Pre-Post 35

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Three Questions:

Where do the names of fruits and vegetables come from (in English, at least to begin with)? What’s the origin of them? Why would we start naming fruits and vegetables? If you go far enough back, do the names all begin with something descriptive like blueberry? (it doesn’t have to be an accurate description, just a commonly understood one.)

What fruits and vegetables don’t have their name origins in something descriptive like blueberry, and why?
Are there any fruits or barries named after an individual who grew them?

Why do different languages have different Onomatopoeias that refer to the same things? Specifically, animal sounds, is it simply pronunciation differences and words changing over time? Or is it based on the sound of now extinct or rare ancestors of the animals we have today?

Four Creative* Lines:

I’m not sure if I should define positing a theory as a question because, for many of my questions, that’s what I do. But then I ask questions to reinforce such things, and those are the actual questions.
A question is a very versatile tool, as we have made information, a valuable shared commodity, and questions can be used to manipulate, acquire, or to create more information.

While these lines may not seem creative, I am creating right now. Working on idea presenting them, in the hopes I land on something truly special that is both useful and has not yet been shared. Attempting to create ideas. I once thought that the reasons I write so much here is because I am following a line of thought, hopefully, a creative line of thought, and while that is often the case, I think it is more likely that I write a paragraph in place of a line so that within that paragraph (the thoughts I am exploring and presenting) something creative is to be found.

We enjoy rereading, and re-experiencing things, is it the familiarity? Is it that we remember our enjoyment, anticipate it but forgot just enough of what we are reading to read it again? I don’t know, but the desire to re-experience excitement can bring about that excitement, we get shivers when listening to music we like but can we derive excitement from expectations when we don’t know what to expect? Maybe that’s why disappointed expectations hurt so much, a joy that will never be, or never be again. The moment is all that counts sometimes, and the future is too distant to matter.

And I’d like to believe I landed on 4 lines already, but I don’t know. Yet I am tired and do not wish to continue this. I shall work on my short story, well work in an organized manner, starting at 2:30, and since I already have an idea I wish to comunicate I shall spend my twnety minutes making it comprehenisble there.
Have a wonderfuly productive and satisfieng week, and if you can’t I wish you gain the ablity to be closer to that and without needing to harm others along the way.

Weekend Post

Tomorrow I will write and post a short story about a man trapped on an island.
My father went back to the states to work and while I wanted to make a pre-post post, then a list, then something at least. I couldn’t find it in me to make anything more right now. Or at least to make something I was willing to post.

Today’s color is #1bd1b4

Pre-Post Post 10 (weekend post)

I wanted to make both a pre-post and a normal post today but I realized I had more to do before sabbath came in so I’m doing putting them together. (I also wasted a bit of time playing a stupid game but that was back when I thought I would have enough time, so I have an excuse.)

Today’s color is #e6758d

Three Questions:

How much water has to be drunk before it becomes unhealthy? (and I’m not talking about drowning here.) Can we get a good approximation using body mass + biological sex? (men and women need to drink different amounts of water on average, I don’t know why.) Do we need to measure body fat as well? When is it too much effort, and when can we get a sufficient approximation? (I tend to think withing 95% of the proper amount is a sufficient approximation. But I may be overly ambitious.)

What’s the most common governmental system? How should I define a governmental system? is system of government a better term?
What job exists in the highest number of governmental systems? (defining a Governmental system must exist in at least 3 countries with populations of above 100,000 individuals to be considered as such for this question. It’s kinda arbitrary but I’m the one asking and I to draw a line somewhere.)

What was the most popular game ever? What game was played the most over the course of a single year? What board game? What card game? What video game?

10 Idea For Song Names (probably the most meaningless ideas for me to post here but I need to put something down before I get distracted again.)

  1. Drowning In A Kiddy Pool – slightly suicidal, but the song has a nice beat.
  2. Pocket Spices – How to make any scenario interesting
  3. Popcorn Smugglers – A young child’s perspective
  4. Empty Brain – A series of musical transitions pretending to be a song.
  5. Icosahedron – a song about dice not having enough sides
  6. Minor Celebration – taking happy folk songs in a minor key and trying to make a happy pop song out of them.
  7. Vaguely Angelic – recorded in multiple languages, to be listened to in a language you don’t understand.
  8. Big Ideas – 12 ways I could change the world if I wasn’t singing this song
  9. Small Ideas – 12 ways I am improving the world by singing this song
  10. Heroic Monolog – Wow, we are so great we shall defeat the darkness… LA LA laLA We are so great…

A Number Of Answers

I’ve lost my first pre-post so I’m starting from my second and I’m only doing the questions from my pre-post this time there are just too many questions to go through otherwise.

I just got 10 questions in and I already realize how many of these I can’t answer (well give a definite answer to,) with the research I am doing. I’m not sure if that is a good thing, but I think it is.
What questions I choose to answer and what not is simply a matter of answerability. Some of the questions were not meant to have universal answers and for some I simply can’t find the information.

Can we remember exact shades of color enough to recreate them?
Not in our head; I’m still not sure if we can mix paint to recreate a color we’ve seen or using color splotches, but from what I’ve read, probably not.

Does knowing the color name help? Can we recreate names by simulating what computers do?
Well, describing colors when remembering them can help us recreate them more accurately, so maybe.

Why do the color values on a computer only go up to 255? (ff in hexadecimal)
We use hexadecimal because it is somewhat easy to read, it lines up with binary, and you can count up to 255 with only 2 digits. The next ones that line up with binary are base 32, 64, 128, etc, and those are much harder to read. Yes, base 32 goes all the way from 1,2,3…9,A,B…V,W, which is still going in the order of the letters, but I don’t think we remember the alphabet well enough to work with that. So base 16 1,2,3…9,A…F, is what we use.
Oh, and base 16 represents exactly half a byte; that’s probably the real reason. For a full byte, we’d need base 256, and that’s a readability disaster.

How would cursed numbers work?
No clue. I only know that you have to burn the deck if someone smacks a triple 6 in Egyptian Ratscrew.

How would history look if King Louis XVI took a more active role in running his kingdom, at least before the revolution? Would he have been able to change anything, or would he just be swept along?
Long, complicated, and I’m not a historian. Do the research yourself, but the question is open-ended enough that we could probably generate at least 3 different alternate histories from it.
Yes, he would have been able to make a difference, at least in how the revolution turned out.

Why do we want to fit in when we don’t want to be judged the same as others?
Because multiple social and biological systems affect our behaviors and what we want, we can want things that contradict each other, and sometimes we do.

If I know I’m wrong, does that make me right?
I had fun with this one. No, I wasn’t right, but I am right about having been wrong.

If you could make something hurt for half as long, but you would remember it more, would you? In what scenarios, when, and why?
Personal question answer as you will.
I personally would, in most situations. And I’m currently trying to come up with exceptions; I would rather feel the scorpion sting for twice as long than be afraid to walk barefoot, There’s one.

Is the idea of purgatory meant to be comforting; you feel intense, deserved pain, and then you are relieved of your guilt and allowed to go to paradise with the rest?
I don’t want to answer this one. And I can’t because I don’t know if the idea of purgatory was meant to be comforting or if it even was a consideration for those who came up with it.

Why did the Christians come up with it?
It’s religious history I wouldn’t even hazard a guess.

And who was the first believer in such a concept? (aka who were the first believers in purgatory.)
I don’t know how to find the answer to this, and I don’t think we have sufficient historical knowledge. But someone may have figured that out, but I can’t find them. (well, in the five minutes I checked, if I can’t find a lead, I’ll move on I have a lot of questions to go through.)

What’s the deal with twenty-sided dice? Is their really a five percent chance to fail at any task, was any research or thought put into that?
I can’t find answers to this. I need to do actual research and not just copy the research of others. Or you can do it if you’re interested.
Was it for the sake of humor?
It does add an element of chance, which can make games interesting. If you’re wondering what game I am referring to, d20’s are usually used in D&D and other role-playing games.

Why is water so important?
It’s liquid at room temperature and can be solid or gas within our environment, it’s a universal solvent, and water can carry things into and out of cells.

How does the human body process water?
Well, it’s absorbed through the small intestine than complicated things happen, and I don’t understand it that well yet.

Do we process water at different speeds depending on our thirst?
I’m having trouble finding answers for this one, but I want to know. But I don’t understand water digestion processing that well. how much and how recently we ate impacts water digestion speed. But the answer to this question I cannot find.

Not answering Pre-Post 7 here, you’ll have to see for yourself. it was from back when the pre-posts were attempts at building a habit, and I was giving myself limited time to complete them so the creative lines got cut short. And ignore the math in binary part. I have an outline of a syllabus, but I keep on finding better things to do. Well other things to do, it’s a lot of work.

Pre-Posts 8 through 10 aren’t answerable, or if they are it’s way too much work for what I’m doing here. So I’m skipping them.

It seems I’ll be doing this in 5 parts as I have already spent quite a bit of time on this. I working on a pace of more than a week’s worth of questions for one of these so that I can catch up to my current pre-posts and make one of these at the end of every week, summarizing the questions from that week.

See you next Thursday for the next part.

Pre-Post 34

Today’s color is #505da9

I will only answer questions I asked since my second pre-post but I’ve been looking through a few of my old posts, and while they aren’t the best I there seems to have been a certain charm to them that I have lost. As such I will be more satisfied with shorter posts and pre-posts, that I can feel more energized and be more likely to produce something good. Essentially I am rethinking my standards and defining them differently. So while there may not be much of a change in what I post here at least in the short term. Improvement is coming. Still, the answers post will come today but I may have to post it in multiple parts in which case part 1 comes today.

Three Questions (short version I’m busy today):

Can I answer questions in a satisfying manner?
Can someone be hired for asking the right questions?
What is the most important question ever asked from the perspective of a {}? {teacher, lawyer, anthropologist, etc}

Four Creative Lines:

Nothing is infinite space is limited the amount we can think is limited everything is limited. But in math we can consider the infinite, we can use what is not real to narrow down reality. (There I made math sound cool.)

We disagree companies cannot regulate themselves. Governments also can’t regulate themselves, that’s the idea between having multiple branches, if the people aren’t paying attention they’re supposed to regulate each other’s behavior. But instead, they work together, two parties three branches of government, businesses that make deals with the people in these places, then all other people have no more say.

My questions used to be like today, but yesterday today’s question wouldn’t even constitute a single question. My definitions are messed up.

We won’t be at the end of the world that is mercy in death.

Wow that was a dark way to end things have a nice day.

12 How To Book Ideas

Well, I can summarize my previous attempt at a post today. Germs Are Everywhere.
So I still have time left for a silly list, but instead of wasting it, I’ll do more book ideas.

The idea of these is that someone did the action in order to prove that it is possible

  1. How To Build A Car With No Money – A autobiography and a guide.
  2. How To Create A Water Purifier Anywhere – And I mean anywhere
  3. Bare Bone Phones – how to create communication devices out of litiral trash.
  4. Your Second Face – how to keep calm and collected enough not to die. I’ll admit we won’t put ourselves in too many life thretening places for this one.
  5. How To Actually Predict Human Behaviors – You need a lot of information and not all people are predictable, but the things that you can predict will be explained in this 4 volume series.
  6. How To Count Cards And Get Away With It – it’s not illegal.
  7. How To Memorise E3rv998Grhj2f33S – Never need another password, and sound really impressive when recogmending the book.
  8. Sleepwalking Training – People would buy it.
  9. How To Count Base 21 – Seeing colors you’ve never seen before.
  10. How To Change The Publics Mind – My four year project.
  11. How To Make A Nearly Unbrakable Code – Counting to base 24
  12. How To Build A Habit – Real me is should be working on this more.

Pre-Post 33 (10 Questions)

Today’s color is #f2df6a

10 Questions (I’m trying something slightly different today. Slightly.)

  1. Why and when does frustration make us feel tired?
  2. How often do we quit out of frustration, and how often does it make us try harder?
  3. In what scenarios do we do better work while frustrated?
  4. How much time are you willing to spend trying to change some else’s opinion? Are we all fighting over the people we can convince?
  5. What does it take to identify someone who is willing to change their opinion, or who doesn’t have much of an opinion and is easy to convince?
  6. Is there a moment when you can see someone change? Is there a tipping point? And how much of what comes before is necessary?
  7. What is the animal with the fastest swimming speed? Is it likely that it dwells in the deepest of seas we know not much about?
  8. What dwells in the deep dark that we can learn from? What can we discover in the few places on this planet we are still not welcome?
  9. Why the fascination? If I simply said under the sea INstead of the deep dark I don’t think I would be as interested, but why? The connotation what other thoughts are related to the deep dark and the phrase under the sea is corrupted by a song.
  10. What else can we not think of because of such corruption? Where do we need new terms to overcome our associations? Where do YOU need a new context? That is a question worth dwelling upon. (at least in my opinion.)

Here I see how my pre-posts often are better than what I consider to be my main posts. I’ll look into why that is.
Have a wonderful timeskip.

A Demon’s Compliments (List)

And still, I seem incapable of writing a longer post, but I shall when I am finally relaxed. And in addition to that, I shall have the answers post later this week even if I’m not relaxed. And my ideas aren’t developing well, my posts aren’t coming out. But I shall resume and create more until I am back into something good.
For now though I shall make a list out of an idea I hoped would be good. And maybe it will still be good.

  1. You look very thoughtful today
  2. It’s almost as beautiful as your relationship with your parents
  3. You couldn’t look better
  4. Whatever you choose you’ll do it well
  5. Nice enthusiasm
  6. You did your best
  7. I wouldn’t worry so much the audience is very polite

I’m having trouble, context is important and I don’t have context, so I hope to make something better tomorrow when my headache gets better. And I hope to give the topic the attention it deserves.

Have a nice whenever it is.

Pre-Post 32

Today’s color is #de3149

Three Questions:

How did humans discover candles? Early on, candles were used in temple business, and in holidays, at least by the Romans and Greeks; I’m not aware of how the Chinese used candles. Where they invented as a substitute for oil lamps? And attempt at salvaging oil that hardened or became more waxlike?
Questions for the interested. (it just felt weird leaving the idea unconcluded.)

Am I attractive? Well, I shouldn’t ask that here. Is my brain attractive? If not, what can I change? Well, nothing; my brain is inside my head, and I like it there (thank you very much.) So do my words communicate an attractive confidant and well-read individual? Well, at least two of those, I don’t think I express much confidence in my writing here unless the very act of writing here is an expression of confidence, a willingness to be heard, and all that.
I seek answers, but I have none to share with you at the moment.

Answers that shall be the name of a post this week, I still hope to get back into the longer ones, so I’ll look up the answers to my pre-post questions that have answers I can find and present them all. But how many of you are interested in the answers? How many were interested in the questions? Am I adding value by repeating information found elsewhere? Is there any way to consistently inspire brilliance?
Answers will be found in a later post. Or not.

It takes a counsel to change a mans mind.
But I can change my own. (and maybe you can too.)

10 Benefits To Holding Strong Opinions (but don’t stick to them too strongly)

6 Benefits To Holding Strong Opinions (but don’t stick to them too strongly)

  1. Fun Conversations
  2. You’ll research and be more aware of the issues at hand
  3. You’ll be proven wrong and gain more practice in changing your mind (hopefully, or maybe you’re a one in a million)
  4. You become more interested, or at the very least invested.
  5. You seek out people to agree with – more social connections.
  6. You seek out people to argue with – more social connections (but don’t be too aggressive in defense of your opinions that’s risky)
  7. Opinions Can Be Antidepressants – you have something you want to change something your working towards, a group you belong too, or a group you’re the only one who can start.
  8. You have a reasons to follow what is happening somewhere in the world
  9. Opinions can provide goals to work towards
  10. Your opinions can’t be challenged if you don’t have any. And having your opinions challenged is good for your brain.

This took me 40 minutes to make this. HOW? I ended it with the words Good For Your Brain. GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN. Wel that’s as good as I’m coming up with now so I’ll move on with my day.

Have a nice day.