10 Uses For Math

Tomorrow may end up being a quicky as well, I’m going to the dentist tomorrow to get my teeth x-rayed. And I have a small project that I’m taking too seriously, It may even take me an extra day to get it done because I’ll be doing a lot of math and 3d geometry involving Fibonacci spirals. (or I may give up on the math halfway through and just wing it. )

Most of these a computer can do for you. But if you do it yourself you can selectively choose inaccuracies or apply more flexibly.

  1. Recreating the patterns of plant growth
  2. Making a 2d image look like a real 3d object
  3. Saving money – Statistics and calculus. Of course, statistics will serve you best if they are applied to hundreds and thousands of choices, but it can help if you are in a position of power.
  4. Creating water clocks and timers – of course, this isn’t applicable in your life unless whatever is leaking leaks at a consistent pace.
  5. Rube Golberg Machines – And this can be an extension of the previous one.
  6. Produce your own firearms – if you want them to be accurate you need the bullets to fit pretty snugly into the pipe. (The information presented in this post is Still in no way reflective of my attitude towards firearms. I am simply making this into a running gag)
  7. Managing sewage systems – Because you need to know how many pounds of sewage would cause it all to collapse and how many sewage jams the system can handle. Also so that you can clear the jams.
  8. Coutning to ten can help you titile lists correctly – Of course, I’m not chainging it if I was writting it past midnight I simply posted it as a work in progress. And I have no good reasosn for why it took me so late to write this, I simply knew not about what.
  9. Save money while shopping – by calculating how much you’ll actually need and use, and how much it will cost you to store the extra your getting because it’s cheap. Also if it’s acutally on sale or if they’re actually just scamming you, but with the interent you don’t need that much math.
  10. Win At Gambling – Count Cards.

Sweet Nothings

Because the story is incoherent. And I can’t share it without feeling embarrassed. If it was coherent I would share it with feeling embarrassed. But it isn’t so I’m not.

Here it is late and a few sweet nothings.

  1. Flowers are pretty and so are you.
  2. Some would say you are pretty from the inside but that’s just creepy
  3. We are pretty, but sometimes we have to lose some fat to show it.
  4. Too much fat is as unattractive as too much of anything, hair, makeup, etc.
  5. It’s already past my posting time. It is already tomorrow.
  6. One bit of research wouldn’t be amiss. But when I look at you I see the abyss.
  7. Always believing the worst thing about others and the best about yourself is one of the most harmful things people do. OR maybe it’s a harmful thing people do most often. Or maybe it’s somewhere in between I should make a graph sometimes but it will probably be inaccurate.
  8. I’m often inaccurate though I try not to be, in you at least someone can see beauty. But do you want them to?
  9. And nine ten eleven, what do you see when you look in the mirror, a three? What can you do as your potential is far more than that, the only missing thing is I don’t know that’s up to you.
  10. And leave nothing to chance, for all success needs a bit of luck but all if you don’t work to use your luck you shall fail regardless.

12 Non-Curse Curses

I tried another post today, but it was about people and I haven’t interacted enough with people to create a post of that type. At least if I don’t want it to be misleading. So instead I’ll make it silly.

  1. Frickity frock that’s a load of crock
  2. Frickity frack, are you on crack?
  3. Eat some fruit ya pirate
  4. Pickidy poo, what’s wrong with you?
  5. Lickidy knee, what’s wrong with me?
    (it should probably go Lickady, but I’m spelling it as it sounds. At least to me.)
  6. Pretzel Twister – also an insult, I need more exclamations, well I have more exclamations but I need ones that are I can spell in English. I can’t just have P’cnlhc, it doesn’t communicate clearly the impact.
  7. Snake eggs – an exclamation
  8. Tick Eater – back to personal insults I guess
  9. Nostalgia Bait – wow know I’m just getting hurtful, but I try to be too clever at times so let me go for something smaller.
  10. Maximum Overhole
  11. Minimus thinkus
  12. Pen Tumbler

10 Ways To Expand My Horizons

Well, I can’t know if these will actually expand my horizons or how because I can’t see beyond my horizons otherwise they wouldn’t be horizons. I can guess though so I’ll try that.

  1. Learn mechanics then work in a garage – it’s distant from my lifestyle. But just the working on cars would give me a better perspective on how the world works and probably more apretiation for the systems we already have in place.
  2. Learing more about statistics and discision making – I’ll get how the big guys do it, and a better sense of why things go wrong.
  3. Learing more about advanced but apilicible math – and physics to go along with it, sense of how the world works, and more tool to apretiate it.
  4. Try to use scientific method to gather information, research than write about a subject – this seems like it will, because the subject I first chose was forgivness and my current understanding of the subject is “It’s complicated.”
  5. Actually get out of my house more – the current enviorns get in the way, but not that much.
  6. FInaly learn to drive – I am seriously afraid of cars, and rightfully so, and I don’t trust myself enough to drive one.
  7. Get around regardless
  8. Three month hike – well a few weeks would also have some effect but I haven’t done this and believe this will give me better apretiation and perspective. (I know I noticed I interpert the frace expand your horizons in a matter different form the norm.)
  9. Try to get a job I con’t feel qualfied for – slowly reduce my standeards untill I find where I’m actually valued at and what I need to get where I want to. (or I’ll relize I need to quit said job because I don’t know what I’m doing, but does this job actually need to be done? Is me being there simply getting who would normally be there out of the way? But then it would be wrong to collect money doing nothing so, questions for later. But not much later.)
  10. Actually try to sell a product – I know it’s hard, but I don’t actually know whats hard about it and what would be doing something wrong.
    – + 2
  11. Start a weekly video or podcast channel – better sense of what I can do, and more.
  12. Actually post my more ambitious writtings, put effort into getting it read – than I could know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

10 Additional Ideas For Novels

Second post today, I started my first post went for a walk with my brother came back ate dinner, then realized it was 11:40 and I only had half a blog post. So another one of these it is.

  1. Am I But A Dog? – A dog gradually gains the sapience of a human.
  2. If Animals Had Wheels – An A.I is developed to build a virtual world and simulate evolution. But if you miss a detail when allowing for random small changes over time…
  3. How the world now works – A machine is created that can reprogram reality to a limited degree, the first thing done is to prevent the construction of a similar machine, changing a whole lot of other facets of reality in the process. The man who has access to the machine is king, but when the machine changes something, it changes everything.
  4. Scented Candles – a romantic crime novel
  5. Another Mans Kidney – A heartbreaking sequel (I was told this is to close to reality or too twisted as I intended it. I shouldn’t have asked I haven’t the time.)
  6. We Will Be As One – a dramatic conclusion
  7. Forgotten Brothers – The curse for immortality is that memories and records of your existence slowly fade away. And only the siblings of great historical figures had access to such things.
  8. A Newer Better Magic – when the old relics are actually useless, and every year the old masters become obsolete. But it still takes time to grow, and the old masters hold power and will not go out quietly.
  9. Toy Guns On A Battlefield – the children of soldiers are not soldiers themselves, and war only needs to look real from afar.
  10. 1 Minute Left – a time loop minimalized.

12 Things Humans Can Do

I’m not in the best state of mind for a post today and my brain hurts. So this time I’ll try to be more entertaining.

  1. Open Doors – make doors, define things as doors. Doors are more than just entrances, they are human in a way.
  2. Make Roads -what’s the difference between a road and a path? A road was made intentionally by a creature that could do things intentionally.
  3. Talk – a form of communication unique to us. (unless sentient aliens exist, but )
  4. Declare something as useless
  5. Chose what to consider as important – but it’s hard to stop considering things as important and some things feel important with no consideration. But some things don’t at first but we can create that as well.
  6. Lie – but animals can be equally deceptive. With intent, well, what constitutes intent for animals. What constitutes intent for animals though? It’s a contentious topic I do not sufficiently understand it, both sides make good points and, while I probably act in one way or the other, mentally I’m undetermined.
  7. Play Music – With instruments, some whales also produce something surprisingly similar to human music, with melodies and end phrases and all that. But instruments for sure.
  8. Make Instruments – well some monkies peel the bark off of sticks to get at ants better. But this is about bringing attention to what we are capable of, not dissing other species goddamit. and our instruments are more complex, we use them for more stuff. Also musical instruments, those are uniquely human.
  9. Write Blog Posts – I had to
  10. Interface with human technology – we’ve made it that way. And we are capable of learning to use almost everything we make, well as a species.
  11. Create our own games – form pen and paper and cardboards, and simply form words. We can always create a game to play, our tools are innumurable, and the rules can entertain or assist in tasks we are undertaking.
  12. Compound on existing information – (Is compound a stupid word to use here? it’s a quicky I don’t have the time for this.) Grow, learn form others, make up ideas. We create transferable information, and if you are reading this there is so much information for you to use, just a little work away.

12 Ideas Band Names

I’m not feeling very creative today and my thoughts are preoccupied, so I’ll try something that demands creativity.

  1. Yesterdays Bloom
  2. Morrow
  3. Prince’s Stolen Jewels
  4. Silent Simon
  5. The Nice Ones
  6. Move Forwards Backwards
  7. Hurt your X’s
  8. But I’M Different
  9. Don’t Hate Me But
  10. Greatest Enemies
  11. Tools
  12. Infinitely inbred

An Obligatory Quicky

Things are way too complicated, I can make useful distinctions but they far to general all and apparently subjective. So the “in order to” “or else” distinction will need to be generalized and reworked. And even I’m not sure if I’ll have something useful or if I’ll discover a new way to communicate nothing. I probably don’t even have the prerequisite knowledge required to reach a meaningful conclusion. Either way, I’ll try but if I ever make something postible? That’s anyone’s guess.

Apparently not sleeping enough does impact my blog writing abilities, but I’ll try to make something anyways… You know what it’s been more than a week, I’ll just go for some more book titles, specifically:
12 book titles based on the word obligation.

  1. 5 Minute Obligations in The Modern World
  2. Obligated To Succeed – Overbearing, parents, siblings, coworkers, and more.
  3. Failed Obligations – and how they affect us
  4. Defining Everything in Terms of Obligation – Where it sticks and where it fails
  5. Living Obligations – and why we don’t take care of ourselves
  6. Musical Obligations – how the popular music of a society forces itself onto the members of said society
  7. Creative Obligations – and how to avoid pandering
  8. Unfulfilled Obligations Throughout History – and how they shape our modern problems
  9. Obligated to Play – Something something skinner boxes something something Dopamine addiction
  10. Obligated To Pay – How criminals treat currency
  11. Criminal Obligations – how the worst in society avoid the tragedy of the commons (aka snitched get stitches)
  12. Life Without Obligations – and how to keep a life rolling

A Quicky

Well, it seems I’ve abandoned the posts I have for good reason, and since I no longer have the time to complete one of the more complex ones I need a post for today.

So here 10 book titles based on the word abandoned

  1. Abandoning Bad Ideas
  2. Abandoning True False Safety
  3. Abandoned Religions
  4. Abandoned Futures
  5. Lost But Not Abandoned
  6. With No Abandon
  7. Abandon The Word Abandoned
  8. 10 Reasons To Abandon True Freedom
  9. 10 Reasons To Abandon The Alternatives
  10. Abandon Your Doubts And Live Regardless

11 Idea For Home Product Brand names

I just spent 20 minutes writing two paragraphs in a post I wanted to do about Pavlov. I spent more time reading about him and I’m spent so here’s a quick post for today.

  1. De-Dustifiers
  2. Clearer Views – windows and counters
  3. Rinse Clean Glass – easy to wash, just rinse to clean.
  4. Juice Everything
  5. Under The Table – collapsible and easy to store cleaning supplies
  6. Muffin Men – selling to men with romantic ambitions, easy to cook, and to cook with.
  7. Electro-clean – for taking care of household electronics.
  8. The Handy Sanitizer – easy to use cleaning supplies
  9. Stackable Storage (or maybe just Stackables) – For better storage of cups, bowls, spices, and silverware.
  10. Bunker Brooms – Household tools that will stay with you through anything.
  11. Green, Blue, And Yellow Homes – household reuse and recycle. Bottlecap cleaners, refillable plastic bag dispensers, Plastic wrap re-wrappers, and more.