The Best Gift is You

10 Self-Help Programs I Can Create

I am not claiming I am perfect and have all these applied in my life. But I have consumed hundreds of hours worth of self-help information, and I have an idea that in the creation of these courses, I will find the best ways to get myself to absorb and evolve with the information, and it may help people who run into the same problems that I had/have. As such If you comment on this post if any of the programs could be of value to you and I (choosing the most commented one even if I only get one comment) will start applying the changes required for the course into my life and will create an additional weekly blog on my progress in accomplishing it and explaining the program as it forms. After using myself as a concept test I will start constructing the program in a more professional form if interest remains.

I realized after making the list that some of the entries have been made before by other people; so I cannot claim the idea as my own. But though some things online may share similar names, they will not have my special flair:

  • Single-tasking For The Takers – How to reclaim your attention Focus and Time (listing out goals is an early step)
  • Meaningful Multitasking – How best to put actions together (this works best as a sequel to the previous entry)
  • More Critical Habits – Training oneself to observe and how to learn from everything.
  • Setting Better Priorities – So you can rightfully feel accomplished at the end of the day.
  • Keeping Step – Turning learning and exercise into habits.
  • Truer Mindfulness – Meditation that works with your goals.
  • Setting Truer Goals – Probably a prerequisite to other self-help courses, this covers not just getting stuff done but also wanting to get stuff done.
  • Internal Order – Keeping a cleaner and less cluttered life.
  • Becoming Disciplined – Learning Discipline and the extreme benefits of doing 5% more.
  • Online Self-Accountability – how to use a blog to keep yourself accountable