feared decisions ever nearer.
I claim a peace, I claim a faction, specialness my own view masking.

How often I might still complain I cannot stop before a ten.
So not knowing complete ten I comment in a high pretense.

Future Posts

I realized I’ve been spending too much time trying to come up with ideas for lists; I then thought that if I had a subject to make lists around I would be able to make lists focused around that subject. (as I am often more creative within constraints)

This list is ten subjects I can make lists Vote on whether you would enjoy if I made lists regarding a subject or not each subject I make lists regarding will begin with 10+ lists I can make regarding this subject and I would then make those 10+ lists. I may interrupt with other ideas if anything important pops up but there won’t be a difference of two posts between subject related posts unless requested by you.

  • Algorithms for decision making
  • World Building
  • Musical Patterns through history
  • Constructing short stories – I would write one or two by the end.
  • Misusing Maths and Logic – for comedic purposes or not
  • Common Sense Fails – and why they happen
  • A book a day reading reviews – not necessarily in the form of lists I may get back to longer posts with practice
  • random Word and Sentance Generators
  • Attempting to construct poetry out of lists
  • Obsessions – particularly my obsession with lists
  • Things that I can make a living doing… maybe

5 Things I Could Tell My Past Self That Would Actually Make A Difference

This is assuming that both of me meet face to face and we both believe (to the point that we know without a doubt that this is happening) that we are seeing each other

  • Don’t do it… You know what …
    This will instill paranoia as I will wonder what not to do. definitely will make a difference in how I approach future decisions but knot for the better.
  • Look at me is this who you want to become?
    Definitely will light a fire under my ass but if my behavior will actually change long term is debatable. Still, I will doubt my choices in most decisions I made and will make different ones just because.
  • Whatever it is you are doing if you don’t complete it within 2 months you are doomed.
    I need to stick to a project long enough to actually get it done. One thing always enables another.
    • At this point, you may be wondering why there are no little tidbits of wisdom I have for my past self but honestly knowing things often doesn’t affect behavior and I don’t know the state of mind I would have been in had I met myself.
  • I would have a long talk about what stocks to invest in (and bitcoin if I am sent back early enough) what charities did the best, what technologies would have greatly benefited the world but didn’t get enough funding, etc.
  • An overview of a lot of the knowledge I have now and an implementation of what I was learning then would encourage my past self to learn more actively and advance myself better.

a short post is better than no post and tomorrow I will be busy (so don’t expect much). in 2 days from now I will try and produce a better post so you can check back in then.

25 Potential Names For Dogs

I had sketched out a post about avoiding sleep last night. But as I am still exploring why we do so (especially since I wrote out that post; in my journal; after my self designated bed-time). I spent most of today hanging out with my cousin so here is, what is essentially a placeholder post. I am still trying to do something with the post so if you think it works please comment as such and if it is a bad idea tell me that too.
Most ideas are actually bad ideas but that’s why I’m testing them out.

  • Jerry – for a big dog
  • Tom – for the little one (as little dogs are often the most aggressive towards other dogs)
  • Bear – …
  • Cat – …
  • Tiger – …
    (and this is my last animal name I promise)
  • Tarantula – because you can always call your friend over to see Tarantula
  • Smoochum
  • Snuggles
  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Sonny
  • Junior
  • Freddy
  • Churchill
  • Adolf
  • Rumentitis
  • {insert another historical figure here}
  • {insert another politically inappropriate joke here}
  • Frankie
  • Big Brightpants
  • Tiny Yellowsockings
  • Mortimer Rex
  • Melforcorxatex-Rex The Most Horrifying Beast
  • Molly
  • Missy
  • {insert name of ex here}
  • Your Grammer – for a misbehaving dog (Ya I know, I’m one too talk)
  • Bad Idea
  • Good Idea
  • Entry 26

11 Hypotheses of Changes Brought About by Reading Fiction

Cause we don’t realize all the ways the things we do affects us.

  • Reading fiction can cause an increase in empathy.
    • Most fiction is written from the perspective of characters whose views, at least in part, differ from our own (and if they don’t then it’s probably propaganda) and getting into the shoes of someone different then us can increase our ability to understand and empathize with them. In addition, well-written fiction often presents us with ideas we aren’t familiar with and shows ideas we may find disagreeable working doing this can…
  • Increase our openness to ideas. or…
  • Make us more accepting of others more different than us.
  • Change our view on political or other issues.
    • On the other hand, fiction can often fall into rote patterns with disagreeable either villains or heros whose views we find repulsive and when it is hard to identify with a certain side of a fictional conflict (also often propaganda but sometimes simple authorial laziness or incompetence) it sometimes
  • Reinforces our views be them correct or incorrect. Causing us to become more resistant to change. or…
  • It helps us demonize those we disagree with.
    • Fiction can also either
  • Increase our thirst for exploration. or…
  • Decrease our thirst for exploration.
    • depending on whether it describes on exploration of the world or exhaustion with the world and a different more interesting world to explore. Some books with a focus on escapism can cause either effect depending on the existing worlds of the reader this is another way it can reinforce our existing views.
      Well written fiction can
  • Increase our appreciation for our family and other relationships we have.
  • Fiction can also make us more aware of the dangers surrounding us. And at the same time…
  • Make us less afraid of the things we know can happen by allowing us to simulate fictional scenarios of said events without the world seeming to end.

Bonus entry:
Reading can cause any of the above changes because of the placebo effect. so try to use this well.

there are 11 entries to the list because the first entry wasn’t my idea. I know that some of what I write has probably been written elsewhere but the purpose of this project is to try and be creative so as long as I’m not aware that what I’m writing has been said elsewhere I am justified in my writing it as my own idea. (If you have seen anything I’ve written elsewhere please share it in the comment I would like to see how different people got to the idea)

Seeking Power (Power and Responsibility 2)

Welcome, one thing that is commonly known is that the people who reach for power are often the ones who least deserve it and those who seek power over others are known to abuse it. Yet sometimes we adopt responsibilities and find ourselves falling short. So when should we seek more power in order to accomplish our goals and how should we do so.

One thing we can do is to try and share power by finding others willing to take responsibilities and to enroll others in our project. This in itself is one of many ways of gathering power towards a certain goal. But first, we need to look into ourselves to see what are we doing that interferes with our ability to accomplish said goals and if enrolling others in an incomplete project will sabotage the final result. Working on ourselves doesn’t always lead effort though so there are 2 things we can do (that I thought of there may be others) to fix this. These things are either start creating ourselves as the person who will accomplish what we want to accomplish, or finding people who will hold us accountable. One of the greatest ways to create more power is to entrust it to others, this very act often leads to people taking responsibility for there newfound power and starting to work for the benefit of the world; the danger here is not to give people too much power over others and only to do this to ones who do not seek it. Those who seek power over others are the ones least deserving of it. Sharing of power for the right reasons is one of the greatest ways we can improve the world but if the power goes to one undeserving, incapable, or if we simply do it out of laziness or want of comfort we risk some of our most precious rights and many a corrupt monarchy rose to power over a vacuum in places of leadership and all governments can turn corrupt. For while fear of power is dangerous it is so because those who seek power for its own sake are the ones least deserving and when we throw away power making ourselves weaker we create an opportunity to those most willing to harm us.

10 things I can do to get my head out of my ass

  • Get interested in the experiences of others
  • Just socialize normally
  • A day of silence
  • Try learning something in the process of which I will develop wrong ideas than overcome than (Some physics which is how the world works but doesn’t make sense to our flimsy human brains is a good place to start {if you are willing to think})
  • Look back on past mistakes and wrong ideas to see if I’m repeating anything
  • Acknowledge that my head is up my ass
  • Meditation. Meditation is often the answer (it is one of the simplest solutions to many of life’s problems but it’s so general that after meditating we often miss the mark)
  • Do something your bad at
  • Practice humility and thankfulness in other ways
  • Ask for advice then try to implement it.
  • Have a long conversation about a subject which effects me while trying to not interject my own ideas