An Additional 24 Song Names

I can’t even get a random word post written today. I don’t know why something’s getting in my way. I don’t know when my mind will relax, I’ll write something here before more time passes. Quality varies and so does my writing, and I have no clue.

  1. Today is a Day
  2. Reckoning Some More
  3. Time’s Awaiting
  4. Tomorrow Waits for No Man
  5. The Moment Will Come
  6. He Waits For Me
  7. She’ll love me someday
  8. I Am The Future
  9. She Is The Past
  10. Unwilling To Remember
  11. The Other Days Passed
  12. I Will Make It Happen
  13. The Future Is Near
  14. Erasing The Past
  15. So I stop To Feel
  16. Erasing The Present
  17. I’ll Have No More Pain
  18. For When I Remember
  19. I Was Once Insane
  20. I’ll Be Sane Tomorrow
  21. I Would Promise You That
  22. One Day I Lost It
  23. But Then It Was Found
  24. Someday I Will pick Myself Off The Ground

10 Ideas Based Off Of Randomly Generated Words

So I’m doing the random word generator thing. I may try for a more interesting post tomorrow but I have a different project to tackle.

  1. Crack

    Crack. The world shook, it was all falling apart.
    Crack. he stared down at it, his hands shaking his excitement melting away
    Then it broke, he held it in his hands. His work, flawed, imperfect, cracked.
    If only it was better if he were better. Imperfect! He threw it away in disgust.
  2. Duck

    They flew through the sky in foul formation.
    Flying up high, above warring nations.
    Soldiers looked up birds flew around.
    One word was yelled and they all were shot down.
  3. Concert

    Music, magic, crazy run.
    Musicians played for the audience’s fun.
    Beauty, elegance, the artists seek.
    But today they made money maybe next week.
  4. Allowance

    You will not do so or I’ll take away your allowance. An interesting statement, because by threatening to take away someone’s allowance we are not allowing them to do something and so they don’t have an allowance.
    I don’t know words are weird.
  5. Press

    Press the paper, prepare the ink.
    We must find what is happening.
    We must make news for the audience.
    (I don’t know how to continue this. Next!)
  6. Gesture

    With a quick wave of his hand, excitement covered the whole land.
    Then the server refilled his cup.
  7. X-ray

    To my great regret, I know very little of X-rays, as you call them.
    I heard you use them to see into people, why? Are they some sort of mind-reading device?
    No? to see what’s inside their bodies? I understand these X-rays burn holes into them so that you can see. No? Why didn’t you say so so. They pass through the bodies? But how do you read them?
  8. Hospital

    For some people a second home.
    The old we don’t allow to roam.
    We say we care and so we think.
    But we don’t even let them drink. (not the most accurate description, but are their people who you treat this way. You allow yourself to do things which are bad for your health, all because someone is closer to the ultimate consequence doesn’t mean you can make their decisions for them!)
  9. Secure

    Secure closed, safe. They wouldn’t find it or him for that matter.
    The matter was closed, he had gotten away, his friend would live another day. And yet, I didn’t sleep that night, I was worried was it secure enough, They said it was but could I trust them were they secure. No, I shouldn’t think like that, those thoughts are manipulable, they weren’t secure. It would be better if he seemed calm, no, if was calm… Calm, detached, secure, in thought and in action,
  10. Demonstrator

    One who presents and this is all I can present in the time I have left.
    I may do again this tomorrow it was fun.

10 Uses For Video

A technology that has become mundane, I must reconsider what I’ve taken for granted. So I’ll try to treat it as something new and unique.

  1. Path Maps – instead of having an eagle-eye view, wouldn’t it be easier to get places if there was a first-person view or a path that could be followed. Turn left here go straight here, short videos moving through paths.
  2. Video Messages – delete half an hour after being watched, unless saved onto the device if data storage is an issue. Quick messages, screen recordings. Video is incredibly useful nowadays.
  3. Dance Mirrors – record yourself and see your movements. Maybe for training and practice. Just mirror sized screens or something it doesn’t have to be perfect quality, but it has to have good focus.
  4. Video Books – well the natural progression of audiobooks, just words plus pictures, no, it’s not movies, there is a difference. (It would take me a while to explain, and it’s not that big a deal)
  5. Autoscrolling books – one sentence at a time to train reading speed.
  6. Virtual Cadaver – a collection of surgery videos, chose your path, and see how it turned out possibly training for young surgeons.
  7. Cross Simulators – Well based on real video experience, across between the video games and choose your paths, it switches to the actual video if your actions are seen as similar enough.
  8. Better Error Messages – an example of potential causes for that error. Maybe a presentation on what the error code means. Or at the very least a link to a video that explains it, something easy to type in hopefully, so that people can remember.
  9. Projected Sign Language – maybe just text, it would be polite to have a screen on speaking daises so that the deaf can see as. Our vision isn’t perfect, and hands are small, so when there are large crowds, this can be easier. (Although it is probably done already. It can probably be done better.)
  10. Peripheral Vision Training – for soldiers, best mixed with an eye tracker so that they can pretend not to see things, a useful skill in modern combat.

12 Habits For Characters

I’m getting more into writing recently so I may as well use my blog to generate stuff I can use. Hopefully, they’re also habits that help characterization but I can’t be sure in advance.

  1. Makes their own clothing – and uses something made by others if she has her own.
  2. Walks quietly in crowded places – and only in crowded places, doesn’t want to draw attention but isn’t very good at sneaking.
  3. Always forgets to bring water – typically means that they grew up in a water-rich environment, but can also represent naivete, innocence, or blind trust in others.
  4. Never Packs Enough Food – the same, but it can also represent gluttony. The character can know how much is packed but always eats more than personalty expects.
  5. Is afraid of books – the written word, witchcraft, the taxman.
  6. Is an expert woodcarver – often denotes patience, but can be a coping mechanism or a way to relax. (him being an expert means that he needs to relax quite often.)
  7. Prefers to sleep on the floor – lived a hard life, or at least lived most of it outside.
  8. Collector and polisher of pebbles – Not all pebbles, of course. It may be a token of a quite upbringing, a fascination with beauty, or an appreciation for nature. It can also be a sort of tunnel vision or a cultural thing. Those who grew up in sand deserts don’t often see river rocks.
  9. Always goes to the bars with the loudest music – likes loud music, and likes the atmosphere enough to seak it out.
  10. Writes about their adventures – self-involved, or I will be important someday. Maybe delusional but maybe is actually seeking grandeur, don’t just dismiss these people because if they are genuinely seeking fame, they’ll be working towards it every step of the way.
  11. Grows attached to motels, inns, and other temporary residences – Likes people, the hosts. Or maybe has a weird sense of debt, definitely values shelter and comfortable sleep more than others.
  12. Doesn’t value keepsake – trusts their memory, doesn’t feel attached, or is a smart shopper. I’m not sure this one is complicated in its causes.

What If We Could Control The Flow Of Liquids…

Well I’m assuming there’s a technical solution but I don’t get hydrodynamics at that level so, If we could move water around more easily, or using less energy, or something of the sort. Still, it’s the weekend and the sabbath is out late so I don’t have much time or attention for this.

  1. Better Toilets – Water moves fast doesn’t splash and all that (this is still on my mind from yesterday)
  2. Clog Proof Pipes – Because we all know how important this is. Not totally clog proof but better than what we have.
  3. Better Desalinization – Move water around, makes it more worthwhile, and useful. It becomes far cheaper to move water drawn from the sea, so trying to make that water useful becomes far more viable.
  4. Water Batteries – (Warning, opinions ahead. Skip past at your leisure.) Yay useful solar power, I still believe nuclear is better, despite producing some long-lasting waste, it takes far fewer lands and resources to keep running. Solar panels are expensive to make, and even if we never need to repair them, there are still large tracks of land devoted to the human resource of producing electricity from the sun. I think the efficiency in space provided by nuclear power, makes up for the waste it produces, as the lead needed to isolate the waste can be stored in far less space than it takes to build solar farms. We will learn to deal with the waste before we can figure out how to rebuild ecosystems that we built solar farms over.
  5. Grey Water Systems – aka poop water for plant life, will become far cheaper to make.
  6. More Rooftop Pools And Waterslides – Common it becomes cheaper
  7. Huge Rooftop Waterparks And Slides – Maybe even between buildings, moving water is cheap and easy, and when there is profit, innovation soon follows.
  8. Water Elevators – If pumping up water is still expensive, and I don’t see how it can’t be, it may become more efficient to make tall water pump with pipes that go out into surrounding buildings, most buildings pump there own water but if we can increase the capacity and durability of pipes than it probably becomes more efficient to have central buildings or towers where most of the water comes up, and to simply move the water vertically. Or maybe not, infrastructure is always tricky because of the high initial cost and the difficulty in experimentation.
  9. Showers Become Nicer – Water pressure isn’t high enough want multiple faucets, sure it’s cheap, easy, and fixable. We spend so much time here, anyway; we might as well optimize a bit.
  10. More Sinks – Hand washing is important; drinking enough is important; we don’t have sinks in every room because of aesthetic reasons, among others, but one thing that can make more sink rooms is the improvement of drains. Small drains on a kitchen floor if it’ not wooden and wall faucets. Maybe only for the eccentric, but style changes, and we seem to be becoming more focused on hygiene as time goes on. (I wonder why he asked, knowing full well one of the reasons.) So why not?

What If toilet Paper Suddenly Became Coarse And Uncomfortable

Or more so.

Honestly, the reason I’m pushing off the “What If Aliens…” post is because I’m intimidated by it. So I thought “why don’t I try the format with a smaller topic”. Well, the format didn’t work, I’ll try again tomorrow maybe on a different topic but we’ll see. (Worst case I just end up doing a more interesting topic tomorrow.)

Scenario 1 (less likely but easier for me to predict): Let’s say the current production methods became impossible, I don’t know freak accident, all experts in the field move to other jobs, or some microorganism finds a nice niche somewhere in the wood to paper production line and makes it unprofitable to continue making toilet paper. Maybe it’s the processing, maybe it’s the texture, but it just becomes too much of a hassle. (well, maybe the rich will still use it, but I’m not writing about the how at the moment only the why.) Let’s not sweat the big stuff for now what would happen next.

  1. Buying Panic – I thought that it might tame a few months, but when I think about current events, there is no way somebody doesn’t panic, and panic buying doesn’t start up again. So the prices for old toilet paper will skyrocket, and if it ever becomes sold again, it will be a rare commodity.
  2. Disease – At least in the short term you don’t want open scratches or scrapes on your butt, it’s not hygienic.
  3. Green Toilet Paper – leaves in bags specially prepared and all that, new colossal industry, it costs twice as much as the new normal but still it doesn’t cost that much. Even if growing the leaves is terrible for the environment, it’s an easy spin to put on things, and it could be significantly more comfortable than the new normal.
  4. Wipe sales will double – at the very least.
  5. So Will The Sales Of Tissues
  6. Sewer Clogs – Wipes, leaves, tissues, and other alternatives are not good for pipes, huge backlog, clogs, health issues, possible plagues, smell, the collapse of infrastructure, and more. It can be a huge issue, but that’s dependent on other things and how quickly they implemented. This would lead to some severe consequences, but I can’t predict it for sure.
  7. Butt Washers (Hygienic picture available below) – The incentives to get one of these will go up dramatically, It’s definitely greener than the alternative, but it would be weird to use. Of course, there may be great incentives along with the banning of specific Toilet paper alternatives, and we don’t want clogged pipes and all. Water bills will rise as a result, and there will still be issues with clogging but less, and in time it may become normal.
  8. Proper Toilet Hygiene Will Be Taught In Schools – We don’t want clogging. I don’t think I need to explain more.
  9. Toilet Training Will Become Harder – In the short term definitely, because… Yeah, it’s not comfortable. In the long run, I have no clue, I’m not a parent, but there will definitely be some effect. If I could adequately predict this, it could have some severe long term effects, but I can’t so here’s here.
  10. Advanced Butt Washers – Demand will increase dramatically; innovation will soon follow. The discomforts of people in first world countries funds more innovation than the needs of millions elsewhere. Will innovations on propelling water comfortably into our asses find other uses, and will we make many discoveries in water propulsion methods? Probably but I’m not equipped to cover either of these topics, so I’ll leave this at that. (I’ll probably make something tomorrow, but it will only be tangentially related.)
Butt Washer? |

This post could have been longer, but the topic is not one I would like to entertain anymore. And I put in enough time already, so I’m done. Have a lovely weekend, and I wish you success in your endeavors.

Something Something, I ran out of time.

I tried writing Aliens and the project intimidated me, I tried writing a different what if, and I ran out of time to complete it. I have ten minutes and after reformatting (I changed post structure once in the middle) I’m definitely not going to have enough written in time.

I apologize for those of you who follow me daily, and hope I may win you back with some clever thinking tomorrow, but for today I just don’t have the time left to finish a post. I should have written a few in advance and saved them for this scenario, but I didn’t and this is what I have.

10 Simple Questions To Ask Before Bed

  1. Did I brush my teeth for long enough?
  2. Why did I stay up so late?
  3. Why don’t I want to go to sleep earlier?
  4. Why do I prefer to wake up late?
  5. Do I want to watch the sunrise? And how early do I have to go to sleep to wake up and appreciate it?
  6. Why do I feel the way I do?
  7. Why don’t I meditate in bed so that I can fall asleep with a peaceful mind?
  8. Why didn’t I think of this when I was awake?
  9. Wait did I just dream that?
  10. Why is the sun so bright?

5 Failed Concepts For What-Ifs

Well, aliens is far too ambitious a subject for me to do a what-if about, at least at the moment. Maybe I’ll be able to get through it tomorrow and I still promised a what if, but I’m out of time and I can’t come up with a topic, so here’s what I learned from My failed attempts.

  1. What if planes were never invented – seemed simple enough but then I realized how much of an effect they played in world war 2, I could be somewhat dismissive about World War one, assume that the results would be similar for other reasons, make something up. But pearl harbor only worked because of aircraft carriers, and I’m not an expert in alternative histories so I gave up here.
  2. What if nukes didn’t happen – Well there is a fifty percent chance japan wouldn’t exist as it does today, and I can’t just change something that big, I still thought I had it for alternative histories at this point so expect the nest few entries to be similar.
  3. What if commercial airplanes were never developed – I was never someone to quit after one failure, but I would have to assume that blimp technology was developed further, or sea travel became faster and I didn’t know what to do with that. (at this point I realized I was being far too ambitious with my topic ideas, far too important to be something I could cover in a day so what if I tried something smaller. I would not take this lesson to heart and would return to trying big things pretty soon.)
  4. What if toilet paper was less comfortable – well it seems small something highly affected by industry. But I was still thinking too far back, and the effect this could have would be way too big. And I think I didn’t give this topic a fair try, I may try again later. (at this point I realized my mind wasn’t in the right place, so I decided to try a different format.)
  5. What if alien… – I thought that I come up with a few possible occurrences and give four explanations for each, but it was already late at this point so I decided to do it tomorrow as I didn’t have the time to finish it in a day.

After The Time Loop

I would like to assume I’m good at hypotheticals: if not, I need practice. Either way, tomorrow I will post a what-if let’s see how it looks.

  1. Would we actually be more productive if stuck in a time loop – Think about it, (or not) would you try to advance the same life goals you currently are putting aside or would you just begin by playing around and learn a whole bunch of party tricks. Knowing to do something isn’t the same as being certified, so unless you love your current job, how would your skills help? Still, you can make it big afterward but only if you can avoid all the other pitfalls
  2. You are someone else know – we change over time, and you had a lot of time, but for others, it’s sudden. “We thought we knew you,” “What happened to him?” “Is it identity theft?” all these questions will be asked, suddenly you know more about your friend than they know about you, the social dynamic would change and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  3. Will, you ever lose caution – you don’t know when it will end, right? It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when? How many days will you last afterward how much time will it take until you get yourself killed or in prison?
  4. Long term consequences will cease to exist – somethings we live and something we know, but they don’t apply to real life. We don’t always get consequences anyways, how long until we completely forget it.
  5. Romance is hard – oh, you had a great moment with the right answer to all the questions you know everything about your dream partner, but she doesn’t know much about you. What about her perspective have you been stalking her, your behavior seems too polished, for lack of a better word, And she can tell you get bored when she tells you about her life. How will you sustain it, you know more about her than she will ever know about you, and if you spend long enough with a person, they’ll be able to tell.
  6. Romance is hard anyway – let’s say you took another route, you tried a date until it is perfect, you knew everything that was going to happen and took advantage of it, you had one perfect night. But. A perfect night does not a relationship make. And when your sudden competence slips when you’re no longer all-knowing, will it be the same. For you, or for her?
  7. Age – Do you age in a time loop? how much of aging is mental fatigue, were you stressed and did the stress affect you, does exercise remain, what about muscle memory. And what do you forget because time passes, yesterday can become a distant memory with the good old days being before, when you were still innocent when your friends liked you, or even worse when you liked your friends. Because you know all that you can about them and they bore you.

You know what, I had an eight entry but I seem to have lost it, and as I’m stumped on how to continue this post I’ll give up now. I’ve just spent half of an hour trying to reconnect to my train of thought and I’m not getting there so see you tomorrow.

10 Reasons We Don’t

Well I seem to have reached the limit of my knowledge, at least of the stuff I think to write about, and If I were to make an ordinary post today I end up repeating myself. At this point though I’m not sure if I truly believe the posts are untenable, or if I’m abandoning them out of something akin to embarrassment. Still I’ve abondned too and wasted time lazily when I thought they were done deals. So I don’t have much time left, and honestly, I don’t really want to make something tonight. Still I said I would and not posting would be betraying myself so here something is.

  1. Because we should – and we resist, we fight ourselves and others we host debates in the safety of our own heads and when we decide not to we made a brave decision to hide our cowardice
  2. We make reasons we make lists – we talk about ourselves in the third person; it isn’t just me, it’s a human issue, it’s bigger than me.
  3. We create patterns of avoidance – we find things we enjoy and find them early, we are addicted we start the day with a distraction, and then hunger for it. There is no time when we can’t find entertainment and so we consume it. First out of stress and then out of habit.
  4. Habit becomes an excuse – I do this every day, I can’t stop, I can’t not waste my time I need the entertainment to relax to develop. But need is the wrong word, if it’s the only thing we can find safety in it is insecure.
  5. We pluralize – the responsibility is more than just mine it’s ours it’s too big for one person, we can;t do this alone, and so we won’t. A token effort just to show we are participating.
  6. We fail – and we get laughed at – we fail and we get complimented as well and that is when we succeed. But when our failure is mocked, when our experimentation is ridiculed, we take it to heart. You see, we shouldn’t have put in the time and effort, it was a waste, not wanted, we don’t have to.
  7. We devalue ourselves – we give ourselves an escape.
  8. And we try it all – one thing and the other, today I will do it, tomorrow I will get it done. And yet we push it off, there is so much more to do, to be. This is where we start, but we can start at any time.
  9. We stress – we cry we brake down under the pressure than we run away. The stress, meant to push us forward scares us back, we see a tiger in the bushes and we freeze. Because running is hard, and fighting is scary, so we hope that something external intervenes.
  10. We can push – we are aware, if we tried we would succeed we are special, I am special I can, and i will be able to, why don’t I? why? because I won’t because I refuse advancement for fear of becoming unrecognizable, and I lie, I fear advancement for petty reasons, and I make up great ones. And claim them as my own.