10 Lists I Mistakenly Said Everyone Should Make

Not that they weren’t worth making but I didn’t want to share all of them and some of them were better than others. Some of them though those are obviously worth it.

10 Things I Don’t Want To Tell My Parents

I may be stretching things a little by requiring 10 entries so I may repeat myself a bit. Also, I tend to be quite honest so I don’t have much to put here.

  1. Projects I begin to work on
  2. And goals I claim – I don’t want them to see me fail.
  3. Promises I broke – I want to look good
  4. my relationships with others – my parents can be quite embarrassing at times
  5. My online media consumption habits
  6. What books I read sometimes
  7. What I write in my journal
  8. My stupid fears and suspicions
  9. My more valid fears and suspicions – Sometimes I can’t differentiate
  10. Where I want to be at any moment – and in life in general

Things I Talk About That I Know Nothing About

This one hurts to make. I may add stuff here eventually but probably not until I make a “things I got wrong” list (By the time I stop pushing that one-off It’ll triple in length).
I am not using the best approach to these but they work even if done badly.

  • American Politics
  • The Originality Of My Posts – I claim that most of them are original but I do a crap job of seeing if someone else said it before
  • Computers – Computer is a vague generalization, but after helping someone on a particular topic I tend to act as an authority to wholly unrelated topics.
  • Poetry – This should be obvious but speak in flowery enough language…
  • Human Behavior – another topic I suffer from overgeneralizing at times. Also sometimes I take my ideas for granted until I learn better. (still, I wouldn’t say I know nothing about it)
  • Other’s beliefs and opinions – not unique to me but I should point this out. I’ve been working on it though so I will probably be assuming less

Point times I spoke bullshit and I will extend this list.

Things I Don’t Do That Others Do And Why

  1. Socialize Well – personal reasons not rare but more than half of the population seem to get it (maybe my perspective is skewed).
  2. Go Out Often – I make excuses because I am somewhat afraid. But the fears are unfounded and exposure is key to getting over them.
  3. Put in effort – not that I never put in the effort but sometimes it is definitely missing from my end
  4. Date – a result of the socializing things. Exposure is key. (If I say it enough eventually I may get through to myself)
  5. Trust My Opinions – because on average we are wrong 50%(when arguing) of the time. So I might as well be adaptable.
  6. Trust My Thoughts – this comes as overcompensation from the previous entry. I am wrong far too often to assume otherwise. (This is probably confirmation bias talking)
  7. Sleep At Consistent Times – I don’t have the structure in place but I’m working on it.
  8. Avoid Being a Hypocrite – this list and some of my past posts are proof enough but this too is something I am working on.

This list too isn’t complete and I will fit it consistently (unless I forget). I hope to wipe things off this list in the future.

Yesterday’s list mostly became things I do which I shouldn’t be doing and the things that I should already have the reasons why written out so I’m going straight into…

Places where I speak indistinctly (and why)

I will turn this into reasons why I speak indistinctly because I worded the list badly and will be able to produce more content this way.

  1. The primary reason I speak indistinctly is that I want to sound good.
  2. As a result, I tend to be indistinct or deny full ownership of what I say when there is a high likelihood that I may be wrong or if what I say may make me look bad.
  3. Some subjects seem taboo (culturally, I’m kinda trained not to talk about them) so I am indistinct when saying somethings. This also applies to cursing.
  4. I am indistinct because of social discomforts.
  5. And Because I fear miscommunicating.
  6. When I don’t want to share too much with strangers online. A good example would be this list I may make a more detailed private version of this list in my journal but you will probably never see it.
  7. When making promises I try to leave myself legroom. At times it causes me to half-ass things but I get to remain honest with less work (I’ll work on this too).

Questions I should ask myself more often

First I already made a list of this sort ten-questions-everyone-should-ask-themselves and most of those questions still apply to me. I’ll copy that list here. (If you have the 10 minutes can you look at the original and the lists I was making back then and comment if you like that more than my current style)

Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves: But in this case, I should ask myself more often

  • What do I justify to myself by partaking in X self-destructive behavior?
  • Do I actually want to be the person I pretend to be in my head (or the sum of my thoughts) if so why aren’t I? and if not what can I do to think differently? (in this case, start by internally disproving yourself every time said unwanted thought comes up)
  • Why did I just think that? (ask yourself this often)
  • Is what I’m doing important or urgent?
  • What can I do, and what can I get rid of, so that fewer urgencies are getting in my way?
  • What can I do to improve myself within the framework of existing habits(for example if you have a habit of checking {insert social media platform(s) of personal choice here}, then you can post things on said {social media platform} that will encourage you to act in accordance with current goals, or you can make contacts on said {social media platform} hold you accountable to what is important to you)
  • What habits do I have which are purely detrimental? and what can I do to change them (It’s hard to just drop habits forever)
  • What am I thankful for? What should I be thankful for? What can I be thankful for? (ask yourself this daily thankfulness is incredibly good for your spiritual and social health)
  • What is needed to convince me that I’m wrong? and what do I dismiss without thinking through?
  • Why am I tired at this moment? (go through the previous questions when this comes up some of them will help you actually find an answer)

Newer additions may be added at a later date. I am not in the right mindset to continue this at the moment. At least not if I want to post it online. (When I do I will put it as a blog post. As I believe in its potential value.)

10 Things I Care About That Don’t (always) Reflect In My Actions

  1. Producing good content
  2. Producing value
  3. People less fortunate than me
  4. The state of the world around me (the environment)
  5. Music
  6. Poverty
  7. Child slavery (slavery in general) in third world countries
  8. Politics
  9. My social life
  10. My health sometimes

10 Political opinions I hold despite no actual experience of the consequences

Seeing the amount I’m writing here I will copy it to be today’s post (also reformating). I think it will be of more value or entertainment to you than a quicky. Please comment if that is not the case.

  • Government influence on the distribution of wealth and government responsibilities. – I have no idea of the experience of people at different levels of wealth. ut still think the government should give room for the highest number of people to produce the most wealth for themselves instead of producing less wealth in total but having people in lower levels of wealth have more of it. I should try and compare how people actually experience the world and which form of policy maximizes measures of human happiness and satisfaction (using measures of both how we remember events, and the total level of pain and satisfaction we experience using a hedonometer and such). But in any case, I hold opinions about maximizing the number of people that can benefit as I believe that it will maximize the quality of life in the future.
  • The inevitability of the abuse of power. – I don’t have enough experience. And don’t know enough people who can attest to it being true. Mainly I am educated by history and satire but I don’t know how much confirmation bias is involved.
  • How Crime and criminals should be treated – I live in a pretty sheltered environment.
  • Abortion – all in all, my opinions on the subject are pretty mild and prone to change but I do have them despite being both sheltered and male.
  • Immigration to Europe – the same as the last one expect Instead of male I am not European
  • Immigration to Israel – I know very few immigrants.
  • Immigration to the US of A – I have far too many opinions on immigration.
  • Legislation in other fields – I am coming out of school and don’t have much experience with it yet.
  • Legalization – for example, I don’t drink or do drugs but I still believe most of that stuff should be legal.
  • Criminalization (specifically decriminalization) – Same

Still, I believe I am justified in holding some of these opinions as not having experience of the consequences does not prohibit me from the knowledge of the subject and in some cases allows me to act as a more objective observer.
According to me.
I wonder if empathy (in relation to well presented and accurate media) can have similar effects on opinion as experience.

Reasons I can hold some opinions based on knowledge and not experience.

Also the things they apply too.
I haven’t been sharing too many personal details here because I still feel weird about sharing online sometime in the future if this blog ever goes anywhere I will rewrite the NOt Being A Hypocrite posts in better form and more detail.

I made a huge mistake in how I put too little time and effort into the “Lists Everybody Should Make” post and I am paying for it now. Writing these takes me far more time and effort than it should.

  • In matters such as politics, it sometimes comes to a moral and philosophical view of the world. These means are opinions on this subject (in an optimal world) should be based on a shared understanding and knowledge.
  • Many decisions are better made when viewing the world through an objective lens. Personal investment rarely reflects the actual importance of the subject and some things important enough that it should be considered even by those distant from it.
  • Experience is not necessary for the development of an objective view of consequences especially when those consequences are far-reaching.

I am rethinking the way I view the world as a response to trying to make this list so I apologize for not posting much here despite the amount of time I pushed it off. My wordcraft here has been especially subpar because I don’t really know what I want to say.

10 things I say most often and ways to explain/rephrase them that change how I experience them

I’ll fill this in English latter for now because this list is meant to represent daily phrases and not blog writing please comment on which one you want me to put here so that I can complete this.

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