12 Habits For Characters

I’m getting more into writing recently so I may as well use my blog to generate stuff I can use. Hopefully, they’re also habits that help characterization but I can’t be sure in advance.

  1. Makes their own clothing – and uses something made by others if she has her own.
  2. Walks quietly in crowded places – and only in crowded places, doesn’t want to draw attention but isn’t very good at sneaking.
  3. Always forgets to bring water – typically means that they grew up in a water-rich environment, but can also represent naivete, innocence, or blind trust in others.
  4. Never Packs Enough Food – the same, but it can also represent gluttony. The character can know how much is packed but always eats more than personalty expects.
  5. Is afraid of books – the written word, witchcraft, the taxman.
  6. Is an expert woodcarver – often denotes patience, but can be a coping mechanism or a way to relax. (him being an expert means that he needs to relax quite often.)
  7. Prefers to sleep on the floor – lived a hard life, or at least lived most of it outside.
  8. Collector and polisher of pebbles – Not all pebbles, of course. It may be a token of a quite upbringing, a fascination with beauty, or an appreciation for nature. It can also be a sort of tunnel vision or a cultural thing. Those who grew up in sand deserts don’t often see river rocks.
  9. Always goes to the bars with the loudest music – likes loud music, and likes the atmosphere enough to seak it out.
  10. Writes about their adventures – self-involved, or I will be important someday. Maybe delusional but maybe is actually seeking grandeur, don’t just dismiss these people because if they are genuinely seeking fame, they’ll be working towards it every step of the way.
  11. Grows attached to motels, inns, and other temporary residences – Likes people, the hosts. Or maybe has a weird sense of debt, definitely values shelter and comfortable sleep more than others.
  12. Doesn’t value keepsake – trusts their memory, doesn’t feel attached, or is a smart shopper. I’m not sure this one is complicated in its causes.

What If We Could Control The Flow Of Liquids…

Well I’m assuming there’s a technical solution but I don’t get hydrodynamics at that level so, If we could move water around more easily, or using less energy, or something of the sort. Still, it’s the weekend and the sabbath is out late so I don’t have much time or attention for this.

  1. Better Toilets – Water moves fast doesn’t splash and all that (this is still on my mind from yesterday)
  2. Clog Proof Pipes – Because we all know how important this is. Not totally clog proof but better than what we have.
  3. Better Desalinization – Move water around, makes it more worthwhile, and useful. It becomes far cheaper to move water drawn from the sea, so trying to make that water useful becomes far more viable.
  4. Water Batteries – (Warning, opinions ahead. Skip past at your leisure.) Yay useful solar power, I still believe nuclear is better, despite producing some long-lasting waste, it takes far fewer lands and resources to keep running. Solar panels are expensive to make, and even if we never need to repair them, there are still large tracks of land devoted to the human resource of producing electricity from the sun. I think the efficiency in space provided by nuclear power, makes up for the waste it produces, as the lead needed to isolate the waste can be stored in far less space than it takes to build solar farms. We will learn to deal with the waste before we can figure out how to rebuild ecosystems that we built solar farms over.
  5. Grey Water Systems – aka poop water for plant life, will become far cheaper to make.
  6. More Rooftop Pools And Waterslides – Common it becomes cheaper
  7. Huge Rooftop Waterparks And Slides – Maybe even between buildings, moving water is cheap and easy, and when there is profit, innovation soon follows.
  8. Water Elevators – If pumping up water is still expensive, and I don’t see how it can’t be, it may become more efficient to make tall water pump with pipes that go out into surrounding buildings, most buildings pump there own water but if we can increase the capacity and durability of pipes than it probably becomes more efficient to have central buildings or towers where most of the water comes up, and to simply move the water vertically. Or maybe not, infrastructure is always tricky because of the high initial cost and the difficulty in experimentation.
  9. Showers Become Nicer – Water pressure isn’t high enough want multiple faucets, sure it’s cheap, easy, and fixable. We spend so much time here, anyway; we might as well optimize a bit.
  10. More Sinks – Hand washing is important; drinking enough is important; we don’t have sinks in every room because of aesthetic reasons, among others, but one thing that can make more sink rooms is the improvement of drains. Small drains on a kitchen floor if it’ not wooden and wall faucets. Maybe only for the eccentric, but style changes, and we seem to be becoming more focused on hygiene as time goes on. (I wonder why he asked, knowing full well one of the reasons.) So why not?

10 Sources Of Tension Durning Sea Battles

Or more often war at sea… I’m being somewhat historically here I just didn’t know what to write about today, I’ve been learning about world war 2 but more specifically the conflicts between the Americans and the Japanese so here goes.

  1. Fire – You don’t want your boat on fire but often you want the opponents’ ship on fire.
  2. Mystery – You don’t know where the opponent is until he is on you.
  3. Supplies – you don’t want to run out and you don’t want to take damage or waste limited supplies on non-essential repairs
  4. The Quiet – Hour on end, nothing happens you work you play cards you drink, but not too much you have to be ready at a moments notice every sound of the sea is potentially the enemy so don’t relax your guard
  5. You Don’t Want To Be There – if you live in the British empire, a whole lot of sailors were conscripted and didn’t get paid much
  6. You Miss Your Family – You’ve been at sea for weeks on end not knowing when something will happen or if, you don’t get to talk to any family at home and the Capitan is probably very strict
  7. Pirates – Your countries at war and your opponent will provide a safe harbor for pirates as long as they target you
  8. Your Crew Mates Are Thinking Of Joining The Pirates – The Capitan is too strict you’re tired of their jobs all you need is the chance
  9. The Food Is The Same Every Day – everything is the same you work hard and try and spot your enemies. Constant pressure incredibly risky battle and all that
  10. Your Only A Small Part Of The Ship – There is only so much you can do, so much you have an effect on and there are so many of them

A Poem About Paper

Tomorrow’s post will be a simple list about The-Summery-Machine; I finished my Arabic course today. So here’s a quicky. It ended up being about money because that was the conversation going in the background.

Almost forgotten in the modern age,
where information bombards us.
Once a tree and now a page,
it did define us.

Paper currency yet is made of cloth,
by it we value everything.
Like pigs eating from a trough,
we eat the only thing.

Trading necessary for social trust,
paper, cloth, and now on screens.
money based on paper rusts,
inflation deems it so,

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Tomorrow’s post will also be a questions questions question thing reading through it will help me (and possibly you) understand how punctuation affects tone; in addition the on Sunday I will write a post about disinhibition and all that.

  1. Why don’t you listen to me! Am I not good enough for you! Are you laughing at me! How dare you find this funny!
  2. Did you really try that! How can you be so stupid! Didn’t I tell you not to! I told you to be quiet!
  3. Hows the weather! How’s your wife! How did the previous two entries affect how you read this!
  4. How quickly can you answer! Answer already! Didn’t I ask a clear and concise question!
  5. Why did the duck cross the road! Why do you think I’m joking! Who said anything about a chicken!
  6. Did you think of a pink elephant! Why did you do that! Didn’t I tell you not to!
  7. What do you mean this is cheap humor! How long do you think it took me to come up with this! Five minutes how dare you be right!
  8. How long has it been since you last spoke to me! Didn’t I tell you to call back! What’s going on in your life!
  9. What do you mean I’m yelling! I’m not yelling, am I! Did seeing the word yelling while you scrolled past the page affect how you interpreted, read, this!
  10. Should I only do one thing at a time! Is testing for multiple things bad for accuracy! Why is adding additional stimulus bad!

10 Things To Sketch/Write While Learning

I was going to do something about self-teaching aids but I had no idea and not much time. (it’s my own fault but It’s what is.) So here I’m trying to make something valuable out of it.

  1. A chart of words that stick in your head and how they relate to each other.
  2. An absurd use or example of an application of what you are currently learning.
  3. A pattern of triangles or another shape as long as you don’t have to pay any attention to it. To keep the hands busy so that you don’t try to do something else,
  4. List Topics I can write about subject x. (I’m running low)
  5. A sketch of the teacher teaching the lesson or of yourself learning about it.
  6. A distinct color pattern. If you like history you can give different periods or years different colors. You can give different topics different sets of three colors so that those colors surge as framing for the topic.
  7. A sketch of a person or just a stick person you identify with the topic at hand. Also used as a framing device. (framing being the mental identification of something that puts you in the same state of mind, more or less, as when you do the thing that you identify… It’s late I have no clue what I’m actually saying. I should have written this earlier but eh I didn’t and I did say every day)
  8. Write a timeline for when related information was discovered.
  9. Write out misconceptions you had regarding the subject at hand. It can help avoid the curse of knowledge. (When because you understand something it seems intuitive or like common knowledge. For example, my constant assumption that people understand what I mean by framing and the curse of knowledge.)
  10. Write or sketch out an example of how knowing what your learning can save your life. B(e creative it’s a skill you can learn if that doesn’t work there are 9 other things on this list)

10 Punchlines For Watch Adds

It’s Friday and it’s almost Shabbat I have no clue what I’m doing but here’s something. (I apologize that there is no picture I forgot to write a post today and now I have no time. still imagine these with)

  1. Power at every hour
  2. The only watch that will keep time in the Apocolypse
  3. Not one second too late
  4. I thought you meant 6 pm
  5. “And Achilles never passed the tortoise”
  6. We used to measure time using the moon and the sun now the moon and the sun keep time using {insert brand name here}
  7. Some watches show off your class {insert brand name here} helps you show off your taste and your impeccable fashion taste
  8. Some watches show off your wealth {insert brand name here} helps you show off what got you there
  9. The only way to have a bottle opener on your wrist
  10. Beauty, Class, Power, But unlike these; this watch is unspeakable. (works best with a high price tag)

30 Real And Fake Color Names

Guess which ones are real and which aren’t Real names at https://www.colorhexa.com/color-names.
I made a picture for today but had other things to work on and ended up only writing the post when I didn’t have much time left so here is the only thing I could come up with on time.

  1. Air superiority blue
  2. Android Green
  3. Lemon Squeezy
  4. Tomato Paste
  5. Baby Blue
  6. Baby Blue Eyes
  7. Baby Pink
  8. Baby Tears
  9. Baby Powder
  10. United Nations Blue R
  11. Great Dane gray
  12. Windy fields
  13. Royal Purple
  14. Tyrian Purple
  15. Taupe
  16. Taupe Gray
  17. Ae
  18. Ao
  19. Ai
  20. Copper Rose
  21. Drab
  22. White Rose
  23. Flavescent
  24. Green Flavour
  25. Hooker Green
  26. Summer Green
  27. Laser Lemon
  28. Sunbeam
  29. Purple Mountian’s Majesty
  30. Deep Sea Blue
I kinda had no clue what I was doing with this and I didn’t have much time to work on it.
I had a theme but no plan for what to make so this is what came out.
(the program I’m using to make these isn’t the best for what I’m doing I’ll try a different program next week)

And Additional 24 Names For Paintings

Holiday starts in an hour (we don’t use computers on holiday) and the doctor recommended that I stay away from screens because my eye pain is more than likely from eye strain. All this is an excuse for not making a complete post today and for not having a picture to go along with this post (tragic I know). and so here’s a quicky.

  1. Blue Stars White Sky
  2. Lost In God’s Eye
  3. Brother Saying Goodbye
  4. Soldier On Standby
  5. Distant From Any Home
  6. Beautiful Hills Beside Rome
  7. Great Men Stand Alone
  8. Sketch Inside An Ancient Tome
  9. Hero’s Atonement
  10. Wife’s Adornments
  11. Husband’s Appointment
  12. Presidents Announcement
  13. Ruler’s Teaches Lesson
  14. Student Learns To Question
  15. Subjects Of Oppression
  16. Do Cause Moral Questions
  17. Great Revolution
  18. Second Revolution
  19. Third Revolution
  20. No True Revolution
  21. Revolving Token Heads
  22. Everyone Eat Sweetbreads
  23. Living On a Farmstead
  24. We All Still Bow Our Heads

10 Meaningless Food Labels

  1. Fat-Free – for drinks
  2. Sodium Free – vegetables
  3. Gluten-Free – Anything not bread-based
  4. Sugar-Free – most alternatives don’t help with diet
  5. Cruelty-Free – Sometimes a result of good intentions but when someone makes this claim your first response should be “say’s who?”
  6. 100% green – for what definition of “green”?
  7. Vegan – fruits and vegetables
  8. Calorie Free – water
  9. Low Calorie = Small servings
  10. Low anything = Small servings (per serving measurments)