Pre-Post 41

Today’s colors are #95354c #7e3595 #354c95

Three Questions:

What are the 10 most recognizable brands in the world? What were they 10 years ago? Is there any brand that would be placed in the top hundred every year for the last hundred years? (coca-cola maybe?) What about fifty years? (now I’m just setting myself a bit of a challenge when my answers post catches up to this.)

Is there a point where we can declare information old? Is it when more pertinent information comes to the fore?

Why do monsters become less monstrous as time goes on? Does the danger they represent become less prevalent, do stories of conquest require new foes to overcome? A great and mighty dragon is terrifying, but once there are many stories of knights beating them, we need something else. Or do we?

Four Creative Lines:

I was once rightfully feared, but now I am hunted.
Yet soon, I shall be feared again.
I need do nothing, and the cycle will continue, for like many monsters, you do my work for me.

If we believe that there exist crimes so heinous the people committing them forfeit their right to live. Then we must bring the end of some cultures. I hope we never find ourselves in the position to do so.

But enough with the darkness; there is good in the world, even for those who refuse to define it.

And in the name of the good, we could forgo some rights, for our culture, our society is not perfect, and in the future, we may be condoned for our reckless abandon and for not caring any further than how it affects us.

Pre-Post 40

Today’s color is #2b2d62 Starting tomorrow and for the rest of this week, I’ll have sets of three colors a day.

Three Questions (that are also in a way creative lines, I have a different focus for my actual creative lines today so it’s okay.):

What does so much human effort go ignored? Why are we willing to be forgotten? Does having your investment to humanity written down and saved helpful if few read it? Would you be satisfied with that?

Does recordkeeping help? If something is saved and categorized correctly so that when needed others can find it does that make it more valuable? The ability to find what you need easily is part of what makes search engines like google so useful popular and valuable? But will you be satisfied if your contributions sit in storage for fifty years, but save many people time effort and improve their lives years after your passing? Maybe.

Can a song get stuck in your head after just hearing it once? How familiar must you be with similar musical tropes for this to happen? Do we remember music that is completely unique? Or do we just remember snippets and how it made us feel?

Four Creative Line:

“I saw beauty in this desolate landscape, yet halfway through my journey, I traded my beauty for water.
And yet I am still proud as grey as I am what was great about me is worn by a far greater prince.”

“The statue are people who traded away their hunger.”

But my hunger shall drive me onwards, eat not the food, don’t touch even their water. For your hunger and drive are the cost of the food, and once you no longer can act on the world you too will become a statue, better to be of some use.

The idea of the land of the fairies has been in my head, a mixed place of corrupted metaphors misinterpreted warnings, and being jealous of our reality knowing it would be better if they were in charge.

Pre-Post? 39

Today’s post began as a pre-post, but I found it interesting enough to finish and post in it’s current form.

Today’s color is #6e319f

I seem to be incredibly preoccupied this morning, that or I’m very self-conscious. Because I have written three questions and have erased them because they were stupid. Now some would say there are no stupid questions. My response to that is that the questions were misleading, in their presentation, there were incorrect assumptions, and if someone tried to answer them they would oversimplify a complicated issue.
Unless the person answering them is skilled at teaching. For good teachers would illuminate my ignorance and the question would become unnecessary.

Yet I have asked such questions before and I shall ask them again. These questions shall either be explained in the answer post or passed over. Well, if I recognize them for what they are, the teacher may say there are no stupid questions because they know how to answer them. So you can say that a stupid question is either a question asked in the wrong place or time, or a question asked to the wrong person. And this is the definition I shall use until I find a better one.

The wrong person to ask a question is a person who will give you a complete answer where none exists. Well, among other things, a person who will answer your questions but not correct your wrong assumptions or a false understanding of the topic, despite giving you a true answer. There to did you ask the wrong person, but in that case, it is more often the wrong place or time, as in a different place your question would be answered sufficiently.

So, are there wrong questions or just wrong answers? Well, stupid isn’t wrong. But people are complicated and it’s hard to tell. All I have left to say at the moment is be careful when asking the internet. And have a nice day.

Pre-Post 38

Today’s color is #e74749 It’s a bit of a lazy post today, but my brain is preoccupied.

Three Questions:

Why is it so hard to draw good looking abstracts of corn? I just want it to look like wheat from a distance, a whole bundle of crops but it’s all just corn. Can I fool someone with an image of that sort? is it okay if it only looks like actual corn once you know it is?

Why do I get so obsessed with an idea, with a project? There is nothing forcing me to work so hard or to try so much math to make the corn look like I want it to, but I am obsessed with it looking like that anyway? You know what I’ll do something easier first.

Where on the internet can I best learn to do things with numbers, not-numbers, and almost-numbers? (I want to figure out some math. But that’s probably boring.)

Four Creative* Lines:

omnia in esse est frumentum

in cornu copiae sine fine cibo, producitur

sapientia debet creverit, sicut frumentum

Filius meus, omnia te videre ante te factus est usura frumentum

Pre-Post 37

Today’s color is #74444d

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines*:

Should I re-title yesterday’s post?
Should I spend more time on these questions?
Is it okay to just rush through these sometimes?
No this should probably take me a bit more time, or else it should be something really worth sharing or asking.

What makes a question worth asking? Who is to judge? But do people want to know if a question is worth asking, do they even consider whether a question is worth asking or whether a question was worth asking? Well, we must, because when we judge someone for asking something not worth asking, this occurs most often when a question is meant to be humorous and falls flat, but is that judging someone for a question not worth asking or for a bad joke. When you are expecting a question to be asked having a joke phrased in the form of a question is often frustrating.
Personally I find some joy in answering joke questions I find myself funny or at least pretend to do so. But in my case, it was often when I didn’t realize a question was a joke and I played it off as if I was playing along. At this point, I do notice (most of the time), but I still play along. Is it because I enjoy playing along? Or is it because I find the question annoying? If you’re changing the subject I won’t stick to it. Maybe it just allows me to continue a conversation by changing the subject.
I think all of the above are true at different times. People are complicated.

Are people complicated? Yes, I’m not just saying that because I heard it said elsewhere I do have enough knowledge to back that up, and the internet can confirm this. I can also find places on the internet where this is less confirmed cults actually tend to have more ismple views of what a human is. And some religeons have humans as less complicated. But I KNOW that humans are complicated and I think I could argue with people who believe humans are simple and withing their structures cobvice them that humans are complicated. So I am pretty sure of the fact that humans are complicated.

“At every moment a pretty woman sleeps and a pretty man sleeps.”
“So? what’s so sad”
“They aren’t sleeping together.”

– The woman in the land of fairies

Pre-Post 36

Today’s color is #31696c

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines:

We know that it is unhealthy to lose sleep and people can die if they don’t sleep for too long. But if there were ten years until the end of the world, you had a near endless supply that overcome the loss of productivity caused by tiredness, and you had to spend every waking hour trying to stop the world form blowing up, how much would you have to sleep? How much does someone need to sleep in order to stay alive for ten years? How often is it an every other day thing, every third day, or would it be better to sleep every day but not enough. There’s also the trick where you only sleep 1h20m a day with specifically timed power naps, but if you have to travel around a lot and are incredibly stressed trying to stop the end of the world it may not be an option. Especially if you’re working with experts that have different schedules than you, if everyone is sleeping at the same time though, than it could work. But try and organize that.

How do we mass produce spherical objects? How does the construction line for little rubber balls look?

Where do you start if you’re writing a story? Where do I start? I’m good at world building, I’d like to think I’m really good at it and my brother would agree, but he doesn’t read much so I don’t know if he has standards. But I’m really bad at presentation, the best I can do is to drily explain, and that just doesn’t work for me.I come up with a world first a number of characters, second, than the actual events of the plot come last. In addition I can’t do dialog for shit. But I still want to try, I want to create a world, a story, that anyone can experience. And so I shall.

Humor is the easiest thing to write, funny humor is not. But when humor comes as aside effect of the character interacting with the world around them it doesn’t even have to be really funny, you’d forgive your friends for making bad jokes, but when the say something funny you laugh.

Should I reorganize this pre-post? Yes. Will I? no, it’s a pre-post and I don’t want to spend that much time figuring out the optimal layout, I’d rather have something generic I can keeping making posts in than rethink it every week. Currently I have 3 templates, but this post couldn’t fit well into the other 2.

Pre-Post 35

Today’s color is #f09a1e

Three Questions:

Where do the names of fruits and vegetables come from (in English, at least to begin with)? What’s the origin of them? Why would we start naming fruits and vegetables? If you go far enough back, do the names all begin with something descriptive like blueberry? (it doesn’t have to be an accurate description, just a commonly understood one.)

What fruits and vegetables don’t have their name origins in something descriptive like blueberry, and why?
Are there any fruits or barries named after an individual who grew them?

Why do different languages have different Onomatopoeias that refer to the same things? Specifically, animal sounds, is it simply pronunciation differences and words changing over time? Or is it based on the sound of now extinct or rare ancestors of the animals we have today?

Four Creative* Lines:

I’m not sure if I should define positing a theory as a question because, for many of my questions, that’s what I do. But then I ask questions to reinforce such things, and those are the actual questions.
A question is a very versatile tool, as we have made information, a valuable shared commodity, and questions can be used to manipulate, acquire, or to create more information.

While these lines may not seem creative, I am creating right now. Working on idea presenting them, in the hopes I land on something truly special that is both useful and has not yet been shared. Attempting to create ideas. I once thought that the reasons I write so much here is because I am following a line of thought, hopefully, a creative line of thought, and while that is often the case, I think it is more likely that I write a paragraph in place of a line so that within that paragraph (the thoughts I am exploring and presenting) something creative is to be found.

We enjoy rereading, and re-experiencing things, is it the familiarity? Is it that we remember our enjoyment, anticipate it but forgot just enough of what we are reading to read it again? I don’t know, but the desire to re-experience excitement can bring about that excitement, we get shivers when listening to music we like but can we derive excitement from expectations when we don’t know what to expect? Maybe that’s why disappointed expectations hurt so much, a joy that will never be, or never be again. The moment is all that counts sometimes, and the future is too distant to matter.

And I’d like to believe I landed on 4 lines already, but I don’t know. Yet I am tired and do not wish to continue this. I shall work on my short story, well work in an organized manner, starting at 2:30, and since I already have an idea I wish to comunicate I shall spend my twnety minutes making it comprehenisble there.
Have a wonderfuly productive and satisfieng week, and if you can’t I wish you gain the ablity to be closer to that and without needing to harm others along the way.

Pre-Post 34

Today’s color is #505da9

I will only answer questions I asked since my second pre-post but I’ve been looking through a few of my old posts, and while they aren’t the best I there seems to have been a certain charm to them that I have lost. As such I will be more satisfied with shorter posts and pre-posts, that I can feel more energized and be more likely to produce something good. Essentially I am rethinking my standards and defining them differently. So while there may not be much of a change in what I post here at least in the short term. Improvement is coming. Still, the answers post will come today but I may have to post it in multiple parts in which case part 1 comes today.

Three Questions (short version I’m busy today):

Can I answer questions in a satisfying manner?
Can someone be hired for asking the right questions?
What is the most important question ever asked from the perspective of a {}? {teacher, lawyer, anthropologist, etc}

Four Creative Lines:

Nothing is infinite space is limited the amount we can think is limited everything is limited. But in math we can consider the infinite, we can use what is not real to narrow down reality. (There I made math sound cool.)

We disagree companies cannot regulate themselves. Governments also can’t regulate themselves, that’s the idea between having multiple branches, if the people aren’t paying attention they’re supposed to regulate each other’s behavior. But instead, they work together, two parties three branches of government, businesses that make deals with the people in these places, then all other people have no more say.

My questions used to be like today, but yesterday today’s question wouldn’t even constitute a single question. My definitions are messed up.

We won’t be at the end of the world that is mercy in death.

Wow that was a dark way to end things have a nice day.

Pre-Post 33 (10 Questions)

Today’s color is #f2df6a

10 Questions (I’m trying something slightly different today. Slightly.)

  1. Why and when does frustration make us feel tired?
  2. How often do we quit out of frustration, and how often does it make us try harder?
  3. In what scenarios do we do better work while frustrated?
  4. How much time are you willing to spend trying to change some else’s opinion? Are we all fighting over the people we can convince?
  5. What does it take to identify someone who is willing to change their opinion, or who doesn’t have much of an opinion and is easy to convince?
  6. Is there a moment when you can see someone change? Is there a tipping point? And how much of what comes before is necessary?
  7. What is the animal with the fastest swimming speed? Is it likely that it dwells in the deepest of seas we know not much about?
  8. What dwells in the deep dark that we can learn from? What can we discover in the few places on this planet we are still not welcome?
  9. Why the fascination? If I simply said under the sea INstead of the deep dark I don’t think I would be as interested, but why? The connotation what other thoughts are related to the deep dark and the phrase under the sea is corrupted by a song.
  10. What else can we not think of because of such corruption? Where do we need new terms to overcome our associations? Where do YOU need a new context? That is a question worth dwelling upon. (at least in my opinion.)

Here I see how my pre-posts often are better than what I consider to be my main posts. I’ll look into why that is.
Have a wonderful timeskip.

Pre-Post 32

Today’s color is #de3149

Three Questions:

How did humans discover candles? Early on, candles were used in temple business, and in holidays, at least by the Romans and Greeks; I’m not aware of how the Chinese used candles. Where they invented as a substitute for oil lamps? And attempt at salvaging oil that hardened or became more waxlike?
Questions for the interested. (it just felt weird leaving the idea unconcluded.)

Am I attractive? Well, I shouldn’t ask that here. Is my brain attractive? If not, what can I change? Well, nothing; my brain is inside my head, and I like it there (thank you very much.) So do my words communicate an attractive confidant and well-read individual? Well, at least two of those, I don’t think I express much confidence in my writing here unless the very act of writing here is an expression of confidence, a willingness to be heard, and all that.
I seek answers, but I have none to share with you at the moment.

Answers that shall be the name of a post this week, I still hope to get back into the longer ones, so I’ll look up the answers to my pre-post questions that have answers I can find and present them all. But how many of you are interested in the answers? How many were interested in the questions? Am I adding value by repeating information found elsewhere? Is there any way to consistently inspire brilliance?
Answers will be found in a later post. Or not.

It takes a counsel to change a mans mind.
But I can change my own. (and maybe you can too.)